Okay, guys. You already know you should be keeping your weight in a healthy range. But you’re not doing it. Why aren’t you doing it?

Because you’re not motivated enough yet, right?

But what if I told you getting rid of that spare tire can make your penis look larger? Would you be motivated then?

And if I told you losing weight could actually make your penis get larger? How would your motivation be?

I thought so.

Both of those things are true. Here’s some of the whys and some of the ways turning your keg back into a six-pack will help you in the schlong department. 

Fat Loss Makes Your Penis Look Bigger

Think about it.  A three-story building looks huge next to a garden shed. It’s tiny next to the Empire State Building. 

When you’re naked, does your penis stand proud and tall above the surrounding anatomical architecture? Or is it overshadowed by a hanging belly that threatens to eclipse it entirely if you have just one more donut?

This one isn’t exactly rocket science. The flatter and tighter your tummy, the bigger your Johnson looks by comparison. Simple as that. 

Fat Loss Makes Your Penis Actually Bigger

Okay. This part isn’t rocket science, but it is regular science. There’s two things you need to understand. I won’t go into the deep science, but you can use the links to learn more if you’re interested. 

Belly fat reduces testosterone. Body fat contains the enzyme aromatase. The more body fat you have (especially belly fat), the more aromatase is in your body.

Aromatase eats testosterone and turns it into estrogen.

Low testosterone shrinks your junk. Chronically low testosterone leads to a condition called hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism is the shrinking of the gonads: your microphone and its two turntables. 

The relationship is pretty direct. More fat equals less testosterone (source). Less testosterone equals a smaller penis. 

Yeah, I know. It’s not exactly the same as “gaining inches in weeks” like the internet ads say. But it fights one of the main causes of age-related penis shrinkage, and can make a measurable difference in the size of your penis and the power of your erections. 

Are you motivated now?

Penis-Friendly Fat Loss and You

Ask 100 different weight loss experts how to best shed your fat, you’ll get 100 different answers…and another 100 if you come back six months later and ask again. 

Whichever specific weight loss plan you adopt is between you and your personal trainer. However, there are a few things we know about how diet and exercise can impact your junk. 

Here are the best dos and don’ts my research has found for losing weight while making gains. 

Do incorporate powerlifting into your weight loss routine. A lot of people will recommend cardio or group fitness for the caloric burn, but powerlifting has been proven to increase testosterone production for hours after the workout.  

Don’t go long and slow with your cardio. This is not the time to take up marathons or triathlons. Sprint workouts and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) have a similar impact on your testosterone to powerlifting. You’ll want some cardio for weight loss, but make it short, sharp, and sweet. 

Do cut out beer. If you’re up for it, cut out alcohol altogether. Booze is bad for your testosterone. Beer is worst, wine is best, and hard liquor in the middle. If you really need the stuff to get through the day, opt for a glass or red wine or a shot of the hard stuff with some diet soda or tonic water. 

Don’t stay indoors. Being outside directly improves your testosterone (and your general health). Resist the temptation to do all your workouts in the gym under fluorescent lights. Park a few blocks away from work. Do outdoors stuff with your friends. 

Do add the following foods to your diet: tuna, salmon, egg yolks, beans, grass-fed beef. All of these are weight-loss friendly (in the right portions) and directly improve your body’s testosterone production. 

Don’t eat these foods, even if they’re on your diet’s allowed list: soy products like edamame and tofu, nuts, flax, licorice, processed foods, and anything with added hormones or antibiotics. These foods kill your testosterone and can limit the benefit of everything else you do. 

Do observe normal weight-loss protocols. Measure your results. Adjust your expectations. Eat less. Move more. Just because you’re losing weight with a specific purpose doesn’t counter the basics of losing weight. If you’re not familiar with those basics, take the time to read some books or hire a personal trainer. 

Always remember: losing fat isn’t just for your penis. Though this might be the factor that gets you off the couch and into the gym, the benefits for your general health are still there. You’ll look better, feel better, and have a bigger unit. 

Everybody wins. 

Fat Loss and Penis Size: Conclusion

There’s one final reason, penis-wise, you should lose weight: confidence. 

It’s a fact that confidence in one of the most important factors in getting a partner into bed with you, and impressing that partner while you’re in there. It’s far, far more important than the actual size of your equipment.

If you have a fit, flat body you’ll look better naked. You’ll feel better naked. And your partner will appreciate the difference even if you never actually grow your penis. 

Since fat loss comes faster than penis growth, I recommend a one-two punch. 

Work a program to add inches to your penis while you’re simultaneously taking them off your belly. You’ll start with the appearance of a bigger member, then move on to an actually larger penis. And you’ll be more confident through both stages. 

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