Spend even a few days looking into the options for making your penis larger, and it’s easy to become confused.

There are a lot of people (and businesses) out there telling you how their method is the best.

The good news is, things are pretty simple if you remove the profit motive and just look at the information.

So, here’s the information as best as I’ve been able to find.

Research, testing, and asking men who’ve “been there and done that” have shown me the top five penis enlargement exercises, ranked.

5. Penis Pumps

Made a little bit famous by Austin Powers, a penis pump looks like a hollow dildo.

You put your unit inside, and use either water or air suction (depending on the model) to bring lots of blood into your penis.

The extra blood stretches all the tissues from the inside, basically giving you a massive, pumped up erection (source).

Over time, this stretching can give your penis some size gains.


  • Easiest equipment to understand and use
  • Low time investment: less than 30 minutes, including warm-up
  • You see some improvement almost immediately, to size and erection quality
  • Quick set up, clean up, and put away


  • Equipment can be surprisingly expensive, considering how simple it is
  • Gains are usually short-term, disappearing when the blood flows back out of your penis
  • Moderate risk of injury, with few safeguards to prevent it
  • Requires some privacy while using

4. Hanging

This one might sound weird, but bear with me — men see gains from penis hanging every day.

Basically, with penis hanging you put a little sleeve over your penis (they make them special just for this use).

You attach weights to the sleeve. Then you let go of the weights so they pull on your member and stretch it out.

Stretched often enough and with sufficient weight, that stretch becomes permanent. A permanently stretched member is a longer member.


  • Provides the most pounds-per-square-inch of pressure for stretching
  • Less expensive than other devices
  • Hands-free once you’re strapped in, allowing you to do other things
  • Low investment of time: 20 minutes to 30 minutes in most cases


  • Highest risk of injury, because you are hanging weights off your penis
  • You have to stay in one spot while doing the exercises
  • Requires a lot of privacy. You don’t want to explain this to your roommate
  • Poor exercise for girth gains
  • This is an advanced exercise, best used by men with previous penis enlargement experience

3. Stretching Techniques

Piss pulls. Lazy ass stretches. Fowfing…

Dozens of other names and techniques, all describing variations on the same basic theme: taking your hand and pulling your penis until it stretches.

These work a lot like penis hanging or penis extending, only they use your hand instead of a device. With consistent stretching of your penile tissues, you’ll eventually end up with a longer, larger penis.


  • Extremely convenient —  you can literally do them during a bathroom trip
  • Requires no equipment, meaning they’re free to do
  • Low risk of injury. Manual techniques carry far lower risks.


  • Requires a major commitment to see permanent gains
  • Easy to do wrong, which increases risk of injury
  • Is a proactive enlargement technique (not passive like some others)

2. Jelqing

Jelqing is one of the most popular penis enlargement techniques. It’s basically just a special method of stretching your penis.

The most significant gain men see from jelqing is increased girth. That said, with a few techniques it can also give you some decent length gains too.

Jelqing works a lot like using a penis pump, and feels a lot like masturbation without the orgasm.

A jelqer massages his penis until it’s hard, then uses a specialized massage technique to rub his penis to keep blood in there, while adding still more blood.

This stretches the tissues to add or cement permanent gains.


  • Needs no equipment, so it’s free to do
  • Has the lowest risk of injury of any technique on this list
  • You’ve known the basic motions since you were a teenager
  • Best exercise on the list for girth gains


  • Jelqing can get boring after a while
  • Time commitment: 30 minutes or so on most days
  • Can result in a misshapen penis (Donut Effect or Baseball Bat Effect) if done incorrectly
  • Moderate need for privacy (but easy to cover up if interrupted)
  • Worst exercise for length gains

1. Penis Extenders

The trouble with all of the exercises above is that you can’t keep them up for a long period of time.

  • Hanging ten pounds off your junk hurts after ten or fifteen minutes
  • Your hand’s gonna get tired with jelqing and stretching
  • Penis pumps can only be used for so long and gains are usually temporary

But with a penis extender, you strap yourself into a device that holds your penis stretched a little longer than normal.

And you stay in that device for as long as you want.

Physiologically, they work like hanging — only the mechanism is smaller and easier to wear for the time periods that produce the best, quickest, most permanent gains.


  • Only penis enlargement technique proven by medical research to work
  • Hands-free, allowing you to do other things while you exercise
  • Can be worn under sweat pants or other loose clothing
  • Lowest risk of injury for any exercise that uses equipment
  • Gains are permanent, if cemented


  • Like all other enlargement methods – it takes time to see results
  • You must wear them for several hours daily in order to see growth
  • The gear is a little complex, and has a higher learning curve than other exercises

Top 5 Penis Enlargement Exercises – Conclusion:

Being clear and fair: these top 5 penis enlargement exercises are listed in order for good reason, but they will all work, if you use them consistently and correctly.

Note how I said “consistently.”

The most important thing is that you choose an exercise that you’re comfortable enough to use, and continue using it for the weeks and months it takes to grow your penis.

If you land on one you don’t like or don’t feel confident with, you won’t use it.

And if you don’t use it, you won’t make gains.

One final thought on these exercises: they work best if you combine them with diet and lifestyle changes that support the health of your junk.

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