I’m writing this intro from an older mans perspective because I’m an older dude.

So here’s an honest take on penis enlargement from a guy who’s been around the block a few times.

My primary objective when getting into PE was reversal of age related penile atrophy which I started to notice a few years ago.

So I did my research, then took action to reverse the situation, and so far things have gone much better than expected..  

The first thing I noticed after beginning was a side benefit that was totally unexpected.

My erection quality improved!

Not only that, but my sex drive increased noticeably after my routines we’re finished as long as I didn’t beat my boy up too much (overtraining).

Now, these two bennies have made consistency a piece of cake because the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

The bad being you gotta put a little time and effort into this thing.

Now, onto the one hundred thousand dollar question….

Do younger guys have an advantage over us older dudes in the penis enlargement game?

Is the penis like a bicep?  Does youth equate to faster, easier growth?

Nope. Not based on my experience.

An older mans tunica albuginea, the fibrous envelope that surrounds the corpora cavernosa inside the penis, isn’t nearly as tough in an older man.

This mean it’s more pliable and easier to stretch.

Same goes for the internal ligaments that need to be stretched out to increase the size of the flaccid hang.

In these two departments, us seasoned dudes have a huge advantage in my humble opinion.


One advantage younger men do have is, they recover much faster than we do.

But this is easy to compensate for.  Don’t overtrain.  

And how do you avoid doing this?

Easy, just monitor your AM wood every morning when you wake up and your erection quality throughout the day.

If either start to fade, back down a bit until you start seeing good news again.

That’s all there is to it.

One final thing before I go….

If your erections aren’t up to speed right now, download a copy of my erectile dysfunction ebook here (no charge).

It’s important you get them going before you start because there’s a direct correlation between erection quality and growth.

I’m not sure why, but I can assure you that the correlation is blatant.


If you’d like to see the enlargement protocols I’ve settled on myself download a copy of this (no charge again)

Now here’s David with his take on the subject…

PE For Older Men – Part 2

Are you an older man thinking about Penis Enlargement?Penis-Enlargement-For-Older-Men

Good, because the first step to fixing something you’re not happy with is admitting you have a problem.

It’s true for addiction, and it’s true for having a small penis.

Some men take decades to reach the decision that they even have a small penis…

Some men take years longer to realize they can do something about it.

And it can take years after that to commit to actually getting started.

Which might seem like bad news for older men. How old is too old to start enlarging your penis?

Can you even get gains after you have more grey “hairs down there” than your original color?

Is it dangerous once your skin loses its collagen?

The short answer: You’re never too old.

Now, here’s the long answer….

PE for Older Men – Does Age Matter?


If you spend any time at all on the penis enlargement forums, men of 50, 60, even 70 years are successfully using penis enlargement exercises to get gains.

In some cases, their gains even impress the younger men on the forums.

Further, although there isn’t much clinical research on penis enlargement, some of the most widely known studies specifically worked with men who would qualify for the “senior” division in their bowling league.

In fact, you can argue that starting older is an advantage. Men with some mileage are more patient, better able to follow directions, and smarter about exercise routines than the young bucks.

All of those traits equate directly to better results from any exercise program, including penis enlargement.

You’ll encounter some hardships from your age, too — again, just like if you decided to try cross-country skiing for the first time — but none of them are insurmountable.

Penis Benefits For Older Men

Obviously, the chief benefit of penis enlargement at any age is having a larger penis.

This helps with self-confidence in general, and especially in the bedroom. It can also help give your performance in the bedroom a boost just as some of your other physical attributes are beginning to fade.

But penis enlargement exercises carry other benefits as well.

The most important include:

Penis enlargement reverses age-induced penile atrophy.

As men get older, their testosterone production drops and their skin becomes less elastic.

Both of these can contribute to shrinkage “down under,” which is something we want to avoid.

Doing exercises that grow your penis will not only help you avoid penile atrophy, but they will add size to reverse the effects.

Even if you were perfectly happy with your size as a younger man, enlargement can keep you happy.

Penis enlargement breaks up penile plaque.

Over the decades, all of your blood vessels accumulate plaque.

It’s the kind of build-up that leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. Similarly, it can reduce blood flow to your penis.

Since you need good blood flow for good erections, this directly harms your erectile health.

Some penis enlargement exercises — especially jelqing — work by pushing blood into your penis under pressure.

This can clean out some of the plaque in there and enhance blood flow for better, longer-lasting erections.

Penis enlargement boosts erectile function.

Many of the mechanics of penis enlargement exercises both improve blood flow to your penis, and naturally increase your testosterone production. 

The boost in testosterone comes as a natural side effect of penile stimulation, which occurs anytime you exercise and stimulate your boy.

And remember, more blood flow and extra testosterone means better, more frequent, and longer-lasting boners, especially if you add an ED tension ring to the mix.

Be careful here, though. There are two huge risks.

If you overtrain on your penis enlargement efforts, you can actually reduce your erectile function.

Further, if you get yourself an erection during your penis enlargement session, it can be tempting to “finish the job” and masturbate.

That can kill both penis enlargement and erection quality efforts.

Penis enlargement can enhance your libido.

This happens two ways. First, the same testosterone-boosting effects that give you better erections also increase your sex drive.

It’s a proven relationship: more testosterone means more horniness in men (source).

Second, a larger penis — even taking positive steps toward a larger penis — leads to improved confidence.

More confidence leads to a higher sex drive (and often being on the receiving end of your partner’s libido more often).

Penis Enlargement for Older Men — Risks

It’s important to accept that a penis enlargement exercise regimen is an exercise regimen.

Every exercise program — from jogging, to lifting weights, to water aerobics, to penis enlargement — has some risk of injury.

And for each year your 40th birthday has been in your rearview mirror instead of your windshield, that risk of injury increases just a little.

But that’s okay.

Because what’s also true about every exercise is you can reduce and eliminate those risks of injury by observing proper technique and warming up properly.

If you’re an older man and you want to use exercises to enlarge your penis, just spend a few minutes warming up before each session.

This article explains how to avoid overtraining injuries, along with info on why you should make warm-ups part of your penis enlargement program.

Really, every man should do this — but it’s especially important for older men who want to enlarge their penises without risk of injury.

One final note for older men considering this.

Some medications commonly prescribed to older men may interfere with penis enlargement, especially those that impact sex hormones.

You’ll want to research whatever meds you’re using to make sure that’s not the case for you.

PE for Older Men — Conclusion

The bad news about age and your penis is, the natural consequences of aging are actively making your penis smaller year after year.

The worse news about age and your penis is that other natural consequence of aging act against the mechanics that make penis enlargement work.

The good news is none of that really matters.

Because you’re older and wiser, you’re better able to choose an effective penis enlargement technique and put it to the regular, disciplined use needed to get great gains in girth and length.

Truth is, the methods available for penis enlargement combined with your improved ability to use them…gives you some clear advantages in this enlargement game.

Short version: go for it…because when it comes to penis enlargement, Age Does Not Matter.

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