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Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size

Man showing woman his penis

Can trimmed pubic hair make your penis look substantially larger? Let’s put it this way…   Imagine a tree in the middle of a forest. Now imagine a tree standing in the middle of a prairie. Which one looks taller? I’ve written many times on this page about how belly fat makes your penis look smaller. […]

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Penis Size and Sex

woman looking at mans penis

Due to the number of questions that come in regarding penis size and sex… I’m certain that many men are obsessed with the numbers for the numbers’ own sake. They would like a bigger penis because, well, just because it’s bigger. For the rest of us, the only reason to want a big penis is […]

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Penis Extender vs. Penis Enlargement Pills

If you want a larger penis, you have three routes to choose from: Stretching your penis with equipment like a penis extender Undergoing penis enlargement surgery Taking penis enlargement pills We can eliminate enlargement surgery right away. That stuff costs thousands of dollars and puts you under general anesthesia — which can kill you. It’s […]

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Why is My Penis Small?


If you are reading this, chances are you feel like your penis is small. Or smaller than you’d like. Or too small to make your partner feel like you’d like her to feel. Whichever it is, you have a problem. The first step in solving any problem is figuring out why a problem exists. Otherwise […]

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Top 5 Penis Enlargement Exercises, Ranked

Woman looking at mans penis

Spend even a few days looking into the options for making your penis larger, and it’s easy to become confused. There are a lot of people (and businesses) out there telling you how their method is the best. The good news is, things are pretty simple if you remove the profit motive and just look at […]

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Top 5 Penis Enlargement Mistakes

Top 5 Penis Enlargement Mistakes

Growing your penis is just like any other long-term project. If you do it right, you’ll see results in a reasonable amount of time. If you do it wrong, success will either take longer than you expected, or you won’t see any gains at all. Here are the Top 5 Penis Enlargement Mistakes and how […]

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10 Best Foods for Penis Size

Shellfish for the Penis 

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best foods for penis size. But before we get started, keep in mind… When dieting, results with your weight are about 20% from exercise and 80% from what you eat. The numbers aren’t quite that one-sided for penis enlargement, but your diet can make a significant difference both […]

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How to Measure Your Penis


Are you interested in learning how to measure your penis accurately and consistently? There’s a saying in marketing and business management. “What gets measured, improves.” Obviously, it takes more than measuring your penis to make it grow larger, but if you don’t measure you won’t be able to track your results and fine-tune your regimen […]

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How Long Does it Take to Increase Penis Size?


How long does it take to increase penis size? If you’re asking this question, this naturally means you’d like it right now, or at least as quickly as possible, right? Sad truth is, those emails you get promising immediate, permanent gains in the size of your unit are fibbing to you. Real growth gains take real […]

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Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery


If your penis is smaller than you’d like, you have two options. You can do stretch your penis to make it bigger, or you can go have cosmetic surgery to get the job done. Well, I guess you have a third option: just living with your small penis. But if you were happy with that, […]

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