Thicker Base Girth & Stronger Erection Quality

Our editorial team has put together this article on the hanging towel method to increase penis size.

Inside you’ll learn how this method can increase size (especially girth at the base of your penis), enhance erection quality and increase the force of your ejaculations.

In my opinion this method is best used as an addition to other penis enlargement methods, such as extending, hanging or pumping.

In my case, I extend in the morning, then after I shower I perform the towel method for about 3 minutes.

It’s an easy habit to get into because your penis is already exposed and you have a towel in your hand, so all you have to do get hard and do a few reps.

Like all enlargement techniques, success comes to those who are most consistent, so if you decide to do this, make it a daily habit.

And finally, as usual, I highly recommend that you avoid climaxing during or after just your routines.

Instead, enjoy the meaty flaccid that comes on after a good enlargement session and save those ejac’s for breeding.

Hanging Towel Method to Increase Penis Size Part 1

If you’re looking for natural penis enlargement methods, then consider the hanging towel method to increase penis size and erectile fitness.

This is a simple penis enlargement method. You don’t need special training or equipment to do it. 

It’s essentially free and it’s extremely safe to do. And on top of that, it really works to boost stamina and erection quality.

What is the Towel Hang Penis Enlargement Method?

I know I just made some big claims about the hanging towel method for penis enlargement. But in truth they’re not just claims – they are facts. 

Let me explain…

To perform a towel hang, all you need is a towel (and your penis). The basic concept here is that you massage your member until he’s fully erect, then you hang the towel.

Yes, you literally hang the towel over your erect penis. Once you do that, you try to raise and lower the towel by contracting your PC muscle.

Also known as the pubococcygeus muscle, that’s the muscle that you flex to stop urine your urine flow. 

It’s also the same muscle that you work out during Kegel exercises.

I’ll explain the steps to the towel hang in more detail below, but that’s really all there is to it. It’s easy to learn, easy to do, and totally safe as long as you don’t overwork yourself.

How to Do the Hanging Towel Exercise

I know I keep talking about how easy this exercise is, so let me lay it all out there for you.

There are just three steps to the hanging towel method:

Step 1: 

Rub your penis until you have a strong erection. Don’t go crazy masturbating – just do enough to get yourself nice and hard.


Step 2:

Stand up and place a small towel over your erect penis.


Step 3:

Flex your PC muscle so that your dick and the towel raise as high as you can possibly go. Then, release and allow your PC muscle to relax so your penis and the towel drop back down again.

Then repeat. Really, that is all there is to it.


If you’ve never done any exercises like this before, I recommend starting with 20 repetitions per workout. Meaning, raise the towel 20 times.

Hanging Towel Method to Increase Penis Size Tips

You should increase your hanging towel repetitions in moderation as you get stronger. But the key is moderation – don’t overdo it.

If 20 reps feels good after a week, go up to 25 reps. As you advance, keep increasing your reps each week.

Increasing reps regularly will result in the biggest penis gains in size and erection quality. 

I recommend going up by 5 reps per week. That will keep you on track for big gains while making sure you don’t overdo it.

The other important thing to pay attention to in order to achieve big gains is consistency. Meaning, you need to do this exercise regularly on some sort of schedule.

I recommend doing the towel hang once per day after you take your morning shower.

Just don’t take too much time off or you’ll lose your progress. Remember, the more you do this exercise, the better your gains will be. So it pays to stay consistent and keep at it.

Hanging Towel Method to Increase Penis Size (Advanced Techniques)

This is only for guys who have been doing the towel hang consistently for a while.

Don’t try this until you can comfortably do 50 reps daily and you’ve been doing this for at least a month.

If you reach that point and you feel strong but your gains have slowed, there is another step you can take.

I’m talking about increasing the weight.

If you’ve been using a small hand towel up to this point, try switching to a larger towel. You can also try soaking the towel you already use to make it heavier.

Just be careful if you try this. Increasing the weight too much can result in painful penis injuries. 

Start with a small increase and go up slowly each week. Stop immediately if you feel any pain during the exercise.

Is the Hanging Towel Method Safe?

In general, yes, the hanging towel method is one of the safest natural penis enlargement techniques.

The only way you can hurt yourself with this exercise is if you over train (work out too much, increase weight too much, etc.).

That’s why I recommend starting low with 20 reps and increasing slowly over time. If you jump right in with 50 reps multiple times a day, you risk injury to your penis.

Regardless of how many reps you do or how experienced you are, you should always stop immediately if you feel any pain while doing the towel hang.

In the worst cases, overtraining your penis like this can cause nerve damage. So don’t be reckless!

Start with low reps and low weight but do the exercise consistently. Over time, you’ll see the gains.

Trying to speed up the process with heavier towels, more reps and more workouts will only put you at risk for injury.

Does the Hanging Towel Method Work?

At this point, you might be wondering how something like this actually provides penis enlargement benefits.

I felt that way too the first time I heard about this method, because it sounds pretty out there. 

Let me reassure you that there’s some real size and EQ benefits to be gained by doing this exercise regularly.

The reason this works is because when you do the towel hang and contract your PC muscle to raise the towel, you force more blood into your erect penis. 

Over time, this will stretch the tissues in your penis and actually cause it to grow larger, especially in girth near the base of your dick.

In you’ve looked into other penis enlargement techniques, then this should sound familiar to you. Most of the best natural penis enlargement methods are based on this concept.

I’m talking about penis enlargement methods like jelqing, penis hanging with weights, penis pumps, and penis extender traction devices.

Each of these methods works because they stretch the tissues of the penis very slightly. This level of stretching is painless if done correctly.

Over time, that stretching will cause micro tears in the penile tissue. When the tissue heals, it heals slightly larger than it was before the stretching.

Numerous scientific studies have been done on penis enlargement methods like this. Overall results show that techniques like this actually work (source). 

So, if you do something like this daily and you do it correctly, you should see noticeable penis size gains over time.

Benefits of the Hanging Towel Method

The primary reason that most men will do the towel hang exercise is to get a bigger dick.

If you perform the hanging towel method consistently and stay disciplined, your penis will grow larger. The penile tissues will stretch and heal naturally. Over time, your penis will get bigger.

That’s the biggest benefit of the hanging towel method (pun intended). However, there are some other great benefits of the towel hang as well.

Earlier I explained how the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) plays a role in the hanging towel exercise. This is the same muscle targeted by Kegel exercises.

When doing a Kegel exercise, you flex and relax the PC muscle just like you do during the towel hang. 

The difference is that with Kegel’s, the primary goal is to strengthen the PC muscle.

By flexing and relaxing the PC muscle, you are working it out. It will get stronger over time as you do this more via the towel hang.

That’s a good thing because a strong PC muscle has a ton of sexual benefits for men.

For one, a stronger PC muscle will give you a stronger orgasm. That’s because the PC muscle is the key muscle that contracts during a male orgasm.

A strong PC muscle can also help you ejaculate further for the same reason I just mentioned. 

When you have an orgasm and your muscles contract, a strong PC muscle will help you shoot your load farther.

If you make your PC muscle stronger, you’ll also be able to hold back your orgasm longer. When you feel it coming on, flexing your PC muscle can prevent the orgasm from happening.

That means you’ll be able to last longer and better please your partner.

Hanging Towel Method to Increase Penis Size Conclusion

To wrap it all up, I’ll just say that the hanging towel method really works.

It’s very easy to learn and to do yourself, it costs basically nothing, and it can give you some real gains in penis size and erection quality.

In addition, the towel hang exercise will also strengthen your PC muscle. With that comes a number ejaculation strength benefits.

Just remember not to overdo it with the hanging towel exercise. Start with low reps and low weight. 

If you move too fast, you risk injury. But if you follow the method I explained here and use my recommendations, your risk of injury is nearly zero. 

Stay consistent with this exercise and your penis will get bigger and your erections will get stronger.

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