Update: I’ve located a penis extender with the same quality of the Size Genetics that comes in at a
lower price.

From here on out, all links from this website will direct to this new lower cost extender.

I created this penis extender FAQ to give you a detailed rundown on the Size Genetics extender, the device
I started using in early 2017.

I went all in with this extender for just shy of a year before I stopped.  The reason I stopped was because my
partner asked me to because she felt that anymore was going to make sex uncomfortable.

I wore the device facing upward (tip pointing towards my belly button) for the first 4 months and as a result,
most of my gains during that period were in girth.

The next 7 and a half months I wore the device pointing downwards, which is what gave me the length gains.


If you want to cut straight to the chase and see the extender, follow the links below.

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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review…

SizeGenetics package

You’ve probably heard most penis enlargement programs are a load of horse puckey. And penis extenders aren’t cheap. You have questions before you sign on to spend money, time, and effort for results a lot of people will tell you never come.

On yet another hand, there are so many extenders to choose from, which one is the best, safest, and most reliable?

In short, you have questions. 

Well, gents, I have answers. My research and personal experimentation have brought me to the following three conclusions:

  1. Penis enlargement is possible, if you’re willing to put in the time and attention. 
  2. Penis extenders are the best tool for the job. 
  3. The SizeGenetics line is the best penis extender on the market. 

Let’s look at some of the questions I asked, and how the answers led me to those conclusions. 

First Things First: What is a penis extender?

A penis extender is a high-tech device men use to increase the length and girth of their members. 

It accomplishes this by holding your penis in a stretched position for several hours every day. 

Like with a rubber band or the elastic in your underpants, being stretched for long enough “resets” your
penis’s normal state. 

Over weeks, that normal state becomes larger than it was before via a process called cell hyperplasia. 

Cell hyperplasia isn’t much different from working out at the gym. 

When you lift weights, the stress you put on your muscle fibers makes them tear and duplicate. When you’ve
healed from the tears, the muscles fibers are bigger and stronger than they were before. 

With cell hyperplasia, the stress of remaining stretched for a long period stimulates the cells to split and duplicate.
You end up with more cells in the tissue area you stretched. 

More cells = more tissue. More penis tissue = larger penis. 

Is this all bullshit?

I can confidently tell you that it is absolutely not bullshit. Why can I say this? 

Three good reasons… 

Reason Number One: Using a penis extender is the only form of penis enlargement treatment proven in repeated
clinical trials to work. Studies in China (1),

Italy (2), Russia (3), Iran (4), Canada (5), and the United States (6) have all demonstrated that penis extenders,
used properly, result in significant and permanent gains.

Reason Number Two: The science behind why penis extenders work is established and well-understood.

It’s already accepted as the standard for building muscles and improving flexibility. Penis extenders simply
apply that established knowledge to a new area. 

Reason Number Three: Scoreboard, baby! Countless men, including myself in the penis enlargement community
report their gains publicly every day. Those who use penis extenders right report gains.

Nothing succeeds like success. For example, check out these before-and-after photos of men who used the
SizeGenetics penis extenders.

It it’s not bullshit, why do so many people say it is?

I’ll admit it. I started extending myself with a huge dose of skepticism. 

For every site that says penis enlargement is possible, for every study that proves it works, it seems like there’s
a dozen men out there hollering about how penis extenders are total crap.

How can they all be wrong?

In my experience, the men who say penis extenders don’t work fall into three general categories. 

Men who haven’t tried penis extenders. Usually these are men who tried less effective methods, or just guys
who read some bad reviews and made up their minds. I don’t want to be rude about it, but people who haven’t
tried a thing have no business giving their opinions about that thing. 

Men who tried penis extenders, but used them wrong. Penis extenders aren’t a quick-and-easy magic wand of
large penis production. They’re a tool for exercise, like kettlebells. Use them right, you see results.
Use them wrong, you don’t. 

Men who tried cheap models. A bad penis extender gives a bad experience. They hurt too much to use long-term.
They don’t grip well enough for a good stretch. They break before you can see gains. Men who do this get poor results
 and walk away sure the whole thing’s a scam. 

But if you talk to men who used a high-quality penis extender like SizeGenetics and used it right for the time it takes
to see results…those men agree that this is a workable, reliable method for penis size gains.

How do penis extenders compare to other penis enlargement techniques?

Other than penis extenders, the most commonly tried methods for penis enlargement include:

  • Hanging: attaching weights to your shaft via a sleeve device and letting the weight do the stretching. 
  • Pills & Creams: taking nutrition supplements or rubbing on lotions, creams, or oils to grow your junk
  • Surgery: actual surgery on your penis to add tissue to increase size
  • Penis Pumps: a device using vacuum suction to draw blood into your penis, increasing the size of your erections
  • Manual Stretching: using your hand to stretch your penis for minutes at a time

Let’s look at how these methods stack up against one another, and against using SizeGenetics penis extenders.

Method Hanging Pills/Creams Surgery Pumps Manual SizeGenetics
Convenience Low High Very Low Low Moderate High
Safety Can result in tearing and traumatic injury Usually high, if ingredients are confirmed Risk of death and permanent injury Usually safe if used as directed Very safe Safe when used as directed
One- Year Price $150-$210 $400-$600 $5,000-$10,000 $160-$300 Free $200-$300
Comfort Very Low High Requires Anesthetic Moderate High High
Average Growth 1” – 2” 0” 2” – 3” 0” < 1” 1.5 – 2.5”
Time for Results 16-20 weeks Temporary Only Immediate Temporary Only 20-50 weeks 12-18 weeks
Clinically Tested No No Yes No No Yes

Cons of penis extenders:

Although the information above clearly favors penis extenders as the best method for getting gains, these devices do have a handful of drawbacks:

  • It takes time and commitment to see results with an extender. If you’re not willing to give it at least three months of consistent use, don’t bother. 
  • There’s a learning period involved and it may take you a few sessions to figure out how to put the device on quickly and comfortably. 
  • Extending is best done while watching TV, browsing the net, or sitting at a desk so if you’re on the go constantly an extender may not be a good fit for you. 

What do users say about SizeGenetics Penis Extenders??

“I have been wearing SizeGenetics for many months and can attest that it truly works”. After 2 months of use, I noticed 1 inch growth. However, this can only happen if you are willing to pay the price of wearing this every single day”- Julien

“After 3 months of use, I noticed that my “member” has grown 1cm longer. But the device never failed me over months of use. Now, I have 13.9 cm length. But my goal is to lengthen my circumcised penis up to 15.6 cm” – pe doc

What comes in the package?

Every manufacturer and model of penis extender comes with different components. What I’m listing here is what you receive when you buy the top-of-the line Ultimate package from SizeGenetics. Lesser options come with some subset of what’s described here. 

The Penis Stretcher

SizeGenetics penis stretcher

This is the assembled device, the frame you put your penis in, and to which you attach the other components of the system. 

Multi-Head Set

sizegenetics multihead set

A group of head beds and other parts you use to stabilize the head of your penis, and to minimize friction at the grip points.

Comfort Pad

Sizegenetics comfort pad

A softer component to pad where your penis contacts the extender, making it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

Elongation Bars

SizeGenetics elongation bars

As your penis gets longer, your extender also needs to grow so you can continue to maximize your stretch. These bars are what let you do this. 

Comfort Strap

Sizegenetics comfort strap

A simple strap that holds everything in position as you wear your SizeGenetics penis extender. 

Traction Plus Powder & After Care Moisturizer

Sizegenetics Revita cream and TractionPlus powder

Like gymnast’s chalk, this powder improves traction between your penis and the extender, allowing you to exert more pressure without sacrificing comfort.

With the lotion, you it put on afterward to speed and maximize tissue regeneration. This is crucial for avoiding overtraining. 

Instructional DVDs

SizeGenetics Instructional DVDs

A pair of DVDs, one with basic instructions and a second walking you through exercises to speed, increase, and cement your gains. 

What are the side effects and risks of penis extenders?

If you follow the instructions in the SizeGenetics manual and videos, you can expect to use their penis extender with no ill effects whatsoever. That said, pay special attention to a few precautions to avoid the most common problems men experience when using the system incorrectly. 

  • Remove and massage your penis every 60-90 minutes. This restores circulation and prevents injury to your penile tissues due to blood loss. Likewise, never, ever sleep with your penis extender on.
  • Pay attention for tingling, numbness, pain, and loss of erectile quality. All of these are signs that you’re overtraining with your penis extender. If you experience this, ease back on yor exercises until the symptoms fade. 
  • As you’ll see in a bit, penis extenders can change the shape of the penis. Put yourself in it exactly according to the directions to avoid doing this unintentionally. 

Especially compared to pills, hanging, and cheap extenders, and SizeGenetics is among the safest and most reliable tools for getting the size gains you need. 

How to get the best price on a penis extender?

Buy direct from SizeGenetics and you’ll get a 40% discount right off the bat. 

Remember: with penis extenders, you definitely get what you pay for. It’s worth the investment, and cheaper over time than any other method. 

You might be tempted to buy cheaper models, but a $100 extender will be uncomfortable and produce poor results. 

Can I use a penis extender with Bent Penis Syndrome or Peyronie’s Disease?

Bent penis syndrome and Peyronie’s disease are two disorders where the main symptom is a misshapen penis. 

Bent penis syndrome is exactly what it sounds like. The patient’s penis is bent so badly the physics of entering a sex partner make it impossible, or at least extremely difficult. 

Pyronie’s disease is a disorder where the penis develops scar tissue, changing its shape and often causing bending or pain. 

In either case, using a penis extender is the only nonsurgical method proven to alter the penis’s shape as a treatment for the problem (7). 

If you suffer from either, buy the SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition package when you order. It comes with the equipment and instructions you need to reshape your member a you increase its size. 

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Buyer’s Guide

Okay. You’re in.

  • You’ve decided you want a larger penis. 
  • You’ve decided penis enlargement is possible. 
  • You’ve decided a penis extender is the best method for gaining a larger penis. 
  • You’ve decide SizeGenetics extenders are the best tool for that method. 

All that’s left is figuring out which SizeGenetics package is right for your…um…package. 

The SizeGenetics line offers four options:

  • The Ultimate System for men willing to invest and go all-in for their penis enlargement. 
  • The Value Edition for men on a budget, but who still want a high-quality penis extender
  • The Comfort Edition for men who want the comfort accessories but don’t need “all the trimmings”
  • The Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition for those with shape problems

Of these, the only one I really don’t recommend is the Comfort Edition. There’s only a $50 price difference between it and the Ultimate…and you get way more than $50 worth of extras. 

If you have the cash, buy Ultimate. If things are tight, go Value. 

See the Extender Here.


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