Men who worry about their junk usually worry about it for one or both of the following reasons:

  • They think their penis is too small
  • They think their erections are too weak

The good news is both problems have a number of similar causes. That means fixing one can mean fixing the other. Let’s take a look at how that works.

How to Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement

In clinical trials, using “external vacuum therapy” — a penis pump— to treat erectile dysfunction has a success rate of approximately 90 percent (source).

That’s why urologists suggest that option for men with ED. 

A penis pump works by drawing blood into your penis via pressure differential. Since erections work when your body pushes blood into the tissues of your penis, this is basically assisting your body with its natural processes. 

For ED, can provide a strong erection for as long 30 minutes after using the penis pump. 

Penis enlargement works by stretching the tissues of the penis until they establish a “new normal” in the stretched position. Penis pumps do this by filling the penis with more blood than normal, stretching the tissues from the inside. 

This is a perfect example of how ED and PE treatments work with one another. The other items on this list are other examples of this in action. 

Improve Erections With Jelqing 

As you age, natural processes in your body leave deposits of calcium on the insides of your blood vessels. You may have heard this called “hardening of the arteries.” It can lead to circulatory issues, including heart disease. 

With your penis, those calcium deposits can restrict blood flow to the tissues responsible for erections. That means weaker erections (ED) and a smaller erect penis. 

Jelqing is an exercise where you massage and stretch your penis to encourage growth. It’s one of the best techniques for cementing gains from core penis enlargement exercises like using a penis pump or a penis extension device. 

As a bonus, jelqing also may break up those calcium deposits, meaning your penis becomes more “open for business.”

Result: better erections and a larger penis when you’re aroused. 

Penis Enlargement Can Replace Masturbation 

Masturbation, especially to hard-core pornography can be really bad for your penis size and erections.

 Use the link above for a full description, but here’s the short version. 

Masturbating and pornography can reduce your system’s sensitivity to dopamine (a hormone responsible for arousal), much the way too much sugar reduces your system’s sensitivity to insulin. 

When that happens, a cascade of other hormonal effects wreaks havoc with your sexual health. 

We know this, but a lot of men simply can’t stop masturbating or using porn. 

But many men on ED forums have reported that doing penis enlargement exercises makes it easier for them to stop jacking to porn so obsessively.  

There haven’t been any systematic studies on why this is so, but most men on the forums think it has to do with manipulating your manhood. 

The stimulation your penis gets when you do PE exercises gives you enough “you time” that it’s easier to resist the temptation to masturbate. 

Less masturbation to porn leads to better hormonal health, and better hormonal health = healthier erections and better erect penis size. 

Medical Treatments Support One Another

Two medical issues frequently underlie both small penises (especially age-related penis shrinkage) and erectile dysfunction. These issues are low testosterone and circulatory problems.

Circulatory problems cause erectile dysfunction and reduce penis size because there’s less blood getting to the penis when you’re aroused.

Medical treatments — including supplements, lifestyle, diet, and full medical intervention — can treat both problems simultaneously. 

Low testosterone results in ED because testosterone is responsible for sex drive and sexual function. It causes reduced penis size via a condition called hypogonadism

Men Who Perform PE Often Report Improved Erectile Function

Clinical studies and medical reports are one thing, but what do men who have actually undergone penis enlargement have to say about this?

Overwhelmingly, men who discuss their enlargement gains in the PE forums say that their erection quality has gone up while they’re doing their exercises. It’s not exactly a 100% correlation, but it’s pretty close. 

With one exception. 

Read this part very carefully.

Some men who undergo penis enlargement exercises see a reduction in their erection quality due to overtraining. 

Penis enlargement exercises are exercises. Just like with your weight lifting, the mechanics rely on breaking down tissues in your body so they heal larger and stronger. 

But also like with your weight lifting, you have to give those tissues time to rest between sessions. 

If you don’t, the tissues won’t heal. They become fatigued, weak, prone to injury. They perform poorly. 

If you overtrain with your penis enlargement program, the same happens to your penis. The fatigued tissues just won’t be able to get hard on demand. 

Avoid this by paying attention to your morning wood. If it becomes softer, or goes AWOL, you’re training too hard. Take a week off, then ease back into your penis enlargement routine. 

Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement: Conclusion

One final thing to keep in mind about penis enlargement and erectile function. Confidence is a huge factor in erectile quality, and performance in bed regardless of how often your soldier stands at attention. 

If you’re not confident in how you look naked, or just in the size of your penis, that can lead to you being stressed out when it’s time to get with your partner. 

That stress can lead to nonperformance, penis-wise. 

At the worst, this creates a vicious cycle. The size of your member stresses you out. That stress reduces your erection quality, which makes your penis appear smaller. 

This stresses you out even more. Which further wrecks your erection. Etc. Etc. 

But it works the other way, too. The more confident you are with the size of your member, the fewer psychological issues will reduce the quality of your erections. You’ll feel better in the sack, and so will your partner. 

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