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Horny Goat Weed for Penis Enlargement


If you’ve been thinking about using horny goat weed for penis enlargement, you’re on the right track. Why? Because goat weed does two things very well that can help you speed up your gains. First: This herb drastically increases sexual desire when it hits you right and as I’ve discussed many times on this blog, […]

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How To Make Your Penis Strong


Article medically reviewed by Dr. Zac Hyde M.D, written by Mark Wilson Are you looking to make your penis a Powerful Force that you can rely on anytime, anyplace, anywhere? Excellent!  Read on to discover 19 Powerful Tips you can use to make your penis strong, hard and healthy. 1: Expose Your Genitals To Natural […]

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Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement

Man measuring penis at home

If there’s one thing you need to know about penis enlargement, it’s that the game is constantly evolving.  For decades, men who wanted to enhance their length or girth were limited to dangerous, expensive surgeries or untested, potentially fake pills and supplements.  Thanks to the internet, however, a number of proven techniques, exercises, and treatments […]

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Aloe Vera For Male Enhancement


How to Use Aloe Vera For Male Enhancement You might think of Aloe Vera as that Cactus-looking plant your Grandmother used to keep in her window sill.  Should you ever skin your knee or prick your hand, a quick break of an Aloe Vera stalk and a band-aid would be all you’d ever need.  While […]

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Bathmate Side Effects

Bathmate water pump

Maybe you’ve read our post about the best beginner’s penis pump, or perhaps you’re doing more in-depth research into the Bathmate penis pump series and stumbled across this page.  Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you uncover the facts on Bathmate side effects, because the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be. Before […]

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Jelqing Side Effects


Jelqing side effects can and do happen, especially to newbies who jump into it with a little too much enthusiasm. The basic concept of jelqing should be familiar to anyone who has ever attempted to exercise or enhance their penis.  Like Kegels and edging, jelqing is a big part of many men’s penile health and […]

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Anatomy Of The Penis


The penis is the main component of the genitourinary tract of males, as it ensures a wide range of vital physiological functions, including erections, ejaculation, and micturition. This organ has a complex anatomy that allows it to perform different functions, such as size variation between the state of erection and flaccidness. In this article we […]

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The Causes of Penile Atrophy

“Penile Atrophy” is never something you want to hear a doctor say about you, or even really think about. It’s one of those word pairings that just makes men cringe, like “testicular torsion” and “women’s literature.” Even worse, it’s a natural part of the male aging process. Remember: our bodies are built to reproduce, preferably […]

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Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality

Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality

Remember that one linebacker in high school? He was enormous, ripped like an action movie star, and weighed as much as two quarterbacks put together. But he couldn’t fight worth anything. He got picked on by much smaller kids. Maybe he wasn’t on the football team, but there was that one kid. Don’t let your […]

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Nofap Penis Enlargement – Does masturbation slow gains?

When you’re trying to enlarge your penis using safe, natural methods, though, masturbation is no laughing matter.

There’s an old joke: Doctor to Patient: You need to stop masturbating. Patient to Doctor: What? Why? Doctor to Patient: Because I’m trying to examine you. When you’re trying to enlarge your penis using safe, natural methods,  masturbation is no laughing matter. Turns out, engaging in a ménage-a-mois (or “fapping” as the kids call it) […]

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