Average Penis Size: A Global Perspective

It’s been the subject of more jokes, raised eyebrows, and innuendos than any other topic in the world: is there a genetic component to penis size? 

Moreover, if there is such a component, would it be possible to rank the average penis size based on people who share a specific ethnic heritage or nationality?

It turns out, the answer is not only “yes,” but the information is already available. 

Welcome to the “Penis World Cup.” 

Though it often seems like something only discussed on forums and anonymous internet boards, there are plenty of scientists and doctors who’ve done research on penis size. 

After all, with the massive amount of importance we place on sexual health and the many benefits of a healthy sex life, there’s plenty of incentive to pay attention to both male and female genitalia (and how they fit together) 

In this case, researchers put together a detailed study in order to estimate the average penis size of nearly 90 countries around the world. 

However, this was not the only point of the study. 

You see, the researchers also wanted to investigate another age-old stereotype related to height and penis size, which we’ve already discussed at length here.

To do this, they recorded the average penis length and height of the participants from each country in hopes of seeing a correlation. 

How the Average Penile Size by Country Data was Collected

There are 195 countries in the world, as well as two independent states (Palestine and the Vatican). 

Of those 195 countries, the researchers were able to collect the necessary data from 88. 

While this is by no means a comprehensive view, it still provides a remarkable amount of insight into penis size as it relates to local environments, culture, ethnicity, and body height. 

Rather than rely on one specific study, the researchers were able to draw their data from a variety of sources, including BJU International, the Journal of Urology, the Journal of Sexology, and more. 

It’s also worth noting that, whenever possible, sources that relied on “self-reported” measurements were completely discarded. 

This is not only to avoid any “over-estimations,” but because many men tend to measure their penises incorrectly. 

Measurements Used to Determine Average Penile Size

The penises in this study were all measured in the same way: from the top side of the erect penis and from the root of the shaft to the very tip of the glans. 

Though data on the average penis circumference was available in some countries, it was not included for all of them. 

For this reason, it is not included in the chart that accompanies this study. 

A Closer Look at National Ranges

Though we’re all perfectly aware of what “big penis” stereotypes are out there, anecdotal evidence simply can’t replace cold, hard (pardon the expression) facts. 

Coming in at number one in both size and percentage of body height is Ecuador. 

According to the sampling dug up by the researchers, the average erect length of an Ecuadorian penis was 6.9 inches. 

Curiously enough, with an average height of 5’4, Ecuadorians also had the highest penis-to-height ratio, which happened to be a solid 10.54%. 

The rest of the Top 10 were as follows:

2. Cameroon

3. Bolivia

4. Sudan

5. Haiti

6. Senegal

7. The Gambia

8. Netherlands

9. Cuba

10. Zambia

Not counting Ecuador, which was a major outlier in terms of penis length, the rest of the top countries averaged an erect length of 6.33 inches. 

This was, as we’ve mentioned in other articles, irrespective of height. 

Also, while five of the Top 10 were African nations, the rest were all in Central or South America or the corresponding Caribbean Islands with the exception of the Netherlands.  

In terms of the mid-range countries (numbers 39 to 48, respectively), research turned up the following results: 

39. Austria

40. Germany

41. Algeria

42. DR Congo

43. Australia

44. Nigeria

45. Switzerland

46. Norway

47. Poland

48. Albania

Here you can see a nice mix of countries from various parts of the world. 

Most of the countries in the median penis length range are European or – as is the case with Australia – largely European by descent. 

The average erect penis length among all of these countries proved to be 5.66 inches, which is more or less in line with what most medical studies will report for a penile “average.” 

Again, it’s worth noting that all of these countries boasted quite different height averages, further dispelling the theory that a big man always equals a big penis. 

The countries that make up the lower portion of the list were as follows: 

78. Singapore

79. Malaysia

80. Vietnam

81. Thailand

82. Bangladesh

83. Hong Kong

84. Sri Lanka

85. Philippines

86. Taiwan

87. Myanmar (Burma)

88. Cambodia

Unlike the other examples on this list, there’s simply no ignoring the fact that every single country on this list is in Asia – nine out of the ten in Southeast Asia. 

The reasons for this are best left to medical professionals, but if I were to take a guess, it would be Asians high soy intake, an estrogenic food that does bad things to a mans hormonal profile.

It should also be noted that not only was the average erect penis length shorter, but so was the average height and the average penis-to-height ratio. 

As far as these countries were concerned, the average penis length was 4.33″.  

Average Penile Size By Country Conclusion:

Though the above analysis is only a partial review of the information to be gleaned from the study, it is still extremely compelling. 

No doubt, there is far more to be considered here than genetics.

Things like diet, surroundings, natural resources, and other environmental factors likely play a big part in why these countries and regions rate as they do. 

Of course, with this info now widely available, more studies will probably be done in an attempt to explain them. 

As to why Ecuador is so far above the others and why Cambodia is so far behind, that information simply isn’t available yet. 

What is available, however, is reinforced data that height apparently does not affect penis size.

Other Interesting Data:

If you really study the data, you’ll find a number of interesting facts. For instance:

  • Canadian penises are larger than those of Americans. This is evidenced by the fact that Canadians were ranked 13th, with an average of 6.18 inches and a height-to-penis ratio of 8.83%.
  • The United States didn’t appear on the list until the number 60, with an average length of 5.3 inches and a height-to-penis ratio of 7.67%. 
  • Russia was ranked 65th out of 88 countries, with an average penis length of 5.20 inches and a penis-to-height ration of 7.61%. 
  • The UK was ranked 68th, with an average penis length of 5.16 inches and a penis-to-height ration of 7.38%.
  • China, known for having the world’s largest population, just barely edged out its Asian neighbors with an average penis length of 4.87 inches, enough to rank 74th. 
  • Dutch men remain the tallest in the world, averaging a flat 6′ across the board. Though in the Top 10 for penis length, the average height of the other nine countries at the top of the list was only 5’5. 

For more information, you can view the study yourself here

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