We’re going to discuss a science based microphallus treatment for adults this page…

Surveys say about 45% of men report they wish they had a bigger penis, and more feel a larger penis would make them more confident regardless of their actual size.

However, about 0.6 percent have a medical condition called a microphallus, otherwise known as micropenis.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s not a myth. It’s a real condition making the victim’s penis so small he often can’t insert his member into a sexual partner.

What is a myth is the idea there’s nothing to be done for these unfortunate men.

Whether you have a microphallus, or are just “asking for a friend,” take heart. Research demonstrates help and change are possible without going under the knife or taking hormone supplements for the rest of your life.

What is a Microphallus?


A microphallus (a/k/a micropenis) is defined as a penis which, stretched while flaccid, measures less than ¾ inches long – or less than 2 ¾ inches erect.

The photo above shows an adult man with a micropenis. The penis is flaccid and the shaft extends outward from the pubic bone and scrotum no more than an inch. In some instances the microphallus can be even smaller and barely extend more than a few centimeters from the body.

It’s usually a result of developmental issues during gestation, though the causes of these issues have not yet been identified. Sometimes it happens when the penis is damaged by a disease or injury.

You Mentioned a Study?

The first clinical study on natural size growth for men with micropenises happened from 2005 to 2007.

Moscow-based doctors Sokolschik, Petrovich, Gagarina, Vaziev, and Sadakova worked with a total of 50 patients referred to them for micropenises with a range of causes from disease, to birth defect, to injury (source).

All five had successful practices which included treating micropenis patients with invasive and surgical techniques.

However, they were interested in less traumatic methods of enlarging a medically small penis, and used penis extender devices with their patients to test whether or not they were a viable solution.

Micro Penis Sample Group

The team’s patients ranged in age from 16-54, with a wide range of health levels and other variables like smoking status, weight, and alcohol use.

Among the test subjects, penis length ranged ¾ inch to 1 ½ inches flaccid and 1 inches to 3 ½ inches fully erect.

The average erect length was 1 1/3 inches limp, 2 ½ inches.

All participants in the study suffered from micropenises or very small penises that did not quite meet the medical definition. For ethical reasons, the doctors did not use a “control group” of men with normal penises to contrast against the sample group’s results.

The Method

The research team intended to examine the effectiveness of penis extenders only, but ran into a problem:

Among their subjects, very few had penises large enough to strap into the smallest brand of penis extender.

Neither the doctors nor their patients were deterred, however. Instead the subjects received a year of hormone replacement therapy.

They moved on to the extender stage once the penis had grown appreciably, testosterone levels were normal, and secondary male gender characteristics like body hair and a deepened voice were evident.

In phase two, only 44 subjects completed the test. The other six dropped out for reasons of discomfort or personal preference.

The 44 full participants wore a penis extender device daily for four hours. They were then measured for gains.

Adult Microphallus Treatment Results:

After a year of hormone therapy, the average subject had gained an average of 1 ½ inches of penis length before moving on to the extender phase.

After six months of daily extender use, the average growth was another ¾ inch.

That’s an average of 2 ¼ inches overall.

Put another way, just the extender phase of the trial saw an average growth of over 50% in penis length over the course of six months.

The total gains from the whole program? An average of 100%.  That’s right. The average subject of the trial doubled his penis size in under two years. 

“And that’s not all!”

A number of other studies have found using a penis extender on an abnormally small or abnormally shaped penis can cause gains or positive change in less than a year.

  • ​A 2005 study in Shanghai found wearing a penis extension device could enlarge and reshape penises of men with Peyronie’s disease, a rare problem which deforms the penis with scar-like tissue.
  • In 2008, a clinical trial by doctors treating Peyronie’s disease used methods very similar to the Moscow research we discussed. They concluded shape and size could be corrected using a penis extender alone.
  • Baylor College of Medicine conducted a case study on a man who had lost his ability to get an erection after prostate removal surgery. This 2010 research found a penis extension device regimen could lengthen the subject’s penis until it was large enough to accept a larger prosthesis.

And there’s an acre of research about using extenders with a “normal” penis. Almost all of them demonstrate permanent gains for men willing to put in the work necessary to use the extender properly.

Microphallus Treatment for Adults – Conclusion

The bottom line here is you can totally extend a micropenis with either physical regimens or a combination of extension exercises and hormonal therapy. Even better, your gains will be greater than those of men with larger penises.

This is great news, because in the days before this research you had basically three options if you had a micropenis and didn’t want it anymore.

  • ​Long-term testosterone therapy
  • Surgery, combined with hormone treatment
  • ​Gender change from male to female

Needless to say, the idea that simple physical exercises could grow a penis to usable lengths is something to be happy about.

The bad news is, it takes time and commitment.

Notice that the extender study we looked at here took a year and a half to net permanent, serious gains. The researchers noticed most happened in the 4-8-month range.

The other studies I mention were on timelines at least that long.

And it doesn’t just take time. For your gains to be real and permanent, you have to commit to this. You can’t use a penis extender on again, off again.

You have to strap yourself in every day, and wear it for several hours.

But that’s okay. This is your penis we’re talking about. He’s worth the effort.

One last thing….

Go here to see Before and After pics of men who have gained inches after using a penis extender.

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