Are you interested in learning how to measure your penis accurately and consistently?

There’s a saying in marketing and business management. “What gets measured, improves.”

Obviously, it takes more than measuring your penis to make it grow larger, but if you don’t measure you won’t be able to track your results and fine-tune your regimen to ensure the most gains in the least time.

And just like there’s a right way and a wrong way to do your penis extending exercises, there’s a right way and a wrong way to measure the results.

Let’s talk about how to do it the right way….

How to Measure Your Penis- Consistency is Key

If you’ve ever weighed yourself on the gym scale, then come home and been three pounds heavier in your bathroom, you understand why measurements should always happen under as similar conditions as is possible.

If you don’t measure with consistency, you don’t know what changes mark progress and what changes are from outside elements.

You won’t be able to keep every single random variable identical month after month, but do what you can to make the following factors as consistent as possible.

  •  Time of day. You’d be amazed how many of your body’s metrics change over the course of a day. I recommend first thing in the morning or just before bed, but whatever works for you.
  • Ambient temperature. I know it’s the punch line to so many jokes, but temperature really does make a difference.
  • The ruler. Small differences in manufacturing can give you different results from different measuring sticks. Use the same one each time.
  • Your body position. Always measure standing up or lying down, and avoid pushing your hips forward. Stance can significantly alter the measurement.
  • When you last exercised. Cardio increases your blood flow. Increased blood flow makes your penis larger.

It’s also vitally important that you measure using the same method each and every time.

The directions here are for the methods I prefer.

If you like something else, that’s fine, too. Just don’t measure one way on one day, and another the next.

That will just skew your results.

Benchmark States for Measuring Your Penis

Think about your penis when you’re getting out of the swimming pool, versus your penis when you’re just about to start having sex.

Yeah. This is another thing to be consistent about.

Studies like the Kinsey research use one of three states to do their measurement: zero blood flaccid, fully hung flaccid, and fully erect.

Zero Blood Flaccid is when your penis is as small as it gets. It’s pretty easy to figure out where its name comes from. This state varies the least, but is also the most depressing.

Fully Hung Flaccid is that state where your penis feels heavy in your hand. It’s engorged and larger, but not actually hard yet. Of all states, this one’s the most difficult to be fully consistent with.

Fully Erect. This one’s exactly what it sounds like: the maximum size of your penis without using a pump or other technique to make it artificially large. It’s what you (hope to) show off when you’re in the bedroom.

Its up to you whether you want to measure just one state to track your progress, or if you want to measure multiple states.

Just make sure that you compare numbers from the same state each time.

Measure Length: Step by Step

We’re using the Bone Pressed (BP) method, which lets you measure each time with the ruler in the same position.

Step One: Stand up or lie down with your body as straight and aligned as possible.

Step Two: Relax all the muscles in your butt, legs, and core. Kegels and other movements will give you a false reading.

Step Three: Grip your penis in one hand between your thumb and two fingers, holding it just beneath the glans

Step Four: Hold your penis straight, but not stretched. To the degree your hardness allows it, angle your member at 90 degrees from your body.

Step Five: Take the ruler with your other hand and place it just above your penis.

Step Six: Press the base of the ruler into your pelvis until it makes contact with your pubic bone (this eliminates variations from the skin and tissue just above your penis).

Step Seven: Use the ruler to see how long your penis is.

Finally, write those numbers down for future reference.

Measuring Girth: Step by Step

When measuring girth, its best to always measure when fully erect.

The girth of a non-erect penis varies widely even in baseline states, so consistency is only possible when you’re completely hard. It also makes it much easier to measure using both hands.

Step One: Stand or lie down without flexing the muscles in your legs, butt, and core…just like when you’re measuring length.

Step Two: Get your penis as hard as possible.

Step Three: Take a tailors’ tape measure and place it at the base of your shaft.

Step Four: Holding the tape in place with one hand, wrap snugly with the other and take your measurement.

Step Five: Repeat steps three and four at the midpoint of your shaft.

Step Six: Repeat steps three and four just behind your glans.

Write those numbers down so you can compare them to your next measurement, which should happen no sooner than 90 days out.

How to Measure Your Penis – Conclusion:

Three final notes about measuring your penis:

First off, don’t make the rookie mistake of measuring too much…

This will only lead to frustration because enlargement gains take time.  And these gains simply cannot be measured from week to week, so start thinking in terms of months instead.

Second, you’ll do your best to keep everything consistent but random factors will still cause changes in your measurements that don’t come from the objective size of your member.

A lot of men recommend taking a few measurements over the course of the day, and using the mean length for their metrics.

Finally, don’t get critical of yourself about what the ruler is telling you…

You’re at where you’re at, and your progress is what it is. Make measurement your tool, not your master.

You’ll be a happier man if you do.

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