Are you looking to gain one inch in length in a year or less?

If you read the forums and articles on penis enlargement….

You’ll probably get the sense that growing an inch is a process that takes years and years.

That sense isn’t wrong, but it’s not 100% right either. Big, permanent gains will take time to make and cement.

And that’s if you do it right from the get-go, and don’t have to take time off from injuries or overtraining, and you nail the cementing and turtling issues early on.

But…you can also see an inch added to your length in under twelve months if you’re motivated and consistent.

This will be a combination of actual permanent length gain and the appearance of a larger unit through other changes to your body.

But it will be the real appearance of a penis an inch longer than it is right now.

That’s a 30% gain on the average member (and let’s face it…if you’re reading this, you might be a little below average).

Here’s how to make it happen…

1: Lose Your Fat Pad

If you do nothing else, do this. That spare tire is hurting your penis size in two very real ways.

First, it makes your penis appear much smaller than it really is…

And I guarantee you, your package will appear much bigger as soon as you lose the fat that has accumulated around your pubic area.

Second, belly fat just nukes your testosterone (source).

It stimulates your body to convert the big T into estrogen, a situation that can ultimately result in temporary or even permanent penile shrinkage.

So seriously, clean up your diet. Exercise more. Lose that belly fat.

2: Use an Extender Several Hours Each Day

Penis extenders are the only penis extension method that repeated clinical studies have proven will make your penis longer at the end of treatment.

They’re reliable, safe, and reasonably comfortable once you get used to them.

But if you’re going to get the best results, you need to strap in for several hours a day.  It’s the only way to get those tears to the tissue in your penis that results in permanent growth.

You can read here for full details on how to use an extender to increase not just length, but also girth.

For now, make this the core exercise of your enlargement routine to help ensure you get the gains you want on the schedule you hope for.

3: Do Piss Pulls Each time You Pee

Piss pulls are exactly what they sound like…

Every time you go to the bathroom, take a moment after you shake off. Grip your penis by the flesh just behind the glans. Pull it so you’re stretched to the point of discomfort (but not pain).

Hold it there for a slow count of two, then reduce the tension while maintaining your grip.

Do 20 to 30 repetitions, then get back to whatever you were doing.

Piss pulls are important for cementing gains, and supporting a core exercise like wearing an extender.

You can get full details on how to do them right here.

4: Jelq and Stretch in the Shower

Jelqs are such an effective exercise that many men have reported success with them even without more aggressive methods like an extender or hanging.

To do them…….

Get your penis semi-hard, then slowly massage it like you’re masturbating in a way that brings blood from the base of the penis to the head.

This stretches your penile tissues from the inside.

Get more detail on how to do them here. 

Add some other stretching exercises, such as dry jelqs,  and you’ve got the perfect secondary regimen to get those quick gains you’re looking for.

I find that the shower is a great place to do this.

The heat makes warming up easier. You have privacy. And the shower itself reminds you to do them.

But if you prefer to do it somewhere else, the shower isn’t vital to your gains.

5: Traction Wrap When Not Extending

Turtling is the biggest threat to rapid penis enlargement gains.

That’s when your penis tissues, which are elastic, retract back to their original length once you stop stretching them (which is what elastic things do).

To traction wrap your penis, hold it stretched as far as your extender took it. Then wrap the shaft with medical wrap starting just below the glans. With the rim of your head held in place by the edge of the wrap, your penis remains elongated.

Getting the wrap right the first few times is tricky, but you can find instructions on how to do it correctly here.

You’ll get your best results if you wear the wrap basically all the hours you’re awake and not in the extender. Most men have to take some breaks, but the more time wrapped the better.

6: Do Bed Fowfers While Sleeping

Rule number one of extenders and traction wrapping is to never use them while sleeping. That’s because you need to be alert for numbness and pain that result from poor circulation while using these methods.

But that doesn’t mean you have to lose eight hours every day just because your body needs its beauty rest.

Bed fowfers work by stretching your penis while you sleep.

When you lay down, you tuck the head of your unit in between your legs. Reach around to grasp the shaft from behind and through your legs. Pull it as tight as you can without pain, then close your legs to keep it in place.

Unless you’re in a coma, you’ll shift and release the fowler at some point during the night, but if you start that way and re-tuck whenever you wake up, you’ll get extra hours of elongation.

That means better, faster gains.

7: Take Rest Days to Gain One Inch in length in a Year or Less

The core physical mechanic behind penis extension is the same mechanic as in lifting weights. You tear tissue, and it heals back larger.

For that tissue to heal, you absolutely must let it rest from time to time. Otherwise, you’re breaking it down faster than it builds up which will slow down your gains or kill them off entirely.

Take one day each week off completely from all penis enlargement exercises. If you find you feel fatigued (or if you lose that morning wood) take more days off.

I know you want fast gains, but your gains will slow down if you don’t take this advice.

Sit tight for one day a week or more if you feel like you need it.

Gain One Inch in Length in a Year or Less-Conclusion

It’s a long list, I know. But if you want rapid gains like this you’re going to have to go big.

No pun intended. (Sorry, pun totally intended).

If you can do all of these, do them. If you only do a few, aim for numbers 1, 2, 3, and 7. Add the others as you get into shape for this regimen.

Through it all, keep in mind that you’re definitely courting overtraining if you get too aggressive.

Fight this by paying attention to your morning wood and the strength of your daytime erections.

Loss of morning wood is your canary in a coal mine for enlargement overtraining. If you wake up good and hard, keep it up. Even add stuff if you’re feeling up to it.

But if your morning wood is soft or absent, it’s time to dial back. Take a week off, then get back to it at a slightly lower pace. Overtraining kills your gains, and prevents further progress.

Stick with it, stay alert for overtraining, and you will gain one inch in length in a year or less.

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