If there’s one thing you need to know about penis enlargement, it’s that the game is constantly evolving. 

For decades, men who wanted to enhance their length or girth were limited to dangerous, expensive surgeries or untested, potentially fake pills and supplements. 

Thanks to the internet, however, a number of proven techniques, exercises, and treatments have started to become mainstream. 

And as more and more men experience success with these treatments, the word is getting out that you don’t need to “live with what you’re born with” anymore. 

Yes, you can lengthen, strengthen, and improve your penis in a myriad of ways without expensive products, surgery, etc. 

All you need is time, dedication, and the information I’m going to provide on this list. 

1. Take Penis Enlargement Vitamins

Man holding penis enlargement vitamins

Do you see the difference there? 

I didn’t recommend shady pills or some miracle plant that only grows in Tibet. 

I recommended regular, over-the-counter vitamins that you can find right at your GNC store in the form of supplements, or even get by changing your diet. 

You see, science is never static. 

There are researchers all around the world attempting to draw connections between the foods we eat, what they contain, and the effects they have on our bodies. 

Several years ago, a joint study between doctors from California and Missouri struck gold. 

They discovered that two Vitamins in particular (D3 and K2) had the potential to significantly increase the length and girth of the male penis.

In fact, in the study, men who received large doses of these nutrients saw an average increase in length of 0.46 inches and an average increase in girth of about 0.523 inches. 

Now, if this wasn’t impressive enough, both vitamins were also proven to have dramatic effects on male reproductive health in general. 

For instance:

  • In the case of Vitamin D3, men reported harder erections and fewer erectile issues. The vitamin was also found to contribute to blood vessel health and a general boost in testosterone. 
  • In the case of Vitamin K2, researchers found an increased level of elasticity in the arteries, which has been cited as a potential contributor to penile growth. It also boosts the production of sperm and testosterone.
  • It’s also worth mentioning Zinc, an essential element that has been shown to increase the amount of free testosterone in our bodies while also staving off penile issues associated with age and chronically low testosterone levels. 

The point is: if you want to see growth in either the girth or length of your penis, it is absolutely essential that you ensure a proper dosage of Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and Zinc. 

And even if you are already perfectly satisfied with your size, these elements are an important part of overall male sexual health and should still be considered essential. 

2. Edging for Home Penis Enlargement

Edging a phallic symbol

By now, most men are familiar with what edging is and how it works. 

However, the majority of these men consider edging to be more closely related to improving their sexual stamina / orgasm control than penis enlargement. 

As new information continues to be found, it’s looking like this technique might actually do both.  

First, a definition: Edging is the practice of bringing yourself as close to the point of orgasm as possible and then backing off. 

As we mentioned, it is a great way to practice orgasm control and can be a fun way to add a little excitement to your enlargement routines. 

Now, if you’re not familiar with the anatomy of your penis, what you basically have is a series of spongy chambers called corpora cavernosa. 

These are all bound together by a thin layer of membrane and an upper layer of skin. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, all of these components are specifically designed to stretch and expand. 

So, when you become aroused, your body floods the corpora cavernosa with blood. This is what makes your penis expand and get “hard.” 

However, as we said, since these chambers are designed to expand, it’s very likely that regular engorgement can cause them to be able to hold more blood, which amounts to a larger overall erection. 

As a matter of fact, one theory explaining why a high percentage of mental patients have unusually large members is because compulsive edging is a very common habit among mentally ill men.

I’ve seen no studies to back this theory up, but it definitely sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. 

Now, back to edging… 

When you edge, you’re essentially filling the penis with blood and keeping it there longer than you would in most cases. 

Because you aren’t climaxing, you aren’t forcing your penis to enter the refractory stage, in which the blood flows back out of the penis and it becomes flaccid again. 

Ultimately, edging forces you to stay harder longer, encouraging the corpora cavernosa to hold more blood for more time, and proponents of edging claim that this can contribute to gains over time. 

Still, while it might seem easy at first, there are a few points you’ll want to keep in mind. 

  • Don’t watch porn while you edge – Porn causes your brain to release large amount of dopamine. Since edging takes a lot more time than simply masturbation, this can lead to dopamine burnout.” 
  • Not climaxing will be hard – As you probably already know from your teen years, it’s pretty hard to not climax once you get close. However, for edging to work, you have to get used to that relatively uncomfortable sensation. 
  • Add Kegel’s to your edging routine – Kegel exercises push more blood into your penis, which expands the corpora cavernosa even further. Kegel’s have also been rumored to contribute to penis growth, so there’s no harm in including them. 

3. Wear A Penis Extender at Home

penis extender for home enlargement

A penis extender might sound like something you buy off of a shady subreddit, but they are actually proven medical devices.

In fact, doctors have used them for years to treat micropenises, and Peyronie’s Disease (source). 

They basically consist of either a rod and spring or a belt device, and simply pull and stretch your penis as you wear it. 

The working medical principle behind these devices is what is known as hyperplasia. 

This is a perfectly normal process that we all go through as we grow. 

It works as follows: when your body’s tissues are stretched for extended periods, the cells that make up those tissues split and then duplicate. 

Over time, the gaps that you form while stretching get filled by new tissue growth, resulting in increased length.  

Now, while they are considered medical devices, it’s actually rather easy to find penis extenders that you can buy and use at home. 

While not necessarily inexpensive, they are a once-in-a-lifetime investment that provides you with a lifelong benefit. 

That said, it’s important that you don’t overtrain your muscles or wear the extender so tightly that it restricts your blood flow. 

Other than that, it’s perfectly safe to wear between four and six hours a day. 

In fact, a 2005 study in China revealed that men wearing the extender throughout their workday saw an average growth of one inch after just three months. 

A similar study in Italy turned up one-inch average results after six months, with men wearing the extender four to six hours per day. 

4. Do Piss Pulls at Home When You Urinate

Toilet for piss pulls

If you’re hydrating as much as you should be, chances are you spend a fair amount of time standing in front of a toilet. 

While this might seem like just another part of your day, it is actually a great opportunity for you to grow your penis. How? 

Two words: piss pulls. 

Despite being rather crudely named, piss pulls are a convenient and easy-to-remember exercise that you can (and should) do every time you empty your bladder. 

They consist of about two minute’s worth of quick stretches and have been reported to greatly contribute to the success of one’s enlargement routine. 

The process is simple:

  • After using the bathroom, take a few seconds to massage your penis until it becomes about 25% hard. You’re not trying to get an erection here. You’re just trying to get a bit more length to grip. 
  • Grab the tip of your penis just below the glans (head) and stretch it forward away from your body. Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. 
  • Hold this position for two seconds, then return back to normal position (keeping your grip). 
  • Do this around 20 or 30 times. 

Now, we specifically mentioned that you do these at home, as doing them in public might give people the wrong impression. 

However, the reason these are called piss pulls is because their success largely hinges on consistency (which is why you do them every time you pee).

 It’s like taking 3 minutes to visit the gym ten times a day – how could that not contribute to growth? 

Most men report that regular daily piss pulls:  

  • Prevent “turtling” – This is when your penile tissues return to their normal size. With regular piss pulls, you can stretch your penis until that “normal” size is significantly longer. 
  • Increases flaccid length – If you’re a grower and not a shower, piss pulls might help change that by increasing the length at which your flaccid penis hangs. 
  • Helps maintain gains – The fact that penises stretch is a double-edged sword, as the gains you earn can go away without regular exercise. If you’re having a busy week and can’t exercise, piss pulls are a low-impact way to ensure you’re not losing what you worked so hard for. 

5. Wear A Cock Ring at Home to Increase Girth

The world of penis enhancement if overwhelmingly-obsessed with length. 

But what about girth? After all, while both do go hand-in-hand, there must be plenty of men out there who are only concerned with increasing thickness. 

This is where cock rings come in. 

Yet another passive enhancement technique evolving from a sex-based background, cock rings stretch the tissues of your penis outward by keeping it engorged with blood for an extended period of time. 

As these tissues break down (hyperplasia again), they are forced to grow back thicker and thicker. 

Of course, like anything else on this list, there is a technique to be considered in order to maximize gains without risking injury. 

The first step (and one that should not be ignored) is to spend about 5 to 10 minutes warming your penis up with some jelqs – just to get the blood flowing. 

After that: 

  • Allow your penis to become completely flaccid. Then slide a lubricated cock ring over the head of your penis all the way to the base. You will need to stretch your penis to get it over the glans. 
  • Rub your penis until it is erect enough for the cock ring to fit snugly. This should keep most of the blood in your penis, helping you stay you erect. 
  • Start by wearing the ring just 30 minutes a day. Over time, increase how long you wear the ring by 30-minute increments until you can wear it for several hours at a time. 
  • Every hour or so, remove the cock ring and massage your penis to keep blood flowing properly. Also, never sleep with the ring on.

6. Try Going “Nofap” to Increase Gains


Chances are that masturbation has been a fairly significant part of your sex life since your adolescent years. 

And despite what people told you back when you were a kid, it’s a perfectly natural thing. 

However, we need to ask ourselves, how does masturbation aid or detract from a penis enlargement routine? 

For starters, excessive masturbation, especially to hardcore pornography, has actually been shown to negatively affect the overall quality of your erections. 

The main reason for this is that it burns out your dopamine receptors, leading to low sex drive and the inability to achieve a solid erection under normal circumstances.

Normal circumstances meaning, with another human being once the moves have been turned off.

This slows and potentially even reverses your gains, making porn consumption and excessive masturbation the physical and chemical enemy of a good penis enlargement routine. 

So I recommend that you lay off the pornography while actively trying to enlarge your penis. 

7: Jelq and Stretch for Penis Enlargement

Man stretching band

Jelqing is easily the most well-known and well-established method of penis enlargement, but many men report a varying degree of results from this method. 

Where some men report that they only see gains in terms of girth, others say that they’ve been able to increase both length and girth with a dedicated jelqing routine. 

Either way, there’s simply no denying that jelqing is free, easy, safe, and can provide reliable results. 

If you’re ready to sign on, that’s perfectly understandable. 

While there are side effects to jelqing improperly, using this method to enlarge your penis is pretty much a no brainer. But how do you do it? 

The process is simple: 

  • You begin by rubbing yourself until you have a partial erection. Aim for about 1/3 of your total “hardness.” 
  • Add a warm washcloth to your penis and hold it there for about five or so minutes. Make sure the water stays warm, as you don’t want your erection to subside. 
  • Apply lubrication to your penis (use lotion, personal lubricant, or a natural oil). 
  • Grip the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger as if you were making an “OK” sign. Tighten your grip slightly, forcing the blood currently in your penis to stay there. 
  • Now slide your hand from base to tip slowly. Stop just before you reach the glans and return it back to the base. You’ll want it to take about three seconds for the entire motion to maximize its effectiveness. 
  • Switch hands and repeat the motion. You’ll want to aim for around 100 repetitions per session and attempt sessions around 5 or 6 times a week.

If you’ve been paying attention, you should be perfectly aware of what is going on during this exercise. 

Indeed, you’re again forcing blood into the chambers of your penis and allowing them to stretch and expand. 

Done regularly, this can lead to massive gains. Plus, when combined with a stretching routine or an extender, you can effectively focus on both length and girth. 

Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement-Conclusion:

There you have it, seven specific techniques and tips that you can use to enhance your penis at home – no doctors, no surgeries, no overpriced pills. 

Best of all, every single one of these methods are backed up by science, which has demonstrated exactly how our penises grow.

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