How to Increase Penile Sensitivity

Low penile sensitivity can be either a symptom, or the problem in and of itself, when it comes to some sexual health issues in men. If you can’t feel the stimulation you need to get the job done, you won’t perform for yourself or for her. Whether this issue for you is the chicken, or […]

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Using Pine Pollen to Enlarge Your Penis

Picture of pine cones

“Like cures like” is a medical doctrine dating back to the early middle ages. For example, the idea that penis-shaped chili peppers can help mens’ libidos, or that flowers resembling a woman’s vagina can improve fertility. Modern science has shown “like cures like” isn’t always accurate, but has also found it to be surprisingly on-point […]

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What Flaccid Penis Size is Considered Hung


What flaccid penis size is considered hung?  The way I see it, any penis larger than mine is huge! And I’m going to stick by that definition until the day I die.  But seriously, folks.  What constitutes a large, medium, or small penis has many definitions.  That’s even more true when the penis in question is […]

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Does Heat Cause Testicular Damage

Image of a flame

Does heat cause testicular damage? Well, you’ve probably heard the old wives’ tales/urban legends about how you should avoid hot tubs and wear loose jockeys if you’re trying to get a girl pregnant.  It sounds like witchcraft, but there’s some truth behind the horse puckey.  Thing is, old wives were pretty darn smart, and they […]

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Permanent Girth Gains From Pumping

Picture of a penis pump

If you’re trying to get permanent girth gains from pumping, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, it’s doable.  The bad news is, its going to take some work on your part. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed of your gains, and to lock […]

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Penis Enlargement Hard Gainer Tips

Man walking up a pole

Ever notice how some of your friends just drop pounds with minimal dieting or get seriously jacked with only a little time at the gym? While others of us sweat and starve and work our butts off for slow, painful gains or weight loss? It’s just the way it is. Genetics is a harsh mistress. […]

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Best Beginner’s Penis Pump

Picture of a penis pump

So what’s the best beginners penis pump? I’ve personally tired several different brands and nothing really stuck until I started using the Bathmate. What I mean by this is… It’s easy to buy an enlargement tool, but making the commitment to use it consistently over many months or even years, is easier said than done. My […]

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Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement

Phallic symbol of a mountain shaped like a penis

Men who worry about their junk usually worry about it for one or both of the following reasons: They think their penis is too small They think their erections are too weak The good news is both problems have a number of similar causes. That means fixing one can mean fixing the other. Let’s take […]

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The Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size

Man running

You know the old joke about the priest who prayed for temperance, sobriety, and chastity…but just not yet.  If you want penis size gains, you’re the opposite.  You want more inches, and you want them now. Turns out there are two answers to the question what is the fastest way to increase penis size?  Which […]

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A Brief History of Penis Enlargement

Statue of nude and and woman

Just because you see ads for penis enlargement pills in the margins of your favorite adult sites does not mean enlargement is a new thing.  Men have been making their penises larger for thousands of years, using a variety of techniques.  That means two important things for modern men with smaller junk…. Number One: Penis […]

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