Piss pulls for penis enlargement sounds like a strange idea, but they’re a solid exercise for three reasons.

Reason One: they’re based on the primary objective of enlargement: stretching the tissues of the penis regularly.

Reason Two: they’re really, really convenient.

Reason Three: they have a built-in reminder to do them.

Piss pulls are basically taking a couple of minutes to vigorously stretch your penis every time you take a leak.

They’re not a core penis enlargement exercise, but make for one of the better cementing methods I know of.

Here’s how they work…

How to Do Piss Pulls

Piss pulls, as the name implies, begin by feeling the need to use the restroom.

Once you’re done emptying your bladder, stay for an extra minute or so for the following routine.

Step One: massage your penis until it’s about 20 percent erect. It doesn’t have to be very hard — just give it that extra bit of size that comes with the beginnings of a boner so you can grip more and stretch further.

Step Two: grip your penis gently with your thumb on the top and your index and middle fingers on the bottom. Hold just beneath the glans but don’t make contact with the head of your penis.

Step Three: stretch your penis out from your body as far as you can without feeling pain. Hold in that position for a slow count of two. Breathing out while stretching can sometimes help you get a few more millimeters.

Step Four: maintain your grip on your penis, but release the stretch to return to a regular position.

Step Five: repeat steps three and four for 20 to 30 repetitions. Start with 20, but work your way up as you get used to the routine.

Step Six: put your package back in your pants and go back to whatever you were doing.

Some men like doing their piss pulls while standing.

Other prefer to sit.. Some folks like to pull straight forward for some reps, and to either side for others. Some other folks like to wave the penis back and forth during step three.

None of these variations matter enough to worry about. Do what you like best, what feels most natural, or what’s the least boring. The key factor is to stretch your member for a minute every single time you pee.

Every single time is the important point here.

Piss pulls don’t sound like much — especially when compared to spending hours in an extension device, or half an hour hanging weights off your unit — but they add up.

The average man urinates six to eight times a day (source). That means you’ll spend about 7 minutes every single day doing piss pulls.

That adds up to real time spent stretching the tissues in your penis, which over time can make a significant difference in size.

Piss Pulls for PE Benefits

Piss pulls are not a core penis enlargement exercise, but they do help with four key parts of a penis enlargement regimen.

Piss Pulls Increase Flaccid Hang. Though they aren’t likely to produce massive gains for your girth, piss pulls have been shown to increase your penis’s hanging, flaccid length. That makes them perfect for men who are growers, but not spectacular showers.

Piss Pulls Cement Gains. Aggressive methods like hanging and extending need lower-impact exercises to keep the gains they provide. Piss pulls are one of the most convenient of these exercises, and one of the easiest to maintain.

Piss Pulls Prevent Turtling. Turtling happens when your stretched penile tissues return to their “normal” size, like a stretched rubber band snapping to its original shape. Piss pulls stretch the elastic tissues in your penis until the “normal” size is longer and larger than before.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that piss pulls can produce full-on enlargement gains to erect and flaccid length and girth. Your mileage on this may vary, though.

Piss Pulls Rookie Mistakes

Like all penis enlargement methods, piss pulls are very safe if you do them right.

But if you do them wrong, I make no promises about your safety. Stay safe by avoiding these rookie piss pull mistakes.

Pulling the Glans. You want to pull your penis by the shaft to stretch it. Pulling instead against the base of your glans can damage the head of your penis.

Squeezing Too Hard. Go for light, quick stretches. You should be able to accomplish this without a death grip on your unit. Keep the grip just firm enough for traction, lest you damage yourself by strangling your member.

Forgetting to Breathe. Breathe naturally and regularly as you do your piss pulls. If you’re one of those people who forget to breathe while exercising, you’re at risk of dizziness or passing out while you do this exercise. That works out poorly while in a bathroom.

Ignoring Pain. Piss pulls are like any other stretching exercise. You want things to be uncomfortable, but not to actually hurt. If your penis hurts during or after the piss pulls, ease off next time. Too much too soon can damage the tissues and make you take a break.

A final, common, rookie mistake is having unrealistic expectations for what piss pulls will provide.

Keep in mind these are an adjunct exercise to the core penis enlargement regimen. Don’t expect miracles of this simple maintenance routine, and they won’t disappoint you.

Piss Pulls for Penis Enlargement – Conclusion:

I like piss pulls because they’re so convenient.

You do them when your pants are already down, and your hands are already on your Johnson. You’re in a room our whole society has primed us to keep private, and behind a door you can lock.

As I’ve mentioned, they’re not what you need for big gains or a core exercise. But for cementing and augmenting your growth, they’re where it’s at.

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