Does weight loss increase penis size? The answer to this question is Yes and No.

Read on to learn more…

If you are one of the millions of men across the world who has seen an uptick on the scale over the last few years…

You may have noticed that your penis may appear a bit smaller than normal.

As your stomach grows, it can often appear as if your ‘little friend’ may be shrinking slightly.

This has led many men to speculate that there is a correlation between body fat, weight loss and penis size.

So, is there scientific evidence linking bodyweight to penis size? Can shedding excess weight lead to an increase in penis size?

Well, if your measure of penis size is determined by how big it looks, then the answer is yes!

To further explain what exactly a reduction in body fat can do for your manhood, let’s first examine what effects excess weight has on the body.

The Effects of Obesity on Penis Size

According to a recently conducted study in England, 1 in 3 men in the country cannot see their own penis due to the size of their bellies.

When taking into account the fact that obesity rates are far higher in America than in the UK, it is likely that this number is even higher for men in the US.

A new survey of men across the world revealed that the average penis size amongst men is 3.6 inches flaccid and 5.16 inches erect.

However, among overweight males, this average is slightly lower.

Researchers believe that this is not because overweight individuals have smaller penises than their leaner counterparts, but simply because heavier men have a harder time seeing their manhood.

Excess body weight can also lead to a build-up of fat around the penis, pushing the body around the base of the shaft, leading to a reduction in visible size.

The penis is not actually shrinking when a man gains weight, but it will appear much smaller than it once was.

The visual difference in the size of your manhood can even seem drastic, with men who gain a great deal of weight quickly reporting that their penis seems to have shrunk by up to 1/3 in size!

This means that there is certainly a correlation between weight loss and the visual size of the penis.

Will Losing Weight Increase the Size of My Penis?

If you are one of the billions of men in the world who suffer from obesity, then the answer is yes, shedding excess weight will lead to a visual increase in penis size.

Overweight males can expect to gain up to 1 inch in the visual size of their erection for every 30-50 pounds they drop.

However, this statistic applies only to men who carry an excess of body fat.

Men who are in good shape without much fat will not see an increase in penis size, no matter how many pounds they drop.

So men, don’t starve yourself in an attempt to add a few inches down below.

Will Weight Loss Lead to a Better Sex Life?

Beginning an exercise plan and increasing your overall health will not only lead to an increase in visible penile size but can also lead to a myriad of beneficial effects on your sex life.

An increase in overall health and a reduction in weight can often lead to the following advantages to men sexually:

  • An increase in stamina and sexual performance

According to the CDC, losing 5-10% of overall body weight can lead to an increase in your sex drive and performance in bed.

High cholesterol from high amounts of body fat can lead to a reduction in blood flow to your genitals, which will reduce the size and longevity of your erections.

The low-flow of blood to your penis and testicles can lead to lower testosterone levels, which will decrease your sexual appetite overall.

  • Increased energy and feelings of satisfaction

Numerous studies conducted on individuals who lose weight have shown that reducing body fat often leads to more energy and feelings of well-being.

More energy means more willingness to have sex and the ability to go longer when you do.

  • Weight loss can help treat erectile dysfunction

A new study conducted on the effects of weight loss concluded that 31% of trial participants who reduced their overall body fat saw a reduction in erectile dysfunction.

So, if you have been suffering from ED and have also gained a bit of weight over the last few years, consider beginning an exercise routine and healthy diet before opting for pharmaceutical options.

  • An increase in sensation to the genitals

Increased blood flow to the genital area due to a decrease in body weight often equates to increased sensitivity to the penis.

This is because nerve endings function higher with better blood flow, meaning that sex may feel better for men who lose weight and improve cardiovascular health.

  • An increase in self-esteem

Losing weight and getting healthy won’t only make you look better but also feel better.

The better you and your johnson look, the more confident you will feel standing naked in front of your partner.

Everyone knows that confidence is key when it comes to attracting a mate, so the more assured you are of your bare-body the better your chances will be of performing well in bed.

Similarly, if your penis appears larger due to reduced fat surrounding it, the less anxious you will feel about revealing it to a willing sexual partner.

It’s easy to see why a little healthy eating and exercise will exponentially increase your self-esteem!

  • Weight loss often leads to better genital hygiene

It’s no secret that more fat usually equates to more heat and therefore more sweat.

Having your man-meat stuffed between hot, moist folds can sometimes be a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to odors and other unpleasant effects.

Giving your penis a little breathing room and space can keep your pecker sweat and odor free.

Is it Possible to Shed the Excess Fat Around the Penis?

The age-old myth of targeted fat loss is unfortunately exactly that, a myth.

To lose fat in the belly or around the penis in an effort to increase the visible size of your penis, you will need to decrease your overall body weight.

To do this, you will not only need to begin a comprehensive exercise plan but also change the way you eat.

Reducing unhealthy junk foods and beginning a clean diet is the best way to reduce your body weight and excess fat around the penis.

The more fat you lose, the bigger your manhood will appear.

So if the health benefits aren’t enough of a reason to drop a few pounds, consider doing it for your dick!

Are There Other Methods That Can Help Me Enlarge My Penis or Erection Quality?

Yes! There are helpful exercises you can do to both increase the size of your penis when erect and improve the overall quality of you erections during sex.

Visit our article on improving erectile quality and growing the size of your penis to learn more.

Does Weight Loss Increase Penis Size Conclusion:

So, will getting fit and losing weight increase penis size or grow your girth?Well that all depends on how you view the issue!

Losing weight and reducing overall body fat will certainly make your penis look much bigger for men who are overweight!

Obese men can expect to gain up to an inch of visible penis for every 30-50 pounds they drop!

While your actual penis size depends entirely upon genetic traits, your man-meat will appear far larger when not hidden beneath several folds of fat.

If that is not enough of a reason to start eating healthy and shedding that buddha belly, the numerous sexual benefits that come with a balanced diet and uptick in excerise should be more than worth the trouble.

Reduced symptoms of erectile dysfunction, increased stamina and a higher sex drive are just a few of the many benefits of getting in shape.

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