How many hours does it take to grow an inch using a penis extender?

This is a very difficult number to nail down but I’m confident we can get fairly close.

Based on my own experience extending for 36 months…

And several hours reading dozens of extender threads on the enlargement forums, it appears that the magic number is right around 1000 hours.


Assuming you extend consistently 4 hours a day you’re looking at about 9 months, if you take a day off here and there.

If you wear the extender for 5 hours every day you can slash that number down to 200 days flat.

But keep in mind…

These numbers are average and your mileage may vary.  You may come in well under a year, or it may take you longer.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to dig in and start extending.

If you decide you’re ready to take the plunge, start here.

Penis Extender Hours Per Inch (Results)

If you start extending and don’t get the hours per inch we discussed above you’re probably doing one of two things wrong.

Extending Mistake Number 1: You’re stretching too hard


There are two camps when it comes to penis extending.  

Camp one says stretch the little guy until he screams in pain.

Camp two says, stretch light, but stretch looooong.

I fall into camp two which probably explains why the overall volume of my package is substantially bigger than it was 18 months ago.

I go easy because I don’t want to create a tough penis that resists and fights back.

I’m not a fan of scar tissue, bruising or ruptured veins either.

I’ve also read the studies on penis extending and I know that the subjects applied gentle pressure, over long periods of time.

And guess what?

Relaxed, gentle extending like this for an extended period works Every-Single-Time.

So if you’ve been extending for hours without gaining, stop giving your boy a black eye, and I promise you, he’ll start cooperating.

Extending Mistake Number 2: You’re Lying to Yourself


If you’re not stretching too hard, but you’re still not growing then you have a math problem.

Which means you’ve guesstimated that you’ve put in 500 hours but your numbers are off.

This is very easy to do if you’re not keeping careful track of time spent strapped into the extender.

Trust me…

If you’ve got your technique down and you really have put in 500 hours you will notice the difference because it will be Blatant.

So try again, but this time keep accurate track of your time spent locked in.

And remember…

Most guys don’t see significant growth until they hit 500 hours, so if you’re sitting around 300 hours of actual extending you’re approaching the summit.

Which means giving up now would be a really bad idea.

Penis Extender Hours Per Inch (Tips)

Here are a few very important extending tips.

Following these suggestions could mean the difference between success and failure, so read carefully.


Leave your extender in an obvious place so you remember to strap in on during down time.

If your living situation requires that you hide it, put a reminder in an obvious place.

A banana on the sink in your bathroom would work.


Don’t hesitate to strap it on, even if you can only extend for 10 minutes.

I started following this rule and was amazed at how often a ten minute session tuned into an hour or more (I’ll just watch this one youtube video). 

Trust me, these hours add up real fast.

Extend in Different Directions

My initial plan was to extend straight out in the morning, then extend with the device pointed up in the afternoon.

I’m convinced this explains why I’ve achieved a significant increase in girth while extending, while most others don’t.

My theory is, straight out extending targets length and upward extending targets girth.

If you’re unsure what I mean by up, the extender is essentially resting on my stomach when extending up.

Like I said, this a theory but I’m sticking with it.

Also, if you have a curvature in your penis, shift the extender slightly in the opposite direction to gently break up scar tissue and straighten it out.

The key here is slight pressure in order to avoid further injury which is obviously counter productive.

Following this simple hack I was eventually able to straighten out my penis over time.

Don’t Strap Your Penis in Too Tight

I personally use comfort straps, but these suggestions apply to most other strapping methods.

When I first started extending, I pulled the straps so tight the head of my penis would turn blue.

This is obviously not conducive to long stretching sessions.

Over time, I slowly started reducing the tension until I got to the point where it was just tight enough to keep my penis from slipping out.

This is more of an art form than a specific technique because the way you sit, bend over and move around can all cause slippage.

So my suggestion is, keep this info in mind and actively work to reduce the tension of the straps as you gain experience.

The better you get at this, the longer you can extend without unstrapping and taking breaks.

Wrap For The Head Swell

I wrap my package with an ace bandage before extending…

I’ve found that I can drastically reduce slippage and strap tension if I wrap just below the glans (penis head) and create a swell or mushroom top before tightening the straps.

In other words, if I put the extender on with very little blood in my glans, my penis is much more likely to slip out of the extender.

Penis Extender Hours Per Inch – Conclusion

One final, but very important tip before you go…

Make it a goal to extend while you are horny as frequently as possible.

This may sound odd, but I promise you…

When your sex drive is up, you recover better, your flaccid hang is longer and your erections are bigger.

I’m certain this has to do with the elevated testosterone men have when their sex drive is up.

Testosterone is the primary anabolic hormone in human males and anabolic is just a fancy way of saying… Growth!

On the other hand…

Stress hormones have to opposite effect because they’re catabolic in nature, so they reduce growth and cause shrinkage.

I’ve found that the best way to achieve this horny state and to avoid stress is to do all of the following:

  • Stay productive (build your empire)
  • Eat clean (bye-bye fast food nation)
  • Lift Heavy Stuff (muscle building)
  • Game Women (seduce-sex)
  • Avoid Pornography (mandatory)

If you follow this advice and get your inch in 1000 hours, you’ll find yourself in a much better place this time next year

You’ll have achieved something impressive that most men don’t have the fortitude to go out and get. 

And this achievement will give you more self confidence…

Especially in the sack.

View extender Before and After Pic’s Here  (Warning – PG13 content)

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