Since you wound up here looking for info on Jelqing vs Extending, you’re obviously interested in increasing the size of your package.

Conventional wisdom suggests that you can’t do anything about penis size, but that doesn’t matter! There is a lot of science out there which proves that you can.

A whole lot of the techniques, lotions, potions, and pills people try to sell you won’t make anything larger but their own bank accounts.

Jelqing and extending, on the other hand, are proven to work, reliable and effective. They are two different techniques for physically changing the size of your member.

Jelqing is the practice of squeezing and massaging your penis to force blood into the shaft and tip, then keeping it there. Over time, this stretches the tissues and makes the size of your member larger than before.

Extending means wearing a penis extender device.

When strapped into a penis extender, the tissues in your member get stretched for long periods of time. That stretching causes small tears in the tissue. When those tears heal, the tissue heals larger and thicker than before.

Both methods are similar in that they are nonsurgical, exercise-based ways to grow your member without drugs.

Both rely on altering the tissues in your penis to help it grow.

The big difference is Jelqing is active, meaning you need to spend time actively exercising and stretching your penis.

Extension is passive. You strap the device on for longer periods each day, but you don’t have to do anything while you’re extending.

Which is right for you? Read on and let’s find out.

Jelqing in Depth

From outside observation, Jelqing looks a lot like masturbation. It goes a little something like this…

Rub yourself until you have about 30% of an erection. Wrap your member in a warm washcloth or small towel for 5 – 10 minutes. Pour warm water on the cloth periodically to keep the temperature at hot tub levels, but be careful not to burn yourself.

Lube up your penis and hand with lotion, lubricant, coconut or olive oil.

Grip the base of your unit between the thumb and forefinger using the “OK” gesture. Place this as close to the pubic bone as you can.

Tighten your grip enough to forcefully trap the blood in your shaft, but not so tight that you feel intense pain.

Slide your hand from base to tip, taking about three seconds for the whole ride. This means moving more slowly than you’re thinking right now. Stop moving just shy of the glans of your penis, but do not remove your hand.

Grip the base of your penis as in step three with your other hand.

Repeat steps 4 and 5, alternating hands for 100 reps in total.

After you condition your penis, you can slowly begin increasing the time, force and repetitions of your jelqing routine to 500 reps or more.

There hasn’t been a lot of formal research into Jelqing, but a 2011 study by Italian scientists Marco Ordeo and Paolo Gontero demonstrated that jelqing can work if performed regularly (source).

More research is sure to follow, and several doctors are already recommending such programs instead of surgery.

The chief advantage of jelqing is it doesn’t take very long. A full session, including that 5 minute warmup, will take you only about 20 minutes or so.

The biggest disadvantage is potential for injury. If you push yourself too hard, you can damage the tissues in your member and you’ll have to stop the exercises for a while.

You can even give yourself ED if you overdo it. So easy does it, tiger.

Extending in Depth

Using a penis extender means strapping your penis into a contraption that holds it in a stretched position. Long-term stretching creates microtears and breaks down tissues.

When you recover, those tissues grow back thicker and longer and your penis extends naturally.

Here’s a brief rundown of how extending works:

Wrap your penis and attach the extender device to the base.

Grip your penis just below the glans and pull the head toward the cradle at the end of the extender until it fits in place.

Still maintaining your grip, strap your penis in place. At this point it should feel like a light muscle stretch: slightly uncomfortable but with no pain whatsoever.

Tighten the straps on your extender until your penis is in there snugly but not too tightly.

Wear the extender for 2-6 hours at a time, but take a few minutes every hour to let it out, massage in some blood, and generally give it a rest.

Never, ever, ever, EVER sleep with the extender on. You can seriously damage your penis and end up unable to use it for anything but urinating.

Unlike jelqing, the use of penis extenders has been studied thoroughly.

Research in China, Russia, Tehran and elsewhere has demonstrated consistently that a program of using penis extenders can significantly grow a penis even in cases of micropenis or other disorders.

The biggest advantage of using a penis extender is that you don’t have to do much while it’s in action. Just strap in and fire up the TV or start surfing the net.

If you work from home, extending can be done while sitting at your desk.

Jelqing vs. Extending (That is the Question)

From a results standpoint, both methods are pretty similar. They’re proven to work, and results are close to the same.

They both rely on purely physical exercises, so you don’t have to take pills or apply potentially toxic chemicals or potions that won’t work anyway.

Unless you hurt yourself, there are no appreciable side effects.

So which one is right for you?

For my money, the answer boils down to how much time you have.

Jelqing is active. It requires a few minutes of focused attention. Extending is passive. It takes many hours a day, but doesn’t take much in the way of involvement once you’re set up.

So, my recommendation is:

If you’re the active type, go with jelqing. It requires less equipment and you’re done in a few minutes.

If you’re a busy man, go with the extender. You can wear it during downtime like Netflix bingeing or surfing the web.

Or, if you want to go big, you can do both…

Extending during the day, then jelqing before bed, grows your penis in two different ways and can potentially help you reach your goals in half the time.


If you choose to try jelqing, always keep these things in mind to avoid injury:

  • Lube your penis for every session
  • NEVER jelq with a full erection
  • Don’t squeeze too hard!
  • Stop immediately if the exercise becomes painful

If you follow safe jelqing practices and do it regularly, you’ll start to see results before you know it.

Learn More About Jelqing Here

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