Does penis size decrease with age?

That’s a good question.

I’m assuming you asked it because your penis has shrunk.

If this is the case, welcome to the club my friend.

Not that long ago, I was in your shoes, which is the main reason I created this website in the first place.

Not only did I lose length, but the girth of my penis decreased in size, along with the strength and force of my erections.

That’s the bad news…


The good news is, I was able to turn my situation around.  

And I was able to accomplish this as an older man who’s been around the block a few times.

So despite what many enlargement sites have to say about this subject I’ve discovered that us older dudes can grow.

As a matter of fact, I believe that in many cases we can grow faster than younger dudes.


Because aging tissues have a tendency to be more pliable.

And pliable tissues are much easier to stretch than young, tough tissues.

Which leads me to our next question…

Why does penis size decrease with age?

As you’ll see below, there are several reasons why penis size decreases with age.

But since this article was originally written, I’ve heard from many older men who are dealing with this problem.

And I’ve nailed down the three primary culprits that causes an older mans penis to shrink.

And I’m going to spell these out right at the top of this article.

Number 1: Weight Gain

Here’s a shocking statistic.

If you’ve gained 30 pounds of extra weight over the last several years, you’ve also lost an entire inch in penis length.

This can be partially attributed to the hormonal changes that occur when you carry too much body fat.

But penis foreshadowing is also a big player.

Because the penis has a tendency to disappear into that extra fat tissue, making it appear smaller than it actually is.


The remedy for this problem is easy to nail down, but difficult for many to achieve.

You simply need to lose that extra body fat.

But don’t panic.

I’m going tell you how I was able to accomplish this quickly, it a fairly painless manner.

I implemented a time restricted eating protocol where I only consumed food in an 8 hour window.

Once I started this protocol, the fat melted off rapidly and it has stayed off for several years.

Will very little willpower required.    

Here’s exactly how I made it happen…

Since I’m never hungry first thing in the morning, I fast until lunch time.

Around noon, I have my first meal of the day.

Then I eat my last meal of the day no later than 8pm.

That’s it.

This schedule eliminates food intake in the morning when I’m not hungry anyway.

And it also eliminates mindless eating at night.

This schedule creates a calorie deficit by default, and as I already mentioned, it virtually eliminates the need for willpower.

The schedule now runs the show.

Not some whacky low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, no carb diet.

In other words, the schedule matters more than food selection, as long you eat a reasonable healthy diet.

If your penis is hiding away under several pounds of blubber…

I highly recommend you give time restricted eating, otherwise know as intermittent fasting a shot.

For motivation and inspiration, spend some time on the intermittent fasting subreddit.

Every day on this reddit forum…

Several highly impressive body transformation images and stories are posted that prove this protocol works like black magic.

Number 2: A Feminine Hormone Profile


The body fat we discussed above causes drastic changes in a mans hormone profile.

Estrogen now gets into the drivers seat and testosterone and DHT are locked inside the trunk.

And this shift away from masculinity and toward feminization can cause blatant and significant penile atrophy in an older man.

This happens because extra blubber carries around a pesky little enzyme called aromatase.

And this enzymes primary job is to take the testosterone in your blood stream and convert it into estrogen.

And when a man heads in this direction, his penis is going to shrink.

And the solution?

Lose the body fat (see above) and build more muscle.

This will shift your body into a more anabolic (masculine) state.

And your penis will respond to this hormonal shift in beautiful fashion.

Number 3: Penis Curvature


When my shrinkage was at it’s worst, I had just wrapped up a session with my wife.

As I walked into the bathroom still semi erect, I looked in the mirror and noticed my boy was swinging hard to the left.

Which made my penis look much smaller than it already was.

This was not a good look and I found the situation extremely depressing.

I tried many different things over the next several months to try to straighten things out.

Including wraps, penis sleeves, manual stretches and bends, but had very little success until I started extending.

It took some time, but gently stretching in the extender eventually reversed the curvature.

And now, when I’m erect it stands straight up like the flag pole I had before the curve reared its ugly head.

I believe this protocol was successful because the extender broke up scar the tissue that many older men develop.

This scar tissue is the result of micro injuries…

Injuries that occur when a man thrusts aggressively while having sex causing the penis to bend.

And even though pain is often not experienced…

These slight injuries do happen and the body repairs itself by creating scar tissue around the injury.

And the healing process eventually leads to a curvature of the penis.


If you’ve developed a curve, I suggest you look into extending, because in my case, it was the only thing that worked.

I’ve written about the product I own and use myself right here.

I’ve also written about penis extender studies that prove that these devices do work.

And I also discuss how long it will take to see results if you decide to use an extender here.

Does penis size decrease with age (A quick summary)

If you can relate to my story, I suggest you follow the 3 protocols discussed above to get yourself back on track.

  • Weight loss
  • Hormones
  • Extending

And keep in mind..

If you go all in with this self improvement project you going to feel like a new man…

Physically, emotionally and sexually.

Because a lean dude, with dialed in hormones and a hard, straight, sizable penis has a lot to be proud of.

Especially a seasoned man who has earned himself a few wrinkles.

One last thing before we move on to part 2:

Getting started on the 3 protocols above will be easy.

The hard part will be staying with them for the duration until you can get your penis back on track.

To stay on track, I suggest you subscribe to my email list.

Inside, 40,000 plus men spend a few minutes every week discussing testosterone, erections, penile fitness and growth.

To get in, simply download the lazy mans guide to penis enlargement ebook here.

Do this and you’ll be added to my list automatically.

If you find the information isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe with one click.

If you decide to subscribe, and I hope you will…

I look forward to hearing about your progress in the coming weeks.


Does Penis Size Decreases With Age?

It’s safe to say that no man looks forward to getting older. 

The gray hair, the fading metabolism, the loss of muscle mass – it’s all a signal that we’re no longer in our prime. 

Of course, we’re all familiar with the old jokes about older men and erectile dysfunction…

But you may have also heard rumors that penis size decreases with age as well. 

In the following article…

We’ll take a look at this topic and try to separate proven medical science from conjecture so that you can properly protect your sexual health as you age.

Why Does a Penis Shrink as You Age?

Throughout countless articles, we’ve outlined the penis’s amazing ability to grow. 

With the right supplements, the right exercises, and a commitment to an enlargement routine, men worldwide are experiencing impressive gains in both length and girth. 

However, not unlike a rubber band, what can expand can also shrink. 

When we talk about whether or not penis size decreases with age, what we’re really talking about is a condition called penile atrophy. 

Any organ or muscle can suffer atrophy, as this merely refers to shrinking and constricting of the tissues. 

However, when the penis and testicles atrophy, it causes physical as well metal problems in men who have to deal with this negativity.

So, yes, you can lose length and girth over time due to a variety of factors. 

In the following sections, we’ll outline why many of those factors are directly related to age and how you can avoid them.

Penis Size Decrease Due to Low Testosterone


How much free testosterone you have pumping through your body depends on several factors. 

For this reason, your T levels will change quite frequently as you age. 

For instance, they are typically very high during adolescence and as you go through puberty.

In most cases, these levels will remain elevated throughout your late teens and into your 20s. 

However, studies show that after 30, many men’s testosterone levels will decline at a rate of about 1% every single year. 

Should you be one of these men, you might notice symptoms such as low libido, fewer spontaneous erections, and decreased muscle bulk or strength. 

However, left untreated long enough, low testosterone can also lead to penile atrophy (source). 

Without a reliable flow of testosterone, the tissues in your penis, testicles, and scrotum may shrivel or harden. 

In doing so, your penis will appear smaller and thinner when fully erect than it did when you were younger. 

Given enough time, this low T, lack of erections, and decreased sex drive can do serious damage to your member.

Less Sex Can Decrease Penis Size

We just mentioned how having low testosterone can cause penis shrinkage and other reproductive issues.

Among them were low libido, erectile dysfunction, and testicular atrophy. 

When you couple this with the fact that low-t men tend to have far less sex than they did when they were younger, you have yet another major problem contributing to penile atrophy. 

You see, there’s a specific condition known as disuse atrophy. It occurs primarily in muscles.

A good example might be a disabled person who, though they have a damaged spine, have nothing at all wrong with their legs. 

However, since they can’t use those muscles in their thighs and calves, they will eventually shrink and and atrophy over time. 

This can happen to your penis as well. 

Simply by not engaging in sexual activity and not achieving regular erections, older men can experience significant atrophy.

Eventually, sexual activity will become harder and harder, further ensuring the permanence of the condition.  

Weight Gain Can Decrease Penis Size


One of the ways aging affects men is by slowing down their metabolism and causing them to gain weight. 

This is compounded by the fact that many men tend to eat a less balanced diet and exercise far less in their later years. 

Eventually, all of these factors will lead to increased abdominal fat, which can cause big issues downstairs (or, in this case, not so big).

You see, weight gain in your lower abdomen and crotch will create a “fat pad” that will eventually envelop the shaft of your penis. 

As this pad expands outward, it will appear to pull your penis into your abdomen, making it look much smaller. 

Now, while your penis will certainly still be there, your reduced size may lead to confidence issues, which will only be exacerbated by your weight problem. 

Trading Testosterone for Estrogen Shrinks the Penis

While it might seem easy to think of testosterone as a “male hormone” and estrogen as a “female hormone,” it’s important to understand that both are present in all of our bodies, regardless of gender. 

And, as we’ve discussed many times, these hormones need to be present in just the right amounts for us to enjoy optimum sexual health. 

The primary estrogen present in men, known as estradiol needs to remain in balance with testosterone to keep your sex drive operating at full tilt. 

In fact, not only does this “female hormone” keep your libido pumping, it also contributes to the production of sperm and your ability to get erections.

That said, when the scale tips in favor of more estrogen and less testosterone…

Men can start suffering from conditions such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and gynecomastia, which is increased development of breast tissue (source)

We’ve already discussed the “use it or lose it” consequences of aging, and high estrogen levels will certainly contribute to penile disuse as your sex drive declines. 

Not only that, but high estrogen will continue to push down testosterone and feminize your body even further, leading even more penile shrinkage.

Prostate Surgery Can Decrease Penis Size


The male prostate tends to enlarge with age and this can cause a problem known as prostatic hyperplasia (which affects some 50% of older men). 

Normal symptoms of this medical condition include slow urination and ejaculation difficulties…

But it can also cause ED without treatment. Men over 50 also have to deal with prostate cancer, which frequently leads to surgery. 

As it turns out, one of the side effects of prostate surgery (be it for cancer or any other issue) is penis shrinking. 

In fact, nearly two-thirds of men who have had surgery for prostate cancer find that their penis has shrunk by an average of 1 inch. 

Suddenly those dreaded early-detection prostate exams don’t seem like such a nuisance, do they?

Peyronie’s Disease Can Cause Penile Atrophy

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition in which scar tissue (also known as plaque) begins to build up inside the penis. 

This can cause your member to start bending to one side or the other, sometimes severely. 

Though many men with this condition can still have sexual intercourse, others experience pain significant enough to cause erectile dysfunction. 

Though Peyronie’s Disease can occur in men of any age, it is most commonly found in those in their 50s or 60s. 

Not only can the lack of use and the build-up of plaque lead to penile atrophy (as we’ve discussed), but surgery to remove the scar tissues itself can often directly reduce the size of the penis. 

A Lifetime of Toxins Can Contribute to Atrophy

Over our lives, we are exposed to tons of chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxic materials that can end up disrupting hormone function. 

Just as a lifetime of smoking usually doesn’t lead to cancer until old age, we don’t often see the life changing effects of this exposure until later in life. 

For instance, plastic is made from several chemical compounds that have direct link to penile issues in men of all ages. 

The same can be said of BPA, an industrial processing chemical that as been known to directly cause genital atrophy. 

The point is: the longer you are exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and toxins, the more they will build up in your body’s tissues and organs. 

(Some prescription medications can act as toxins to the penis as well).

Once you get older, a combination of toxins and their respective side effects can band together…

And cause serious damage to your penile health, increasing the likelihood you will experience atrophy and shrinkage (source). 

Blood Flow Problems Can Decrease Penis Size

Men who live past a certain age are nearly guaranteed to suffer from blood flow issues due to arterial blockages and poor circulation.

Of course, a healthy penis needs a healthy flow of nutrient-rich blood to function properly. 

Without it, men can start to experience ED and other erectile issues when they are still in their 30s or 40s. 

If you suspect you have arterial blockages or blood flow issues, I highly recommend that you download a copy of this (no charge).

Does Penis Size Decreases With Age  – Conclusion:

As you can see, there are many different medical conditions and problems that can your penis size to decrease as you age.

From toxins and Peyronie’s Disease to prostate surgery and testosterone issues, nearly every man will have to contend with some threat to their member as they grow older. 

Of course, you can avoid this atrophy in most cases by taking proactive steps to prevent it now. 

Talk to your doctor about the side effects of any medications you take, remain sexually active, and avoid toxins and chemicals that might cause hormonal issues later. 

You should also exercise your penis, stay active, eat clean and monitor your testosterone levels before they become an issue. 

Do what you can today to avoid sexual problems tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did.

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