Increase Flaccid Hang

There are several methods for measuring
a man’s meat. increase-flaccid-hang

You can measure him fully erect (giving you the best numbers).

Scientists often measure flaccid but stretched, which gives the most consistent results but isn’t very useful for knowing how you’ll look in any kind of natural state.

Flaccid hang is another method — the length and girth of the penis as it hangs there fully flaccid. It’s not the most inspiring of numbers, but it’s how you’re most often viewed “in the wild.”

It’s also the appearance where men feel the most self-conscious about their size.

As it turns out, a lot of penis growth exercises do more for erect length than for flaccid hang.

This is fine if your major concern is to have enough penis to “churn your partner’s butter” but can be bad news for those of us who are more grower than shower.

So how do we focus on flaccid hang to gain some inches when we’re not “up for the job?”

Though a lot of products make big promises, I’ve only identified three that actually work.

Here they are….

Lazy Ass Stretches to Increase Flaccid Hang

The lazy ass stretch takes your flaccid unit and pulls it passively, stretching the tissue just like with many other forms of enlargement exercise.

It goes a little something like this:

STEP ONE: Set up a chair in a place that will be comfortable for you for a long while. If you need things like a book or remote control to stay entertained, make sure it’s all within reach.

STEP TWO: Do whatever warmup works best for you.

STEP THREE: Stand up in front of the chair so you’ll be able to sit directly down once your penis is in position.

STEP FOUR: Reach behind and through your legs with one arm. Use an overhand grip to grab your unit with one hand just below the glans.

STEP FIVE: Pull your unit back through your legs as far as it can go. Use your free hand to push on the shaft to extend the stretch.

STEP SIX: Sit down with your penis between your butt cheeks, using your bodyweight to keep it in place.

STEP SEVEN: Sit as still as you can for as long as you can stand it. Best results come from an hour at a time, with breaks every 20 minutes to rub circulation back into your member. If you shift while stretching, your penis will pull back and reduce the stretch.

I recommend binge-watching Netflix while doing your LAS sessions. It keeps you entertained while you’re sitting that still, but reminds you periodically to take breaks as each episode ends.

In my experience, the LAS method is the most effective for improving your flaccid hang length. However, it does take a sizeable bite out of your day.

There’s not that much you can do while sitting still enough for it to work.

Traction Wrapping to Increase Flaccid Hang

You usually hear about traction wrapping as a way of cementing gains or otherwise supporting the core penis enlargement exercises. It’s also a good method for improving flaccid hang. In either case, it works by keeping your penis extended for as long as your body can handle it.

It works like this:

STEP ONE: Roll out about 18 inches of wrap. Use whatever you like. I prefer the self-adhesive medical wrap you can get at places like Walgreens.

STEP TWO: Grip your glans between your finger and a thumb. Your penis should be fully flaccid for best results.

STEP THREE: Stretch your penis as far as it will go. You should feel a little discomfort, but no actual pain.

STEP FOUR: Use your free hand to put one end of the wrap at the end of your shaft behind the glans. Use the finger you’re gripping with to hold it in position.

STEP FIVE: Wrap three times there at the base of the glans. This will keep the wrap and your penis stuck in position together.

STEP SIX: Wrap in a spiral down the shaft (like wrapping for an arm splint) until you reach the base of the shaft.

STEP SEVEN: Wrap one full time around the base, then secure the end.

After that, keep the wrap on for hours — with a break once an hour or so to check on it and rub in some circulation. There’s no upper limit to how long you can or should traction wrap.

Traction wrapping is more effective for flaccid hang than doing nothing, but not as effective as Lazy Ass Stretches.

On the other hand, it’s less of a hassle. You can wrap up and go about your day with only a little discomfort.

Silicone Sleeve to Increase Flaccid Hang

A silicone sleeve works via the same mechanics as traction wrapping: keeping the penis stretched over time to stress the tissues there.

It’s a soft tube made of silicone (picture a sock with no foot part) which you slide onto your penis.

Like with traction wrap, the far end rests beneath your glans to keep your penis from turtling to its natural state. It’s thinner, more discrete, and (reportedly) more comfortable than wrapping your member with athletic tape.

Sleeves get similar results to traction wrapping, but are easier to use once you get the hang of “installing” yours. The investment is higher than tape for the wrap, but it does pay off with comfort and convenience.

Increase Flaccid Hang – Conclusion:

If you do just standard, core penis enlargement training your penis will grow. The growth just might not be as visible when you’re not erect.

Making your flaccid hang longer and stronger means taking the same kinds of steps as general enlargement: systematic, consistent exercises over time. You just need to do different exercises.

Choosing which of the three we’ve discusses depends on your priorities for time, results, convenience and cost.

Lazy Ass Stretches come in first place for cost and results, but last for convenience.

Traction Wrapping comes in second place for everything.

Silicone Sleeves come in last for cost, ties for second on results and time required, and first for convenience.