Some of the more aggressive ads for “Amazing Penis Enlargement Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know” might tell you there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

But a good personal trainer knows otherwise.

Here’s what we know about penis enlargement overtraining, and what you can do to avoid it.

How Penis Enlargement Overtraining Works

If you’ve read on this site long enough, you already know the basic mechanic of every penis enlargement exercise system.

You stretch the tissues in your penis until microtears form.

Then, you rest and let the micro-tears heal…

Filling the gaps in the tissue, creating even more tissue and eventually building a stronger penis.

And that extra tissue is in your penis, meaning your package is slowly but surely growing in size.

But the ending only gets happy if you let that tissue heal.

Penis enlargement overtraining happens when that second step doesn’t happen.

In my experience, this usually happens for one of two reasons:

  • Training too hard in the mistaken belief that going so strong will lead to faster or better gains.
  • Getting frustrated after weeks (or months) of slow gains, then pushing to “bust a gut” out of a desire to see more, sooner.

Either way, this is just like other kinds of gains you see when your body responds to exercise.

If you push until it hurts, but not while it hurts you’ll do just enough damage to see real improvement. If you give your body time to rest and recover afterward.

If you miss either of those steps, you end up with a penis enlargement overtraining injury.

Symptoms of Enlargement Overtraining

Okay. We know what happens when you’re overtraining.

How do you know when it’s happening? Here are the five most common symptoms of overtraining while exercising your penis.

I’m listing them more or less in chronological order, but keep an eye out for all five since the order isn’t exact.

Sore skin. This can happen because you’ve stretched the skin too much or too often, or simply because of chafing from the exercises themselves. You’ll often notice this during the exercises when it becomes uncomfortable even to touch yourself for the workout.

Reduced erectile function. This can show up either as getting hard less frequently, or as not getting as hard as usual. Either way, it’s a sign the tissues in your penis have had enough. I use my nighttime wood and morning wood as early warning systems. If they start to fade, so should your workouts.

Discoloration on your shaft. These are bruises, caused by rupturing the veins in your penis with overtraining and a sure sign it’s time to ease back. The damage you want slightly microtears the tissue. It doesn’t damage the blood vessels.

Red spots on your glans. Another form of bruising here, cause by ruptured capillaries in the tissues under the glans. They’re a sign for the same reason bruising is, and they mean the same thing.

Numb head. Numb tissue means the beginnings of real damage, and usually results from interrupted blood flow or trouble with the nerves.

Problems urinating. Trouble urinating is another big red flag to be aware of during an enlargement routine. It usually occurs because the pelvic floor muscles are too tight, either due to increased strain from overtraining or injury. This can also happen if you use enlargement devices like extenders improperly. The best advice here is again to take some time off, but in the worst case you should see your doctor.

Whichever symptom, or combination of symptoms, you experience it’s not time to panic. Yet.

These are normal, early warnings of overtraining. They don’t mean you’ve injured yourself, but they do mean you’re likely to if you keep it up.

Take a break until the symptoms completely fade. This might take up to two or three weeks, or even more depending on the severity of the damage.

Once you’ve recovered, then get back to it, easing your way up to a full regimen.

Penis Enlargement Rookie Mistakes

So, we know overtraining your unit is a thing. We know why it’s a thing, and we know how it works. We know how to see it coming.

Now, how can we avoid it?

Again, just like with overtraining sports injuries most of the problems come from being overly enthusiastic.

Specifically, these are the overtraining mistakes I see people making every day:

Sleeping with equipment on. Never, ever sleep with a penis extender or wrap on your member. You won’t be able to feel the initial discomfort that tells you you’re about to be injured. You’ll just wake up overtrained and possibly seriously hurt.

Powering through. Penis training should feel like a good muscle stretch. There should be a little discomfort, but no real intense pain. Do not power through the pain and do extra reps or extra time. You’ll end up doing the opposite of what you’re hoping for.

No warm-up. Your member needs to warm up before a workout just like any other part of your body. The best way is to heat it with a hot wash cloth or rice sock. Leave it there for 5 minutes or so, then get to your training.

Doing too much. This isn’t power lifting guys (if it was you wouldn’t be reading this article). There’s no need to tighten down or otherwise apply so much pressure that it physically hurts.

Doing it for too long. Yes, the studies find that real gains from passive extension takes hours each day, and at least half an hour for sessions of active extension. But that’s after you’ve worked your way up to it. Start slow and stop when it hurts.

Most of these rookie mistakes boil down to ignoring the Golden Rule: If it hurts, stop!

Pain is not weakness leaving the body in this case. It’s your body telling you to take a break.

Always remember that breaks are just as important to penis enlargement as the exercises. So pay close attention, stop when it gets uncomfortable, and never exercise to the point of feeling actual pain.

Penis Enlargement Overtraining – Conclusion:

So listen, getting hurt during any training regimen sucks.

It not only sucks because it’s uncomfortable. It sucks because you have to stop working out just as your gains are beginning to peak.

And it sucks because you’ll have to sit out longer than you want. You’ll even have to sit out for a little while when you feel fine.

That’s true of sports injuries, and it’s true of training injuries for your penis enlargement workouts. And the solution is also the same.

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