When it comes to penis size, most men know that there are “showers” and “growers.” 

If you’re the latter, chances are you’ve adopted some ways to camouflage your small flaccid size in the bedroom and the locker room. 

After all, you wouldn’t want anyone (male or female) judging you unfairly. 

But why is this necessary? 

What exactly makes some men “showers” and some men “growers” in the first place? 

In this article, we won’t just discuss the reasons behind this embarrassing disparity – we’ll also tell you what we can do about it. 

Defining a “Flaccid” Penis

From temperature changes to sexual stimulation to reactions to clothing and underwear…

Your penis and testicles are always changing size and shape. 

But when we refer to a “flaccid” penis, we are referring to your penis when it is un-stimulated or without any hint of an erection.

A wide range of factors determines how your penis looks when it is in this state. 

Of course, it will likely vary quite a bit from your erect penis in terms of length and girth.

Now, to move forward with our discussion of flaccid size disparities, we first need an accurate size reading. 

To do this, you need to make sure your penis is warm and not shriveled up as if you just took off your bathing suit.  

Start your measurement by gripping your penis by the head and pulling it out away from you. 

Take care not to stretch it – you just want to hold it firmly. 

Now, take a ruler to measure the length from the tip of the head back to your pubic bone. 

To measure the girth, you should use tailor’s tape, wrapped around the thickest part of your shaft. 

Now, studies have concluded that the average flaccid penis is 3.62 inches (9.16 cm) in length, and 3.66 inches (9.31 cm) in girth.

Keep this in mind as we move on. 

For now, we’re not as focused on how you measure up, but how you appear to measure up. 

So, Why Is Your Flaccid Size Small?


If your penis size is average 5.16 inches or larger when erect, but you measured under 3.62 inches flaccid, you might be wondering why. 

Why is your member standard in a sexual scenario yet subpart when you want to show it off?

As I said, there are some reasons why the angle of your dangle might not be living up to your expectations. 

For example…

Low Skin Elasticity

The reason I told you not to stretch your penis during your flaccid measurement is that it would disrupt what we’re trying to prove. 

You see, all skin has a certain amount of elasticity, including the skin on your penis. 

If yours is not particularly elastic, it might be keeping your member tucked away instead of letting it all “hang out.”

Obesity (Inverted Penis) 

We all know that being overweight is unhealthy, but it also has dire consequences for your sex life. 

Remember, the base of your penis starts at your pubic bone, which is under your stomach. 

So, for every 30-50 lbs. you gain, you can actually lose up to an inch of visible penis!

In extreme cases, a man might develop a condition known as an “inverted” or “buried” penis. 

This is where fat accumulates around the sexual organs in such a way as to make them nearly invisible. 

Not only is it visually unappealing, but it can also lead to frequent fungal and bacterial infections. 

Lack of Sexual Activity

Despite being known as the “love muscle,” your penis is actually anything but.

That said, the penis does subscribe to a “use it or lose it” mentality, much like a muscle would. 

That’s why a lack of sexual activity can lead to a debilitating condition known as penile atrophy. 

This is when the tissues of your penis start to lose elasticity and break down.

When this happens, it reduces function, as well as your flaccid and erect size

Tight Penile Collagen Fibers

It takes a lot of things working together inside your body for your penis to grow. 

One element at play is the collagen fibers that stretch and straighten to help the penis stiffen. 

If for any reason these fibers are too tight, they might force your penis to return to a smaller flaccid size once your erection subsides, much like a spring recoiling. 

Flaccid Size Small Due To Genetics 

There’s no skipping the role that heredity plays in the size, function, and appearance of your penis. 

Just like your ancestors can pass on genes that give you large feet or a hairy chest, they can also pass on genes that make your penis look smaller or larger when flaccid. 

Flaccid Size vs. Erect Size


It should be clear by now that the flaccid measurement you obtained at the beginning of this article has little to do with your erect size. 

But there is a correlation with the shower and grower conversation – and it might surprise you. 

You see, men with shorter flaccid hangs will usually grow more than men with bigger flaccid hangs. 

In fact, sex researchers Alfred Kinsey, was the first to determine that shorter flaccid penises gain – on average – about twice as much length during an erection than their shower counterparts. 

Another study by the Journal of Impotence Research found the average change in penis length from flaccid to erect is only 1.6 inches. 

This means that those whose penises grew more than that when going from flaccid to erect…

Could be shuffled into the “grower” category, while those who grew less were textbook “showers.”

So what does this mean? 

It means that there are a lot of misconceptions at play. 

For instance, a larger bulge or longer hang doesn’t necessarily mean a larger erect penis. 

The same goes for smaller flaccid hangs.

In short, two penises can be the same size when erect, but those who see them flaccid would never think so. 

Obviously, there are both sexual and confidence factors at play here.

Moreover, we can’t just start a marketing campaign about the impressive properties of smaller flaccid penises. So what is a “grower” to do?

How to Increase Your Small Flaccid Size

If you’re unhappy with your flaccid penis size, there are steps you can take to enhance it. 

In fact, most enlargement aficionados will note that flaccid gains tend to come on much faster than erect ones. 

This means that your less-than-impressive hang is a problem you’ll likely be able to address very quickly. 

There are four main methods you can use to acheive this. 

I’ll go over them in brief, but you can find more information on how to increase the size of your flaccid hang here.

The Lazy Ass Stretch 

This is a simple stretch you can do while you’re watching TV or just lounging around. 

You start by warming yourself up in front of a chair or couch. 

Next, reach behind and through your legs with one arm. 

Using an overhand grip, grasp your penis just below the glans and pull it back through your legs as far as it can go. 

Now sit down with your penis between positioned beneath your butt cheeks. 

Now just sit there. 

The longer, the better. I would aim for about an hour with breaks every 20 minutes to rub the circulation back into your penis. 

While it might take a bit of time out of your day, most men find this stretch to be incredibly effective at increasing flaccid hang length. 

Traction Wrap A Small Flaccid

Traction wrapping is typically used to cement gains during the enlargement process. However, it can also help increase flaccid hang. 

It consists of using medical wrap (self-adhesive works best) and coiling it around your stretched penis. 

You’ll wear it like this for several hours at least, but you’ll want to take a break every hour or so to rub in some circulation. 

The Silicone Sleeve

Similar to traction wrapping, this stretching method utilizes a silicon sleeve that looks like the top part of a tube sock. 

You slide it over your penis to keep it from retracting. 

It’s a bit more expensive than self-adhesive medical tape, but also a bit more comfortable. 

As an added benefit, the sleeve is also much faster and easier to use. 

Piss Pull Your Flaccid Penis 

Piss pulls encourage you to use your own body as a sort of “penis enlargement” alarm clock. 

They only take a minute or two and are highly effective at increasing flaccid length. 

Every time you finish urinating, you’re going to massage your penis until you get it warmed up.

You then pull it away from your body roughly 30 times, holding for a few seconds each time before letting it retract. 

Though you’ll want to skip the routine when you’re at a public urinal, if you’re consistent with this at home, you’ll see results fairly quickly. 

Flaccid Size Small-Conclusion:

So, there you have it, all the news that’s fit to print on why your flaccid penis is small, including some steps you can take to remedy the situation. 

Just remember, whether you’re a shower or a grower doesn’t really matter that much.

What does matter is that you’re comfortable with the appearance of your penis, regardless of who’s looking. 

If you’re not, start by downloading this (no charge).

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