Remember that one linebacker in high school?

He was enormous, ripped like an action movie star, and weighed as much as two quarterbacks put together.

But he couldn’t fight worth anything. He got picked on by much smaller kids. Maybe he wasn’t on the football team, but there was that one kid.

Don’t let your penis be like that kid.

Spend any time on this site or on reputable research sites, and you already know penis enlargement is possible via a variety of safe, natural methods.

That’s the good news.

The bad news here is that those methods can impact erection quality. If you do them wrong. Let’s talk about what “wrong” means and how to do it right.

Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality – Why It Matters

First, let’s talk about erection quality. It’s a measure of how well you can gain and maintain a stiffy, which is a pretty important part of why you want a larger member to begin with. The factors involved in erection quality include:

•How easily you get an erection

•How hard your erections are

•How long your erections last

•Whether or not you can maintain an erection to climax

•The length of your refractory period

As you’ll see later, carefully monitoring your erection quality is key to preventing and reversing loss of EQ from your penis enlargement regimen.

So, pay attention to all of these factors during your penis enlargement process.

How Does Penis Enlargement Impact Erection Quality?

To understand this, you have to understand how penis enlargement exercises work. Whether you’re jelqing or using an extender device, the basic physical mechanics are the same.

Both methods traumatize your unit. They stretch and expand the tissues in your penis until those tissues develop microscopic tears. When those tears heal, the scar tissue left behind is larger than the tissue it replaced (source).

Think stretch marks, only without the actual lines, for an idea of what I’m talking about here.

The thing I want to stress from what I just said is that these methods traumatize your unit. Like any part of your body, too much trauma can make it not work properly. The details of exactly what goes wrong here are boring and not very fun to read, so I’ll spare you the medical stuff.

Just look at it this way.

Another good metaphor for how penis enlargement works is power lifting – which you’re doing anyway because of how it boosts your testosterone, right? Lifting heavy loads creates microtears in your muscles, which heal back thicker and stronger.

But that only happens if you don’t overtrain. 

If you overtrain – give yourself too little rest in between workout sessions – then your muscles can’t heal properly. Your gains will be smaller and your workouts will suck.

It’s the same for penis size gains. Work it out correctly, you’ll be fine. Work it out wrong, you end up with weaker gains and related quality issues.

What Does It Mean?

One of the side effects of penis enlargement exercise done right is that it stimulates blood flow and makes erection quality better across the board.

Penis enlargement exercises don’t just make your penis larger, they make it work better.

But again, that’s doing it right.

In this context, the most important aspect of doing it right is having the proper ratio of exercise to recovery period. Again, this is like lifting weights:

Good ratio of exercise to recovery = good gains and better function

Too little exercise, too much recovery = slow gains and poor function

Too much exercise, too little recovery = injury

That begs the question of what the ideal ratio is. What can you do with your penis extension exercises to avoid losing erection quality, or to reverse quality you’ve already lost?

How To Maintain EQ While enlarging

First things first.

If your erection quality gains have flatlined, or if you’ve seen a decrease in quality, stop your exercises immediately. Take three weeks off, minimum.

Give your member time to heal from the damage you’ve caused it.

The damage isn’t irreversible. But it won’t go away until you give those tissues in your penis time to heal. Again, think of it like resting an injured arm after you strained it on the weight bench.

Getting back to the gym too soon just lengthens the time it takes to recover.

If your erection quality starts to improve after a week and a half, the problems were because of overtraining. Let it rest for another week and a half to two weeks, then slowly ease yourself back into your routine.

Once you’re back to getting solid gains, use your night wood as an early warning system.

A lot of the people I’ve talked with have noticed that night wood is strong and long-lasting when they’re not overtraining, and starts to soften as the tissue fatigue.

So, pay attention each night. If the soldier stands at attention less, or less rigidly, take a short break or at least back off on your exercises. As his form gets more firm, ramp it back up.

This is more an art than a science, since each man’s member has its own tolerances for the stress of exercise. But if you pay attention you’ll soon learn what your body needs.

Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality – Conclusion: 

Penis enlargement exercises are the safest way to gain inches “down under” and one of the best ways to improve erectile function in general.

That doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe.

If overtraining causes your erection quality to drop, making the above changes to your schedule should do you just fine. While you’re at it, you can do the following things to generally help with your EQ.

Use less porn. No porn if you can manage, but less no matter what. There’s this thing called “dopamine tolerance” that develops when you use porn that can absolutely wreck your erectile function.

Do Kegel exercises. These strengthen the muscles surrounding your penis, which support erections. Working them won’t impact the overtraining of your penile tissues themselves, but will still give you strong gains.

Boost your testosterone. More testosterone means better erections in a lot of cases. Make some changes to your diet, activity level, and stress points to improve how much testosterone your body produces, and how efficiently you use it.

Get high quality sleep. Studies have shown that poor sleep can lead to a very long list of health risks, including lower testosterone levels and reduced erectile function. Results from some studies have even been able to show a clear link – erectile dysfunction increases as sleep quality decreases. The science is clear that better sleep is critical for overall health and will give you stronger erections.

In fact, I recommend the above practices for erection quality whether or not you’re doing enlargement exercises. They’re safe, (pretty) easy, and proven to work.

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