You know the old joke about the priest who prayed for temperance, sobriety, and chastity…but just not yet. 

If you want penis size gains, you’re the opposite. 

You want more inches, and you want them now. Turns out there are two answers to the question what is the fastest way to increase penis size? 

Which you take depends on your real goals. 

When it comes to increasing penis size, you can have fast and temporary, or slow and permanent. Let’s look at the best in both worlds, then talk about how to get the best of both worlds. 

But first, let’s talk about what not to do.

Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size: Lies and Scams

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few decades, you’ve seen the hype:

Add inches overnight!

The porn industry hates this pill!

Get bigger today!

You see these ads leading to pills and creams that supposedly give you rapid, impressive growth to your length and girth in record time. 

These ads are, in a word, fibs. The pills and creams might temporarily increase blood flow to your penis and make your erections somewhat larger.

They might improve your libido by boosting your testosterone. 

But neither change the physical tissues in your penis for permanent gains. Plus, they’re nutritional supplements.

That means the FDA has no control over what goes into them. You have no idea what else you’re putting in your body when you use one of those products. 

TL/DR: Don’t use pills or creams. At best they’re temporary snake oil. At worst, they’re poisonous. 

So what should you do instead?

Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size: The Short Game

 The fastest way to make your penis larger in the short term is to get an erection. Seriously. A boner adds inches of length in a few seconds.

No product or technique comes close to achieving those results. 

I’m only kidding a little. 

Thing is, short term penis size gains are always temporary, and always work via the same mechanic as getting a hard-on.

You draw blood into your penis, swelling the tissues there until they increase is size and rigidity. 

So the key to fast, short-term penis gains it to supercharge your erections. 

The best way to do that is to use a penis pump. 

Penis Pump for Fast Penis Gains: How it Works

As you probably learned in health class, when you get an erection blood floods down to your penis.

The tissues there swell — in the same way your face swells when you get a black eye — causing them to expand. That’s why your penis gets bigger when you get a boner. 

A penis pump looks like a cross between a condom and a beer glass. You put it over your penis and use it to create a vacuum inside the pump. That vacuum draws extra blood to your penis. 

More blood means the tissues swell more than they otherwise would. That means your erection is larger than it would be without one. 

This size gain is instantaneous, and lasts about an hour. 

The erection will last about as long as erections last, but the stretched tissue will be larger while flaccid or semi-hard for a little bit longer. 

After that, you’re back to your regular size (more on that in a bit). But for short-term gains nothing beats a pump. 

Penis Pump Top Tips

If you use any piece of equipment for any reason, it’s good to know the basics of how it works. If you use any piece of equipment which you wrap around your penis, you’re going to damn sure want to know the details. 

Here’s a quick guide to the best practices and rookie mistakes of using penis pumps properly.

  • Start slow. If you increase the pressure too quickly you can injure your penis.
  • Never pump for more than 20 minutes at a time. If it’s not working by then, you have other issues. Pumping will only exacerbate those problems. 
  • Stop pumping immediately if you experience bruising, discoloration, pain, oversensitivity, or numbness. 
  • Don’t skimp on price. A high-price, high-quality penis pump is definitely enough better than a budget model to justify the expense. 
  • Watch your morning wood. If it’s weak or goes AWOL, it’s a sign you’re pumping too hard or too often. Take a week off, then ease back into it when your morning wood returns. 
  • Use plenty of lube, especially at first. It makes the process more comfortable, and helps assure an tight seal. 
  • Warm up your penis by getting at least half an erection before beginning. Wrapping it in a warm town also helps. 
  • Even better, use your penis pump while taking a hot bath. It warms up your penis, and feels nice for the rest of your body while you’re at it. 

Most importantly, read the directions that come with your pump and follow them to the letter!

If possible, check YouTube or other video sites to see if there’s a visual tutorial online.

This is not something you want to assume you know how it works. Just RTFM and use the right tool, for the right job, the right way. 

Remember, though. Penis pumps are the best tool for quick, temporary size gains. For a permanent solution, we need to turn to a different tool for your tool. 

Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size: The Long Game

For permanent size gains, you need to keep a few things in mind”

  • It will take time: months and even years for significant, lasting size increases.
  • It will take work: you must commit to a course of exercises requiring effort and time
  • It will take consistency: permanent size gains require daily performance

It’s a lot like getting larger, more toned muscles.

If you’re about to step into a pool where your crush is hanging out, you can bang out a few push ups to flood your arms and chest with blood and get a little more tone for a few minutes. 

But if you want actual, permanent change to your biceps and pecs you have to go to the gym and lift some weights. For a long time. Consistently. 

And thus it is with penis size. For permanent gains, you need to regularly exercise your junk until it physically changes. 

For that job, I recommend a penis extender. Other options include stretching exercises and hanging heavy weights off your penis. I prefer the extender for four reasons:

  1. Hanging means literally attaching weights to your junk and hanging them. Unless you’re into S&M, this isn’t a good option. 
  2. Stretching exercises require time and focus. A penis extender automates the stretching so you can do it longer while going about your day. 
  3. A penis extender is the only method for changing the size and shape of a penis that has been tested and proven in clinical trials (source). 
  4. Only penis extenders allow you to do your exercises for hours at a time. The other methods either put too much stress on your penis, or take too much focused attention for hours to be realistic. 

Penis Extender for Permanent Penis Size Gains: How it Works

A penis extender is a contraption, usually made of plastic with some fabric or rubber straps. You stretch your flaccid penis out and put it in the extender. The extender then holds your penis in that stretched position as you wear it for hours at a time. 

As your penis remains stretched over extended periods, the cells in the tissue there actually split. That means more penis tissues: a larger penis. 

You will need to perform some “cementing exercises” to keep the tissue larger long-term, but the gains from a penis extender can last for years. Sometimes they last for the rest of your life. 

Penis Extender Top Tips

You don’t stick your penis into a contraption without knowing how the thing works. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts when using a penis extender to maximize safety and gains. 

  • Like with a penis pump, don’t skimp on price. The difference in quality is worth it. Remember: you’ll be wearing this on your junk for hours most days. 
  • Take the extender off and massage your penis once every hour or so. It restores blood flow and helps prevent injury. 
  • Only put the extender on when your penis is flaccid. Using it on an erect penis will cause it to lose its grip once the erection fades. 
  • Like with muscle stretches, go to the point of discomfort but stop immediately if you feel pain. 
  • Never sleep with your extender on. Going 4-8 hours without a stop can cause circulation problems up to and including tissue death. 
  • Shave your pubic hair for best results. It makes for a better fit, and keeps you from catching a stray pube in the mechanism. If you’ve ever zipped your pubes or caught them in a condom, you know why this is important. 
  • Again as with the penis pump, watch for symptoms that you’re overdoing it. Bruising, stretch marks, pain, tingling, and numbness all tell you to take a break. 

Read this guide for advice on which kind of penis extender is best for your needs, and how to use that type best. 

Finally, and again like I said about the penis pumps, read the manual and watch the tutorials. Using one wrong for hours and hours over the course of months is a good way to come out thinking extenders don’t work. 

They do work. But only if you use them right. 

Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size: Supersetting

Remember above how I said you need to do cementing exercises to make certain your gains from the penis extender stick around to become permanent?

Cementing exercises are lower-impact exercises that stretch the tissues in your penis, and fill them with blood. Jelqing is one of the most common and popular cementing exercises. But guess what you can use instead?

That’s right! A penis pump!

With the penis gains superset, you wear your penis extender over the course of the day, take a rest, then use the penis pump in the bath at night. This gives you three benefits all at the same time:

  • You get the short-term size boost from the penis pump
  • You get the permanent gains from the penis extender
  • You’re doing the cementing exercises necessary to maximize what you get from your extender routine

The only disadvantage is that this kind of double-whammy puts you at serious risk for overtraining. 

Again, this is a lot like exercising to gain size in your muscles. The more you do, the better your results until you overtrain. Overtraining risks injuries, and slows progress because your tissues can’t recover before the next workout. 

So, if you opt for the superset, start slower than you want to. Keep the stretch in the extender easy. Keep the pressure in the pump low. Watch for numbness, pain, and loss of morning wood. Ease back if you experience even a little of either. 

When it’s time to up your intensity, opt for slow increases steadily over time. If you ever experience signs of overtraining, don’t be shy about taking a week off before getting back to it. 

Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size: Conclusion

You can get the best of both worlds here by getting both a penis pump and a penis extender. Use the extender to get those long-term, permanent gains that take months to achieve. 

While you’re waiting, use the penis pump when it’s “showtime” so you look and feel better naked when it counts.

One last note on the fastest way to increase penis size. While you’re doing all of this, lose a little weight. This gives the appearance of penis growth by shrinking your belly and thighs. It will also boost your testosterone, giving you longer, stronger, harder erections. 

Combining all of these techniques is a one-two-three punch that will give you great short-term and long-term results with your penis size gains.

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