Article medically reviewed by Dr. Zac Hyde M.D, written by Mark Wilson

Are you looking to make your penis a Powerful Force that you can rely on anytime, anyplace, anywhere?


Read on to discover 19 Powerful Tips you can use to make your penis strong, hard and healthy.

1: Expose Your Genitals To Natural Sunlight

Direct sunlight on the testicles increases testosterone production by up to 200% according to doctor Zane R. Kime M.D in his book Sunlight.

This T spike happens because your body synthesizes the fat soluble vitamin (and pro-hormone) Vitamin D when sunlight hits your skin.

To add weight to this argument…

A study done on 3,400 men found that those with low vitamin D status were 32% more likely to have trouble with erections compared to subjects with optimal D levels (source).

In another study…

Subjects with vitamin D deficiency were outclassed across the board on Erectile Function, Orgasmic Function, and Sexual Desire when compared to subjects with optimal D levels. 


According to my own one man trial, direct sunlight on the genitals gets the D where you want it much more effectively than supplements or tanning with a swimsuit on.

This can be explained by the fact that human testicles have D receptors built right in. They actually sit right on top of your Gonads.

And there’s a damn good reason for this placement because your twins make testosterone all day long.

And vitamin D is an Essential ingredient in this process, which partially explains why D is the only vitamin that is also labeled as a Pro-Hormone.

So if you have a private backyard, balcony or atrium get that sunlight where you need it the most.

2: Dump the Porn To Make Your Penis Strong

Porn consumption fries dopamine receptors, lowers sexual motivation and softens erections.

It also causes anxiety, depression and terminates Morning Wood, so it’s important you do whatever it takes to break the addiction.

I always tell men who are seriously addicted to the funny movies, or any other addiction, that they need to find a new hobby.

And I know that sounds like an easy thing to do…

But an addicted man with burned out dopamine receptors loses his curiosity, his creativity and his drive to seek out new experiences….

Because dopamine is the risk and reward hormone and when your dopamine receptors are fried you’re going to have a very hard time…

Motivating yourself to get off the couch to do Anything.

But this flatline state can be obliterated quickly simply by following the protocols outlined by a very smart Psychology professor named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Csikszentmihalyi is the man who came up with the idea of Flow, a state where you’re so involved in an activity that your worries disappear and time just blows by.

The best way to describe this state would be in the pocket or in the zone.

And I’ve found that the the fastest way to get there is to start learning a new skill (any skill).

A sport, a foreign language, a musical instrument, bodybuilding, golf, photography, blogging, basket weaving, whatever.

It doesn’t matter what the skill is as long as you tackle something you’re not very good at so you can start riding the self improvement gravy train.

Do this and you’ll find….

That anytime you’re depressed or anxious, or moody you can turn the situation around rapidly by pulling out your gear and going through the motions.

Now here’s the punchline…

If you can successfully dial in and get totally focused on your objective, your intrinsic, self motivation levels are going to climb.


And Csikszentmihalyi’s most recent research has confirmed that once a person bumps up his intrinsic motivation, he becomes less impulsive.

And not just by a little bit….but by a Lot.

Which means….

That self destructive compulsion to fire up the movies (again) is going to fade away like dust in the wind.

3: Break Your Legal Drug Addiction


Most prescription medications negatively impact erections in one way or another so work with your doctor and look for natural alternatives.

Or better yet, find the root cause of your problem and attack it at the source.

4: Reduce Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure

Plastics, dirty cosmetics, toxic cleaning supplies and other chemicals can do a number on your hormones and your erections.

To learn how to reduce exposure go to the page below and read the info under the headline…

See all those ingredients you can’t pronounce?

5: Avoid Toxic Relationships To Make Your Penis Strong

Your psychological game is every bit as important as your physiological game when it comes to firing up impressive wood.

And trust me, nothing will destroy your mental game faster than a toxic relationship with a toxic individual.

If you have a crazy female (or male) in your life who has delivered stress, anxiety or depression into your headspace, clean house now and move on.

6: Maintain Supreme Vascular Health


It’s vital that you keep the blood vessels leading to your penis clear of plaque buildup if you want to have a strong penis.

I’ve had good success with the Linus Pauling protocol found on this page.

7: Sleep Like A Dead Man

A man should have 5 erections every night while sleeping and he should also wake up with rock hard morning wood.

If this isn’t happening to you, chances are high your sleep rhythms are off.

To get back on track….

  • Cut off all caffeine by noon, including the caffeine found in soda, chocolate, tea and coffee.
  • Power down the lights and electronic screens a few hours before bedtime because the blue light they emit mimics sunlight which reduces melatonin production.
  • Don’t use OTC meds after lunch, especially decongestants, because they can disrupt sleep.
  • Start happy hour at least 4 hours before bedtime because booze reduces the quality and quantity of REM sleep.
  • Keep your room cool at night.  Most sleep experts recommend around 67 degrees (19.4°C) for optimal sleep. 
  • Wear blue blocking glasses in the evenings two hours prior to going to sleep.
  • Sleep in a dark room. Use blackout drapes if necessary

8: Drastically Reduce Your Screen Time

Netflix addiction, mindless web surfing and staring at a cellphone hours and hours every single day will ruin your erections.


Because a man doing these things will fail to do other things that his penis likes to see, such as:

  • Seduction-Flirting
  • Sports-Competition
  • Engaging in Sexual Activity
  • Empire Building-Productivity
  • Behaving like a Real Man in the Real World.

9: Stop the Compulsive Masturbation.

Excessive masturbation, even when done without porn, is not conducive to supreme penile health.

I’m not saying that the occasional wanker here and there is a problem.

But when the habit becomes compulsive it can lower life motivation, increase anxiety and make you a very anti-social creature.

And anti-social dudes are much less likely to breed with a real human body, which brings me to item number 10….

10: Have Sex (and lots of it)


Men who have sex frequently look younger, feel younger and are more confident in life. They also have stronger penises.

According to researchers out of Finland…

Men who breed at least 3 times a week are 25 percent less likely to have weak erections compared to men who only go at it once a week or less (source).

And this is true even in older men.

11: Don’t Use Hair Loss Drugs

We’ve already discussed prescription medications…

But the hair loss drugs Finasteride (propecia) and Dutasteride deserve an entire section of their own.

A study done by researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago, and the University of Catania in Italy found that….

Men who take finasteride to combat hair loss are 5 Times More Likely to have Erectile Dysfunction compared to non users.

And men using Dutasteride didn’t fare much better.

Click here to read the full study.

12: Maintain Supreme Dental Health


Periodontal disease induces systemic inflammation in your body that can do a number on your erections.

Pathogens in your mouth can also travel to through your blood stream and do damage to the arteries leading to your penis.

One study found that men with periodontal disease were 3.29 times more likely to have erection issues compared to men with healthy teeth and gums (source).

So brush, floss and get your teeth cleaned and checked out by a dentist every six months.

13: Remove Yourself From Stressful Situations

Short term stress is natural and normal. Think running away from an angry dog or dodging a bus while crossing the street.

But long term chronic stress is not natural or normal.  And the hormones this unnatural state brings on will absolutely ruin your erections.

And the solution?

Remove yourself from all people and situations that deliver chronic stress into your life, no matter how difficult.

This includes your place of employment, friends, family, and yes, even your primary relationship.

If you need a little extra motivation to get this done, consider this fact…

The American Psychological Association recently reported that chronic stress is directly linked to the Six Leading Causes Of Death in humans.

14: Embrace Your Kink


Another boring romp, in the same room, under the same circumstances, in the same position, at the same time of the day…

Equals Zero Novelty…..

A dopamine dribble instead of a spike and a lackluster erection not likely to impress  anyone, especially the individual on the receiving end.

But if you were to move that romp to a brand new location and use your charm, wit and seduction skills…

To pursue a sexual favor that really lights you up, that dribble of dopamine will turn into Tsunami….

And you’ll have the erection standing at attention to prove it.

15: Embrace Her Stink


Girl sweat does good things to a mans hormones, which makes perfect hormonal sense….

Because her sweat, especially the sweat she omits downstairs is loaded up with attraction pheromones.

The good type that make you want to do things in that downstairs area of hers.

For example…

One study found that when a group of men were exposed to women’s faces, they found them much more attractive….

After they’d whiffed a swab of their pheromones.

Another study found that this olfactory attraction remains intact even in dudes locked into long term relationships.

(I do)

Which proves these attraction pheromones don’t suffer from Her Again Syndrome.

So if you’re a long termer and you could use a little motivation boost, do yourself a favor and track her down the next time she breaks a good sweat at the gym. 

16: Remove The Ball And Chain

Familiarity breeds contempt, but scarcity increases the value of any commodity, and that includes You.

This means that if you make yourself scarce frequently and get outside of the house and dominate in ANY arena.

(think productive, proactive, going places)

Your value will go up instantly in your partners eyes, which will translate into more couch aerobics, more horizontal pushups, more attraction, more impressive wood.

17: Donate Blood For A Stronger Penis

Excess iron is toxic. It increases cancer and heart attack risk, shrinks the testicles, lowers testosterone, decreases horizontal mojo….

Leading blatant and ongoing hard wood problems.

This happens because a pituitary gland overloaded with iron will begin to shut down just like any other organ would.

And if the iron isn’t eventually removed from the body and continues to accumulate it can lead to outright hypogonadism.

(testicular apocalypse)

And the solution?

Avoid processed foods fortified with iron and multi-vitamins that contain iron.  You should also trash your iron pots and pans and donate blood at least twice a year.

18: Get A Grip On Estrogen

High estrogen levels are a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction in men.

Elevated E will also do a number on your testosterone.

If you’re consuming soy products, mint, hoppy beer, licorice or flaxseeds, you should cut back because all of these foods will send your T to E ratios in the wrong direction.

On the flip side…

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain a substance called indole-3-carbinol that will flush excess estradiol out of your system.

Just make sure you don’t cook them in Teflon pans, or store them in containers lined with BPA because both of these suppress testosterone production as well.

19: Exercise Your Penis (just like any other body part)


I get a lot of grief for my take on this subject but I have a damn good reason for pushing this protocol…

I’ll demonstrate with a couple of examples: 

First, let’s take a guy who can’t keep his hands off himself. We’ll say that he has a 5 times a week wanker habit… 

And he gets off to extreme, over the top graphic images on his phone or computer. 

So it’s just him, his right hand and lot’s of mindless self gratification, week in and week out.

Gratification that atrophies his testicles, saturates his dopamine receptors, lowers his testosterone and crushes his self confidence.

And since his brain has become addicted to these graphic images he has a hard time performing on that rare occasion when he does hookup with a real human being.

Because this real person can’t compete with the dopamine rush brought on by his online material, so he goes into these sessions with no real wood to speak of….

And he often has a hard time getting off. Or even worse he gets off waaaaay too fast.

Doesn’t sound so gratifying when you put it like that, does it?

Now let’s compare him….

To a five times a week penile exerciser. A man who saves his ejacs for one thing…Breeding!

So he doesn’t ever blow the force without a good reason because he knows that this man currency should never be wasted.

It’s much too valuable for that.

So he saves them up, then plans for his next engagement in the sack with a live human being.

This activity gives him a shot of dopamine too, just like the self copulator, but not so much that he down-regulates his dopamine receptors.

So when the time comes, he’s going to be more than ready. And while he’s waiting for the fun to start, he exercises his tool, just like he would Any Other Body Part.

But this exercise is not a chore, it’s a treat….

A substitute for solo time that gives him none of the negatives, all of the benefits and a tool that will cooperate when he needs it the most.

And remember…

This isn’t just about growth, although that is a pleasant side effect, this is about Behavior Modification.

Modification that will boost his ability to perform at a high level in the sack, which is the exact opposite of what excessive solo time will do.

Ready to make your penis strong?  


Download my Penile Exercise Plan Here (no charge)

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