Not too long ago, a study out of UCLA…

Had women handle 3D models of various penises and say which they would like better in the sack.

The found out two really interesting things:

First, women liked big penises for one-night stands, but preferred just slightly above average for long-term relationships.

Turns out that thing about “so big it hurts” is real.

Second, women don’t care as much about length as they do about girth.

Another study, in 2002 in the Netherlands asked women about their size preferences and found that women cared about girth about twice as much as they did length (source).

This presents a problem, since most penis growth stuff out there is about length. But there is a solution.

Read on to find out…

Why Penis Extender Girth Gains Matter

There hasn’t been a whole lot of research on penile girth, but experts worldwide have some compelling theories.

It’s important to remember that sexual pleasure is all about friction.

You’ve been in a situation where a woman was too wet for you to really “feel the love” so you had to change to a tighter position or even grab a towel.

That’s because friction and contact between your member and the inside of the vagina is what makes sex delicious for both of you.

A long penis doesn’t actually improve friction much. Sure, you can do a little more for parts deeper inside of her but you start bumping the cervix after only a couple of inches.

A thick member, on the other hand, presses more fully against the vagina. That creates extra friction, more sensation, and a fuller feeling in general.

There’s also some folks who point out that a member thick enough to slightly stretch her down there will bring the g-spot closer to the clitoris. This is apparently a real double-whammy for women lucky enough to experience it.

Bottom line: more girth equals more pleasure, while more length quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns. 

Can You Gain Girth with A Penis Extender?

This is a good question. It’s called a penis extender. Not a penis widener.

The answer: absolutely yes!

A number of studies show without a doubt that penis extender girth gains are possible.

Here’s my favorite example:

Toronto, Canada, 2009: A test of penis extender devices on 21 men ranging from young adults to retirees examined whether or not penis extenders provided comparable benefits to surgical methods.

After wearing a penis extender for 6-8 hours daily for five months, the average girth gain among the subjects was 36%. That’s nearly 1/3 extra in less than half a year.

Further, a variety of research has been done on how penis extenders can help with penises that were misshapen by disease, an accident, or some (really unfortunate) birth defect.

Men with those conditions who wore penis extenders experienced significant improvement to the shape and appearance of their members. In some cases, the penis was so misshapen before using an extender that the men couldn’t actually penetrate a sex partner…but they could afterward.

This tells us that it’s not only possible to improve the girth of your penis with an extender device – you can actually fine-tune how the girth changes when that’s necessary.

Bottom Line: ads for penis products stress length because that’s what men worry about, but a penis extender regimen can improve girth as well. 

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Penile Extending – Length vs Girth:

Here’s a cool trick…

If you want to increase penis length, store your package with your member pointing downward while using your penis extender. If you want girth, wear it pointing up.

It’s weird, but true. Here’s how it works….

Really, it’s a matter of gravity and working specific components of your penis, specifically the ligaments, which are good for length and the tunica which targets girth.

Penis extenders aren’t heavy in the grand scheme of things, but they do stretch your penis quite effectively.

If you wear the extender hanging downward there’s more pull on your penis, especially the ligaments, and more extension in the extension process.

On the other hand, if you wear it pointing up there’s more pull on the tunica of the penis. The extender still stretches the ligs somewhat and causes the tiny tears that heal into a larger unit, but there’s not as much pressure to elongate.

The tears happen in such a way as to encourage girth gains instead of length gains. Then the healing happens and that extra tissue is wide instead of long.

Your end result is a thicker member.

Full disclosure here: I found no studies that support this particular theory. Only repeated personal experience from me and other men I know who use extenders.

This is not a double-blind study conducted at the Mayo Clinic, but it’s the kind of thing that makes those studies happen.

Bottom Line: if you want girth gains from a penis extender, wear it pointed upward so you target your tunica. 

Penis Extender Girth Gains – Conclusion:

Now let’s recap what we’ve learned so far…

•Women prefer a thick penis to a long penis
•Women prefer slightly larger than average in a long-term partner
•It’s possible to gain girth using a penis extender

The average man’s penis has a girth of 3.65 inches in circumference. If your member is smaller than 3 ¾ inches around, you should consider using a penis extender to add those gains.

Step-by-step that works like this:

STEP ONE: Buy a high-end penis extender. This is definitely worth the investment, both for results and for comfort.

STEP TWO: Install yourself into the extender according to the instructions on the box.

STEP THREE: Wear the device for 2-8 hours each day. Being sure that your member points upward while you do it.

STEP FOUR: While wearing your penis extender, take an hourly break to massage your member and encourage blood flow. This prevents damage and speeds the healing responsible for growth.

STEP FIVE: Keep at it, measuring once every month until you have the girth you want.

One last thought about the importance of girth…. 

Well, it’s really important! There’s plenty of science to back it up too, like that UCLA study from earlier.

The real scientific reason for this lies in the way women’s bodies have naturally evolved over time.

Clitoral stimulation can be extremely pleasurable for women because of the amount of nerve endings in this area.

You might not realize it, but that little “bean” at the top of the vaginal opening is really just a tiny part of the entire thing.

Most of the clitoris is actually inside the vagina, where it runs downward along each side of the vaginal opening.

When you penetrate your partner, your penis pushes against these highly sensitive areas – with more girth, you’re able to apply a bit more pressure to the clitoris and make her feel even more pleasure.

In fact, stimulation of the internal areas of the clitoris is one of the main ways that women are able to achieve vaginal orgasm without touching the head of the clitoris.

Women also have their own erectile tissue which swells with blood when aroused.

It’s found just in front of the vaginal opening and between the vaginal opening and the anus.

During vaginal intercourse, these sensitive areas get a lot of stimulation as pressure from the penis pushes and pulls against them.

More girth can help you apply some more pressure to these areas, resulting in even more pleasure for your woman.

You should keep in mind that while more girth can certainly help you pleasure your woman, it isn’t a magic bullet.

Numerous studies about penis size and women’s preferences tell us that in truth, women care way, way less about how big your member is and way, way more about how confident you are in yourself and your body.

That said, gaining a bit of girth is one way to improve yourself in both departments.

View extender Before and After Pic’s Here  (Warning – PG13 content)

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