If you’re a man, you’ve undoubtedly spent time wondering whether or not your penis was adequate when it comes to pleasuring your partner. 

In fact, even many well-endowed men have expressed doubts about their size, performance, and whether their penis really “measured up” to the competition. 

Unfortunately, few people outside the medical community (urologists in particular) are actually aware of the realities of penis size. 

This has led to old wives’ tales, exaggerations, and even literal myths about what the average man is packing in his shorts and what the average women want to see when the shorts come off. 

In this article, we’re going to dig deep into why we can’t get a straight answer on the subject of penis size while revealing the truth about the pervasive opinion that “bigger is better.” 

So, how many guys really have 7 inches? 

Let’s take a look…  

7 Inch Penis Length: Myth vs. Reality


Doctors have known the truth about penis size for decades now, but their facts and statistics simply cannot compete with the barrage of penis-based media the modern world throws at the average male.

The increasing popularity and ever-more-explicit nature of modern pornography has been proven to be a huge contributor to this. 

Not only do larger penises contribute to the overall “aesthetic” many porn production companies try to create, but they are also a huge part of the marketing that goes into creating the videos, toys, etc. 

With some 98% of men viewing pornography of some sort in the past six months, it’s fair to say that most of us have seen our fair share of men that are much more well-endowed than us. 

Now, where many men will attempt to dismiss the size of porn stars using relative measurements, the average height of their female co-stars, etc., there’s no getting around the fact that there are some extremely large penises out there. 

 The question is, what is normal? 

 Furthermore, what is preferred by the majority of women? 

According to an exhaustive study that concluded in 2015, the average erect penis is exactly 5.17 inches long. 

Furthermore, the circumference, or “girth,” of the average penis was found to be 4.59 inches. 

It should be noted that there is little room for debate about these numbers, as the sample size included some 15,521 men of all races, origins, and physical sizes.

Read more about this facinating study here.

As far as range goes, it’s estimated that 90% of all men have a penis ranging somewhere between 4” and 6”. 

That leaves only 10% of every single man on the planet who is packing more, or less, than the average Joe. 

The Truth About Big 7 Inch Penises

As I stated above, there’s no amount of camera trickery that can possibly make a 5.17” penis look 8” on camera. 

As the fastest runners end up in the Olympics and the best drivers end up in NASCAR, the best penises often end up on display, in stories we hear, or in the films we watch. 

So, what about the other 10%? 

Believe it or not, some of that percentage includes guys whose penises measure under 4 inches. 

The remaining break down as follows: 

  • Around 6% of men have a penis measuring between 6.25’ and 7” 
  • 2.27% of men have a penis between 7.25” and 8”
  • 0.7% of men have a penis measuring 9”
  • 0.1% of men have a penis larger than 9”. 

So, there you have it. 

No matter how many people your partner has been with, there’s only a very slight chance that she’s been with someone more than one inch longer than average. 

So, while it may seem as if well-endowed men are common, only 3 in every 1000 could boast a penis over 7” long. 

7 Inches and Female Pleasure

Of course, while penis size may be a big factor in male confidence nowadays, the core of the insecurity tends to have to do with how men feel they’re being perceived by their partners. 

When it comes to how women feel about penis size, the numbers and statistics aren’t quite as cut and dry. 

This is largely due to what many people call the “Sympathetic Female Factor.”

Without acknowledging gender stereotypes or attempting to make a broad generalization about women, it’s at least fair to say that young women are usually taught to be less assertive than men. 

Again, this isn’t always the case, but it holds true for most.

On top of this, some studies suggest women are much more empathetic than their male counterparts as well. 

The point of mentioning this is to say that women, either because they feel reluctant to hurt men’s feelings or because they simply don’t feel comfortable being honest, are less likely to tell a man the truth about how his penis size affects their sex life. 

Because, unfortunately, all the research points out that size does matter!

To a point. 

You see, with 90% of all men packing between 4” and 6”, it’s difficult to say what sort of penises the average woman has encountered. 

On top of this, with the average being 5.17”, who’s to say that a 4.2” penis wouldn’t look minuscule, and a 5.8” penis wouldn’t look pretty big? 

It’s all relative, you see, not just to penis size in general, but also to the penises each individual woman has experienced. 

So, while the vast majority of women, when in the proper survey environment, find larger penises more pleasurable, what lacks definition is what these women mean by “big.” 

Here are the facts: 

  • Vaginas are not particularly deep (about 4” on average)
  • Women that have vaginal orgasms overwhelmingly prefer larger penises
  • Most women find circumference or “girth” more important to their sexual pleasure than length
  • The sight of a larger sexual organ can cause women to become more sexually excited
  • It’s quite rare for a woman to have encountered a penis over 7” in length

As you can see, while it’s undeniable that most women find larger penises more sexually pleasurable, we’re not necessarily talking about the massive porn star appendages you see in modern erotica. 

So, where you’ve been led to believe that the average man is four inches away from having a “big penis,” he’s actually only one or two! 

 So, Why Be Average?

Now we come to the biggest penis myth of all: the myth that what you’re born with is what you’ve got to live with. 

Thanks to new medical research, science has begun to unravel the secret of real penis growth. 

Bigger is better, and thanks to these new discoveries, bigger is also within reach!

To find out more, check out our article here. 


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