Let’s face it: the male penis and the male ego are inexorably intertwined. 

However, one of the main reasons for this relates directly to something that many of us men feel virtually powerless to control – the opinions of women. 

When it comes to penis size, there are plenty of rumors, myths, and old wives’ tales out there regarding what makes for a great sexual partner. 

As one might expect, the most pervasive of these myths is that bigger is always better. 

But is it? 

Moreover, if it is, how small is too small for a woman? 

In this article, we’ll attempt to answer this question as best as possible. 

We’ll also discuss some of the reasons why we men feel so insecure about our penis size and attempt to re-define what constitutes a “big” and a “small” penis. 

Lastly, we’ll see what the two authorities on the subject – science and women – really have to say about it. 

 After all – if you want answers, it’s best to go straight to the source. 

The Origins of the “Small Penis” Mindset


The insecurity and anxiety that goes along with having a certain-sized penis haven’t always been there. 

Rather, they are largely the result of centuries of societal advancement and social development. 

Of course, that’s not to say that there haven’t always been big and small penises – of course there have. 

What’s changed is how (and why) we care about them. 

For example, in the pre-society days, men and women had very specific roles to play.

In large part, these roles defined what characteristics we associated with (and sometimes still expect in) a particular gender. 

The ideal man was robust and strong, with a sense of power and virility. 

The ideal woman, on the other hand, was resourceful, nurturing, and fertile. 

These definitions were not about status, per se, but about what members of the opposite sex made the best mates and helped pass along the best genes. 

And just as the subsequent obsession with fertility caused mankind to prefer large-breasted, healthy-looking women, it may have led us to associate larger penises with more virile, “manly” men. 

Fast-forward a few thousand years, and we’re still looking for many of the same characteristics in our mates, but the representations for those ideals continue to change. 

For instance, a big bushy beard might have indicated a virile man in 1978, just as a man-bun and a six-pack might do so today. 

And, of course, there’s penis size. 

The concept that a big penis might signify a better partner is still with us, but – as you’ll see – it exists more in the minds of men than it does in those of women. 

In fact, a 2008 study indicated that more than 68% of men were insecure about their penis, while 80% of women polled were “perfectly happy” the size of their partner’s penis. 

That’s a big discrepancy. But where does it come from? 

Unfortunately, it mostly comes from porn. 

You see, we are a visual species, and porn is a visual medium. 

As such, it is merely good marketing to impress the audience with the largest, most imposing members. 

Add in a few females to fawn over its size, and you have a recipe for insecurity. 

Unfortunatley, this recipe has now become a major part of our culture, with men all over the world wondering if their penis is simply too small to please their mate. 

Re-Defining a “Big Penis” 


Look, there’s no denying that there are some large penises out there.

And even though those well-endowed porn stars are famous for over-exaggerating their assets, they’re still packing much more than the average man.

Which brings us to the important word in that sentence: “average.” 

Thankfully, science has provided us with an answer to what “average” is. 

After an exhaustive study of some 15,000+ men that took place in 2015, we can now officially state that the average size for an erect male penis is exactly 5.17 inches. 

The average girth? 4.59 inches. 

While this may surprise you, the next fact is absolutely guaranteed to do so. 


Because the study also showed the 90% of all men in the WORLD had a penis that was within one inch (larger or smaller) of the average. 

This means that if you were to line up 10 naked men in a locker room, 9 of them would be between 4″” and 6″, and the tenth would have roughly as much likelihood of being SMALLER than the average as bigger. 

Keeping with statistics, the study discovered that around 6% of men had a penis measuring between 6.25″ and 7.25″ 

On top of that, some 2.27% had a penis measuring between 7.25″ and 8″. Lastly, only 0.1% of men could boast of a penis measuring over 9″. 

What does that mean? It means that if you found 1000 men, only three of them would be able to say they have a penis over 7″ long – just 2″ over the average. 

This means that we, as a society, need to alter our perception of what constitutes a “big penis.” As you can see, statistics don’t lie. 

And the statistics here say that if a women were to specifically look for well-endowed man, she would have a very hard time coming across one with a penis over 7″ long. 

So, when she’s talking about a “big penis,” it’s likely she’s only talking about a penis that’s only 1″ or so larger than the international average. 

Re-Defining a “Small Penis” 


Remember my locker room analogy? I stated that if you lined up 10 men, 9 of them would have a penis between 4″ and 6″, and the last one would either have one larger or smaller than that. 

This is not only important to remember when attempting to define a larger-than-average penis, but also a smaller-than-average one. 

Men Under 5″

You see, it’s fair to say that anything under 5.17″ (the average) could be considered on the small side of things (statistically). 

However, that doesn’t mean that men with 4.8″, 4.5″, or even 4.1″ aren’t NORMAL. In fact, they’re just as common as a man with a 5.9″ penis, even considering the significant disparity. 

Still, it’s easy to understand why men who are on the small end of the spectrum might be especially anxious about their size and ability to please a woman. 

However, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of women have only encountered penises that are slightly larger, the same size, or smaller than yours. 

Kind of takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? 

Men that Lack Girth

Unfortunately, we have to take more into account than just length when considering “how small is too small.” 

After all (as we’ll discuss later) studies have found some pretty surprising things about how women really feel about penis size.

One of those things is that girth (or thickness) is sometimes more important to pleasure than length. 

So, while a man might have a 7.5″ penis, he might also have less girth than the average (4.5″). 

So while he might be visually impressive, he will be just as likely to be “too small” for a woman based on how she derives pleasure from sex.


Sometimes a man will have a penis so small that it is not actually a “size issue,” but a medical one. 

Called a “micropenis” this is a sex organ that is less than 2.5″ when fully erect. It is caused by a hormone abnormality and is quite rare, but still common enough that it bears mentioning here. 

Keep in mind that there are medical treatments for micropenises should a man choose to try them. 

It is also perfectly possible for a man with a micropenis (and his partner) to have a fulfilling sex life. 

As you can see, our society’s concept of what constitutes a “small” penis is just as out of whack as our definition of a large penis. 

Ultimately, the vast majority of men who are constantly wondering if they are too small for their partner have fears and anxieties that simply don’t reflect reality. 

In the end, exceptionally large penises are rare, and exceptionally small ones are even rarer. 

Chances are, you measure up just fine.  

How Small Is Too SmallWhat Women Say


Before I got into explaining why your anxieties about your penis size are largely unjustified, I mentioned that the best way to get an answer on a subject was to go straight to the source. 

In the case of figuring out how small is too small, that source is women. 

Thanks to many important studies by urologists, gynecologists, and other experts, we now have a wealth of information to answer that question. 

Dates Measure Up Differently

A study performed by UCLA actually found that women have completely different preferences in their partners depending on the nature of the relationship. 

In the case of “hook-ups” or one-night stands, women preferred more well-endowed men. 

Specifically, they mentioned a girth of 5″ and mentioned little to nothing about length. 

When talking about long-term partners, however, their preferences tended toward the average in both categories. 

Size Matters for Her Orgasm (But Not the Way You Think)

It is true that most women care more about girth than length. 

So while you’re wondering if 5″ is too small for her, she couldn’t care less because her vagina is only 3.77″ deep (on average). 

What matters to her is that ¾ of women don’t orgasm via penetration alone, and need clitoral stimulation to reach climax. 

Fortunately, the clitoris has nerve endings that extend about 2″ into the vaginal canal, but the best way to stimulate them is by being thicker, not longer. 

Too Big Can Be a Big Problem


I’d like to go back to our conversation about porn for a minute. You see, just like pro wrestling and your uncle’s toupee: porn is fake. 

That is to say, those men and women are definitely having sex, but just outside of the frame are a half dozen people with lights, cameras, boom mics, and catering. 

The point is: that girl probably doesn’t enjoy that big penis half as much as you think she does, especially if it’s so big that it bumps into her cervix with every thrust. 

Big penises sell. 

They look good on camera. However, the majority of women in study after study say that an average guy is just fine with them. 

Most Women Don’t Think About It Too Much

Women like us for the same reason we like them. They think we’re attractive. They find us funny. 

They enjoy spending time with us. While sex is a very important part of a relationship, it is far from the number one thing on a woman’s list. 

Odds are, if she likes you and you’re willing to put in the effort sexually, she couldn’t care less whether you’re big, small, average, or puny. 

How Small Is Too Small-Conclusion:

Ultimately, “how small is too small” will vary greatly from woman to woman. 

However, statistically, you’re likely to be perfectly average as far as she’s concerned, and she probably doesn’t care much anyway.

That said, there are ways that you can enhance your penis size. 

From exercises and diet changes to vitamin supplements and more, you can safely and naturally increase both length and girth should you choose to do so.  

Whatever you decide, I hope you remember that we men are exposed to a lot of media and marketing that attempt to shape who we should be and what we should think about ourselves. 

And while we might enjoy these movies, magazines, products, etc., we must pay attention to the effects they have on us. 

If you get the impression that your insecurity is coming from a source that you can avoid – avoid it! 

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel. 

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