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How to Reverse Penile Atrophy

Your penis is shrinking. Whether you’re committing some kind of “lifestyle sin” like smoking, or fapping too much to hard-core porn, or you’re just getting older, your penis is getting a little smaller every day. But you can stop or reverse the shrinkage, even when it’s caused by something permanent like aging. Here’s how. Penile […]

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How to Reduce Penile Plaque

If you’re looking to reduce penile plaque, I have some good news for you. You can put the toothbrush down. It’s not that kind of plaque. The bad news is it’s about as common and as serious as that kind of plaque. Here’s what you can do about it. What is Penile Plaque? Why Does […]

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Why Men Go Soft During Sex…And What To Do About It.

It’s happened to you. If it hasn’t, it will. Not every sexual encounter of a man’s life is a straight and quick trip to orgasmtown. Most of them will be, for most of your life, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. But you shouldn’t panic if this happens to you. You shouldn’t even […]

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Penis Training

Penis training is no gimmick. You know that squats make your legs stronger.  You meditate to make your mind stronger, and do voice exercises if you want to sing like a rockstar. Exercise works. If you want a harder, stronger, longer-lasting erection, guess what I’m going to recommend? Penis TrainingTip #1: Jelqing This is a […]

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Penis Health Tips

A healthy penis is a happy penis. And a happy penis makes for both a happy man and a happy partner. You want to be a happy man with a happy partner and a happy penis, right? Great! Here are our six penis health tips that will help you make your penis the happiest it’s […]

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Penis Food

They say “happy wife, happy life” and they’re right. But it’s also true that “with a happy penis you…um…something that rhymes with penis.” Bottom line: a man with a happy, healthy penis is a happier man than a man whose penis in unhealthy and unhappy. And a happy penis keeps your woman happy too. Penis […]

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The Causes of Penile Atrophy

“Penile Atrophy” is never something you want to hear a doctor say about you, or even really think about. It’s one of those word pairings that just makes men cringe, like “testicular torsion” and “women’s literature.” Even worse, it’s a natural part of the male aging process. Remember: our bodies are built to reproduce, preferably […]

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How to Increase Penile Sensitivity

Low penile sensitivity can be either a symptom, or the problem in and of itself, when it comes to some sexual health issues in men. If you can’t feel the stimulation you need to get the job done, you won’t perform for yourself or for her. Whether this issue for you is the chicken, or […]

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Best Beginner’s Penis Pump

Picture of a penis pump

So what’s the best beginners penis pump? I’ve personally tired several different brands and nothing really stuck until I started using the Bathmate. What I mean by this is… It’s easy to buy an enlargement tool, but making the commitment to use it consistently over many months or even years, is easier said than done. My […]

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Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement

Phallic symbol of a mountain shaped like a penis

Men who worry about their junk usually worry about it for one or both of the following reasons: They think their penis is too small They think their erections are too weak The good news is both problems have a number of similar causes. That means fixing one can mean fixing the other. Let’s take […]

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