If you’re serious enough about penis enlargement to visit the sites and forums, you’ve encountered a lot of ideas about how to make your member larger.

Some are safe and have been proven by science to work. Others are downright goofy, or just unsafe.

A lot fall in the middle. They seem like they should work, and have anecdotal support, but there’s little to no science to back up the claims.

Edging for enlargement is one of those ideas. 

Proponents make a good case for using this method to enlarge your member. Opponents note that nobody’s done any direct research on this technique.

Let’s take a look at both sides and see if there’s any truth to be found.

But first, a question:

What is Edging for Penis Enlargement?

Edging is the practice of bringing yourself, or a sexual partner, right to the edge of orgasm and then backing off.

If you’ve ever slowed down and thought of math class to stop from coming too soon with a partner, you’ve already edged.

Same if you’ve ever teased a partner by taking your hand away before she came, and made her wait a little while before you finished the job.

Most people who edge do it to add a little something extra to masturbation or sex, but it carries some other benefits (more on that later).

One of those benefits might be making your penis larger.

The Case for Edging to Enlarge Your Penis

Proponents of edging make the same argument as those who favor jelqing, which has been clinically proven to enlarge men’s penises.

In both cases, what you’re doing is filling the penis with blood and keeping the blood there longer than you would under normal circumstances.

You keep the erection longer, and your penis stays in its engorged state.

Here’s how that helps…

The tissues in your penis are elastic, which is why it can grow so much when it fills with blood to produce an erection.

But that elasticity is not infinite. If you fill it and keep it filled, the tissue stretches and eventually will remain stretched.

End result: more tissue in your penis, and a larger penis while flaccid and while erect.

After a while, that stretched tissue stays in place.

It’s kind of like a pair of underwear whose waistband you’ve worn out, only it’s way sexier than that.

The Case Against Edging for Penis Enlargement

People who say edging won’t enlarge your penis point out that it doesn’t push blood into your member in the same way as jelqing.

Proper jelqing includes taking steps to keep the blood in your penis by cutting off blood flow at the base once it’s in your shaft. Some suggest it’s this cutting off of blood flow that produces the gains, not just the extended erection.

In other words…edging relies only on the natural added blood flow from normal sexual arousal, while jelqing is more growth specific.

That said, there are dozens of testimonials on the enlargement forums from men who have experienced and cemented gains from edging, and it’s hard to argue with these results.

Edging For Enlargement Tips:

So, the case for edging is pretty sound and the case against not so much.

If you want to try edging to grow your member, here are some steps you can take to increase its effectiveness.

Do Kegels while you’re edging. These exercises push more blood into the penis while you’re flexed. More blood means more stretching. More stretching means greater gains.

Don’t climax. When you climax, your penis returns to a flaccid state pretty quickly. If you just stop masturbating without an orgasm, it stays hard for a bit. Keeping your penis erect longer increases the amount of strain on the tissues.

Edge along with other techniques. If you use a penis extender or other passive technique during the day, edging afterward or before can cement and increase gains in general. This kind of “one-two” punch is very popular among penis enlargement experts.

Finally, don’t use porn while edging…


Using porn stimulates your endocrine system to flood your brain with dopamine.

Like with alcohol and insulin, too much dopamine at once reduces your body’s ability to get anything out of dopamine the next time.

Since dopamine is at the center of sexual arousal and pleasure, the last thing you want is to not get anything out of your dopamine fix.

What’s the point of having a huge, swinging member if you can’t use it?

There’s been a lot of recent research into the effects of internet pornography on the human brain.

So far, it’s clear that watching porn can cause a “dopamine burnout” – this can make it harder to get motivated, get aroused by real sexual situations, and find pleasure in everyday normal activities.

What isn’t clear yet is why this occurs when watching porn, but not when using the imagination.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts. In the simplest sense, pornography is a stimulus that causes a reaction in the brain.

Specifically, the reaction it causes is the release of dopamine, a “reward” that makes us feel good.

In chronic porn users, this “reward system” in the brain slowly becomes rewired as pornography takes over and becomes the norm.

Also known as the limbic system, this part of the brain controls critical areas like mood, emotion, desire, hunger, and addiction.

Any changes to this system for any reason can have serious effects on daily life.

Whether you know it or not, all your decisions are made based on your brain’s reward system.

Biologically, we’re wired to avoid pain and seek out pleasure, and the reward system has naturally evolved to help us do that.

However, addictions can easily throw this system out of balance…

Addictive behaviors trigger a dopamine release in the brain. When these behaviors become more regular, they can cause serious changes as the brain becomes addicted to that source of dopamine release.

The ability of the brain to  change based on stimuli is known as neuroplasticity.

Our brains retain their neuroplasticity throughout our lives.

This allows us to create new mental connections based on new experiences and things we learn. When we become addicted to porn, our brains create new pathways around the addiction.

That means that over time, our brains can “learn” to perfer pornography as the easiest way to achieve sexual pleasure and get that dopamine release we crave.

This can make it more difficult, or even impossible, to engage in real sex with real people, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that pornography is a proven cause of erectile dysfunction.

That neuroplasticity we mentioned before?

Well, it’s much stronger in adolescents, so the effects of chronic porn use can be amplified for teenagers.

It’s much easier for an adolescent boy to become addicted to porn, and the associated brain changes can stick around as the brain grows. Stopping the behavior can reverse the changes, but it will take time.

Numerous studies have reported negative effects of porn use.

Porn is shown to lower motivation levels, lower relationship intimacy, lower self-esteem, and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

None of these are things that you want in your life.

Repeated masturbation to porn can also lower your testosterone levels and make it even harder to cement those enlargement gains you’ve been working towards!

Edging to Cement Gains!


I touched on this part earlier, but you can use edging in addition to a method like using an extension device.

This lighter stretching after the more impactful workout can keep the tissue stretched for faster and more effective gains.

Edging increases staying power. If you practice cumming near orgasm and backing off, you will eventually be able to control ejaculations more effectively.

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, or you just want to be able to last longer if your partner needs it, this is a serious win.

Edging improves erection quality. Edging not only improves your ability to keep an erection, but it also stimulates general blood flow so your erections become harder and stronger.

Edging increases testosterone. Unlike frequent masturbation to orgasm, edging has actually been shown to increase testosterone production.

This directly helps with a number of facets of sexual health.  As a matter of fact, testosterone treatments have been used to enlarge penises medically.

Edging increases stamina and enhances ejaculations. Being an experienced edger can have big benefits for your sexual stamina.

Once you know your own “tipping point” it’s then much easier to know when to back off so you can make sex last longer. Edging can also make it easier to hold back when you feel that tipping point approaching.

Changing your pace throughout sex and making it last longer can also help you when it is finally time to release and result in both higher quality semen and increased pleasure from orgasm.

Edging for Penis Enlargement – Conclusion:

My final analysis of edging for penis enlargement:

Besides, it’s kind of fun. Like I mentioned earlier, people do it on purpose just to make sex and masturbation more entertaining.

So my recommendation is to give it a try. Measure your results and see for yourself.

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