If you’re vertically challenged, chances are you’ve always wondered if your taller friends are packing heat proportionate to their height. 

In fact, even taller guys can get caught blushing when that 7-foot basketball player ducks his head into the room. After all, it’s just science, right? 

The taller the guy, the bigger the…everything. 

Actually, what you might think of as science is really more of a myth.

In fact, it’s a myth that has been tested time and time again with little to no correlation between height and penis size being discovered. 

Out of 11 different studies that specifically attempted to relate stretched or flaccid penis length to height, only two of them showed any correlation at all.

Moreover, these two studies both defined that correlation as “moderate” at best.

Hardly E=mc2, right? 

Similar studies debunked other myths associated with taller or “bigger” people. 

For instance, hand size has been largely discredited as an indicator of penis size, as has foot size, and ethnicity. 

It has also been discovered that many of the initial research studies that claimed to support these correlations were either based on anecdotal evidence or unscientific methods. 

That said, the pervasiveness of the “big guy = big penis” myth remains a problem in societies around the world. 

One might even say that the “dating deck” is well stacked against shorter, stockier men. 

We’ll explore the reasons (and provide a solution) for this in more detail below. 

The Old “Tall, Dark, and Handsome” Routine

You see, the mere expectation that larger men might posses larger penises is often enough to keep some women from dating shorter guys. 

In their minds, your overall size has a clear impact on what she expects to see when you drop your shorts, even if her personal experiences with taller / shorter men don’t back up her perception. 

This is because women have mostly been conditioned to prefer larger males. Before you cry bunk, however, I’m not just talking about social conditioning. 

Sure, that’s part of it, but there are also evolutionary and biological components as well. 

In fact, the reasons for this might go all the way back to where we first started walking upright. 

You see, in humans, as with other animals, there is a certain degree of sexual dimorphism

This is where males and females are genetically programmed to be of different heights, weights, and body shapes.

In most animals, the male is dominant in size, though there are a few (such as some frogs, fish, and spiders) in which the opposite is true. 

In the early days of human evolution, women would seek to breed with stronger, larger males. 

These men would not only be more likely to protect their families from physical threats, but they would also help provide larger offspring, who themselves would be better equipped to do the same. 

This type of pairing persisted for thousands of years, becoming – quite literally – ingrained in our DNA. 

Though a modern man is far more likely to fight off a house cat than a saber tooth tiger, many women can’t help but continue to see a man’s “bigness” as representing strength and potency. 

This is, of course, much to the detriment of many relationships.

After all, modern problems require modern solutions, which are often more closely linked to intelligence and adaptability. 

Tall Guys Have More Confidence

Confidence is a key ingredient in the “attraction cocktail” that the overwhelming majority of women respond to. 

Surprise, surprise, everything we listed in the section above means that taller men are constantly receiving positive support from people simply for their height. 

Imagine being praised day in and day out for something that takes no effort? Your ego would eventually get nudged into the stratosphere. 

Of course, science isn’t attempting to say that all tall men are all self-absorbed jerks, it’s just saying that they are often instilled with much more genuine confidence than shorter men. 

This, in turn, adds to the perception of “power” that women already associate with taller guys. 

For lack of a better word, they’re more likely to be “cocky” enough to get the attention of available females.

Women Associate Bigger Penises with Pleasure

Though we already addressed that there is no real correlation between penis size and height, the perception that there is continues to determine what mates many women choose. 

A large part of this can be attributed to the fact that women have come to associate larger penises with greater sexual gratification. 

According to studies, women who mostly orgasm via vaginal stimulation are the pickiest when it comes to penis size, as they are more likely to receive the type of stimulation they need from a larger, thicker member. 

Combine this with the fact that they assume a bigger guy will be bringing more to the table, and you can see what more short guys stay home Saturday nights. 

Tall Guys Get a Bigger “Attraction Boost” from Larger Penis Sizes

Again, as there is no scientific correlation between penis size and height, it’s safe to assume that there are just as many well-endowed short men as there are tall. 

Still, due to these preconceived notions regarding height and penis size, women frequently give a bigger attractiveness boost to tall men with big penises. 

When they come across a shorter man with the exact same penile proportions, they won’t give him nearly as much of a nudge up the attractiveness ladder.  

In effect, this means that whether or not your penis is the “right size” actually depends on the rest of the proportions of your body! 

Depending on your disposition, this could be great news or terrible news. Still, it does seem to prove that what women find attractive in men (including below the waist) is much more tied to perception than reality. 

Much of this data comes from a groundbreaking Australian study into how body shape and height influence attractiveness. 

You can find it here if you’re interested in learning more. 

Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penises-Conclusion:

As you can see, no matter what comedians, old wives’ tales, and Reddit boards might tell us, there simply is no connection between one’s height and one’s penis size. 

If you’re a short male who feels overlooked by women, your argument is with thousands of years of evolutionary conditioning, not with the tape measure.

Luckily, as with all myths, this one too will fade in time. 

No matter your height, however, if you feel that you might not measure up to her (or your) standards, you can find the solution here.


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