If you’re looking to learn how to gain girth fast, you face two serious obstacles:

  1. Unless you’re genetically gifted, penis enlargement is mostly a long-term proposition (source).
  2. Most of the better-known exercises for penis enlargement focus on length, not girth.

But do not fear!

Five exercises exist which target girth specifically. Add two or three into your routine and you’ll gain girth quickly if you’re consistent.

But I need to warn you before we get started…

Warm up before doing any of these exercises. All five cover both of the obstacles to rapid girth gain. That means they’re aggressive, advanced techniques.

Just like any other exercise program, if you jump in without warming up you have a serious risk of injury. Injuring your johnson with girth exercises means taking a break while the tissues in your member heal.

This will slow your progress and put you on the sidelines when you could be making progress.

So seriously. Warm up.

Now, onto the exercises.

1: How to Gain Girth Fast – V Jelqs

Jelqing is one of the basic, core exercises for penis enlargement. Familiarize yourself with them here if you don’t already know how to do them.

V Jelqs are basically jelqs that add a stretching component.

Step One: Warm up using the method of your choice.

Step Two: Massage your penis until you’re no more than 30% erect. Never do jelqs with a full erection, even though it sort of seems like that would make them work better.

Step Three: Do a standard jelq, moving your hand from the base of your penis up to the end of the shaft. Your hand should rest against the base of the glans without pressing against it.

Step Four: Hold the jelq there, stretching your member as far as it will go, for one or two seconds.

Step Five: Repeat the jelq, this time stretching your penis out and to the left.

Step Six: Repeat the jelq, this time stretching your penis out and to the right.

Call one set of three a single repetition. Work your way up to being able to do 30 repetitions per session.

2: Gain Girth Fast With the Horse Squeeze

I won’t lie. Of the methods I list here, this one is the most uncomfortable.

It’s for advanced practitioners only, but has the advantage of working the end of your shaft.

A lot of exercises give that part short shrift, which in extreme situations can leave you with a tapering tallywhacker.

You will definitely want lubrication for this one. And I don’t just mean spitting on your hand.

Step One: Warm up using the method of your choice.

Step Two: Massage your penis until you’re 90-95% erect.

Step Three: Grip the base of your penis with one hand, using an OK grip that’s firm but not tight.

Step Four: Grip the end of your shaft, just below the glans, with your other hand. Use an OK grip.

Step Five: Slowly…I mean SLOWLY…move the second hand toward the base of your shaft, keeping your OK grip as small as possible. SLOWLY in this context means it should take you 20 or 30 seconds to finish one trip from end to base.

Work your way up to 20 repetitions over time. There is no shame in needing to stop after just five or ten on your first few sessions.

3: Flaccid Bends to Gain Girth Fast

This is an intermediate method, and looks a little bit like a wrist lock from jujitsu or aikido, only on your penis.

It’s definitely for people who have been doing penis exercises for at least two months. Start earlier, and you’re just begging for an injury.

Step 1: Warm up using the method of your choice.

Step 2: Massage your penis until you’re about 30 percent erect.

Step 3: Take your penis in an OK grip, thumb down, just below the glans. If you do other stretching exercises, this should feel familiar at this point.

Step 4: Use your other hand to place 2 to 4 fingers under the base of your shaft, forming a sort of support platform.

Step 5: Using the hand at the front of your penis, bend your semi-erect member down over the support you formed with the other hand. Bend to the point of discomfort, but not pain.

Step 6: Hold for a slow count of twenty.

Four repetitions appears to be the sweet spot with flaccid bends.  As you get used to doing flaccid bends, start placing the platform in different areas, so you can bend upward and to either side and stretch more tissues.

You can do the same by varying the number of fingers you use, thus bending your member in different places along the length of your shaft.

4: Ulis to Gain Girth Fast

Ulis are by far the simplest exercise on this list. They’re so simple it’s sometimes hard to believe that they work.

But they do. Here’s how.

Step 1: Warm up using the method of your choice.

Step 2: Get your penis as hard as you can. Think of Bea Arthur in a minidress, or whatever gets your motor humming.

Step 3: Grip your penis at the base with your thumb at the top.

Step 4: Squeeze and hold tightly for a slow count of thirty.

This traps blood in the shaft of your penis, stretching the tissue width-wise. Two to four repetitions is sufficient to get the results you want.

5: Side Jelqs to Gain Girth FastHow-to-gain-girth-fast

This exercise is another variation on the classic jelq, this time using lateral movement to stretch tissues in a way that increases the width of your shaft.

Step 1: Warm up using the method of your choice.

Step 2: Massage your penis until you’re at about 80% hardness.

Step 3: Begin to jelq normally until your hand is about halfway up your shaft.

Step 4: Pause and place your other hand at the base of your penis, pressing hard enough to hold it steady.

Step 5: With the hand at the middle of your shaft, continue your jelq while simultaneously bending your penis to one side. Aim for about a 45 degree curve.

Step 6: When you reach the base of your glans, release with the jelqing hand and use your palm to press your penis further to that side. Press to the point of discomfort, but not pain.

Step 7: Repeat the jelq, using the opposite hand, this time bending to the other side.

Each jelq should last 4 to 5 seconds, and a good routine includes about 20 repetitions once you’ve worked your way into shape.

How to Gain Girth Fast- Conclusion:

When it comes to penis enlargement, a lot of people will riff on the old joke.

“Quick. Girth. Gains. Pick two.”

But it just ain’t so. Running a few of these exercises either by themselves, or as part of a full penis enlargement regimen, can provide all three of those.

If you stick to it, and if you warm up well so you don’t injure yourself.

Final note: if you’re adding these exercises to an existing enlargement program, be vigilant for signs of overtraining.

Like I said earlier, spending time recovering instead of exercising gives you neither quick, nor girth, nor gains.

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