Are you a grower or a shower?  

For men who aren’t yet caught up on all the slang terms about the size of your junk:

  • A “grower” is a man whose erection is larger than the size of his flaccid penis would lead you to suspect.
  • A “shower” is a man with a large flaccid penis whose erection doesn’t really impact size.

What’s the deal here? Do women prefer one to another? Can you do things to alter which category you fall into?

How does this impact penis enlargement? Let’s take a look at what science and the experts have to say.

Factors Influencing Growing and Showing

Whether a man is a grower or a shower is a complex situation. It’s based on a wide variety of factors. Some you can do things about. Others, not so much.

  • Heredity. Like all other aspects of your original penis size, your genetics determine a lot of it. The same goes for your height and the size of your feet.
  • Age. Your skin becomes less elastic with each passing year (which is also why you get wrinkles). Less elasticity makes one less of a grower, regardless of flaccid baseline size.
  • Diet. We’re not talking about supplements here. Foods that improve blood flow can make your erections bigger. Similarly, foods that improve skin elasticity can also make a grower out of a shower.
  • Sex. Studies have found that if you have more sex, you’ll be more of a grower. Studies have not determined why, but some speculate it’s similar to why jelqing and edging can increase the size of a penis overall.

Finally, stretched length is what researchers have determined is the best indicator of how much of a grower a man is likely to be.

To stretch and measure your flaccid penis, you should grip your penis and pull it as far away from your body as possible.

This is very similar to how you prepare to use a penis extender.

That stretched length shows how long your penis is likely to get with a really good erection.

If that’s a lot longer than your flaccid hang, you’re probably a grower. If it’s not that much longer than “hanging loose” you’re a shower.

Do Women Prefer Growers or Showers?

There haven’t been any studies directly about women’s preferences about growers vs. showers, but two studies do give us a strong hint.

In 2002, researchers gave women different-sized models of penises and asked them to choose which they would prefer for different kinds of sexual encounters.

Women chose slightly larger than average models for a long-term relationship.

For a one-night stand, they chose models a little larger than that, but still not enormous (source).

A recent Canadian study showed women pictures of nude men and measured how long their gaze lingered on each.

All of the nudes had flaccid penises, and the researchers tracked a positive correlation between larger penises and longer stares once other factors (like attractive face) were accounted for.

Let’s put two and two together…

Women like to look at large flaccid penises, but don’t want something too out of hand actually up inside of them.

This strongly suggests a woman would prefer a shower to a grower.

What You Can Do?

If you are a grower, you’re probably hoping for a longer flaccid hang. Exercises that stretch your penis can help with that.

There’s not much research out there on which specific exercises improve a flaccid hang more effectively…

But experienced men on the forums seem to think you’re better off with external stretching exercises like an extender device or hanging.

A penis extender is a medical device that gradually enlarges the penis by slowly and safely stretching the tissues inside it.

As these tissues are stretched, they tear very slightly – the same thing happens when you hit the gym.

As the tissues heal, they come back larger and result in a bigger penis.

These devices are easy to use – you simply strap in and you’re good to go.

The main drawback is that you need to keep the device on for hours at a time to see results, and you need to do this regularly.

Using the device also requires a bit of privacy.

Penis extenders are safe as long as you don’t overdo it. Make sure that you feel no pain once strapped into the device.

You should also stop periodically during a session to massage your penis and let some blood flow back into it.

Also, be sure not to overtrain with a penis extender because this can cause injuries. Pain is a good indicator that you’re overtraining, so stop if you feel any serious discomfort.

If you use a penis extender properly and regularly, you will see gains. There are multiple scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of penis extenders.

If you are a shower, you’re hoping for an erection that still impresses after they’ve seen what your tackle looks like hanging.

For that, you have two options…

Internally-based penis enlargement exercises like jelqing and edging have been shown to boost erection size and quality.

You can also try any of the various techniques shown to improve erectile health without boosting penis size.

Jelqing is an easy technique that you can use without any additional equipment. To do it, you simply squeeze and massage your penis to force blood into it then keep it there.

When jelqing, you should rub yourself until you’re about 30% erect, then wrap your penis in a warm, wet cloth for 5-10 minutes.

You can use lube or try dry jelqing, but the techniques for each are different.

To jelq with lube, grab the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger, then tighten your grip to trap blood in your shaft.

You then slide your hand from base to tip while keeping your grip tight, then grab the base of your penis with your other hand in a similar way.

Doing this consistently over time will enlarge the tissues in the penis. Just make sure you understand how to jelq safely before you try it.

Edging can also be effective to enlarge your penis. This method also seeks to fill the penis with blood and keep it there for a long period.

To edge, you simply get yourself hard and masturbate until you’re very close to orgasm.

The key here is that you should never actually climax, just keep yourself right on the edge. This keeps blood in your penis and can encourage gains.

Edging might be easier for some men than jelqing, but it still requires proper edging technique in order to do it safely and effectively.

Finally, I want to put a word in for diet and sex. These two lifestyle choices are shown to impact both flaccid penis size and erection health…and they’re good for you in general.

Whatever else you do to change or improve your grower/shower status, pay attention to diet and healthy sexual contact.

They’ll help directly with your penis goals, and improve your confidence — which is what your partner wants most, anyway.

Impact on Penis Enlargement

Some men approach this question from a different angle.

They don’t want to cure one or become another, but rather look for a diagnosis so they can know what it means for their penis growth plans.

If you “resemble that remark,” I don’t have a whole lot to tell you.

There are no studies on this at all, and the anecdotal evidence from experienced men boils down to one thought:

A grower likely will have an easier time gaining penis size than a shower, because a grower’s penis tissue is more elastic than a shower’s.

More tissue elasticity = more potential for growth based on how the mechanics of penis enlargement work.

Shower vs Grower – Conclusion:

Honestly, I find this issue to be one of those things you can overthink pretty easily without doing your enlargement goals any good.

On one hand, women prefer showers to growers meaning erect size might not matter as much. On the other hand, your confidence in your erect penis has an even stronger impact.

That said, a grower has an advantage when trying to increase the size of his penis.

On the other other hand it’s not like that information really helps you fine-tune your training.

On the other other other other hand….you can go like this until you run out of hands.

My advice: get back to work, focus on your goals, and don’t worry too much about it.

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