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Horny Goat Weed for Penis Enlargement


If you’ve been thinking about using horny goat weed for penis enlargement, you’re on the right track. Why? Because goat weed does two things very well that can help you speed up your gains. First: This herb drastically increases sexual desire when it hits you right and as I’ve discussed many times on this blog, […]

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Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement

Man measuring penis at home

If there’s one thing you need to know about penis enlargement, it’s that the game is constantly evolving.  For decades, men who wanted to enhance their length or girth were limited to dangerous, expensive surgeries or untested, potentially fake pills and supplements.  Thanks to the internet, however, a number of proven techniques, exercises, and treatments […]

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Aloe Vera For Male Enhancement


How to Use Aloe Vera For Male Enhancement You might think of Aloe Vera as that Cactus-looking plant your Grandmother used to keep in her window sill.  Should you ever skin your knee or prick your hand, a quick break of an Aloe Vera stalk and a band-aid would be all you’d ever need.  While […]

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Essential Oils for Male Enhancement


Scientists studying the subject of sexual health continue to provide us with new data, which we can use in our quest for male enhancement and overall sexual health.  As many of you already know, anything that improves a man’s overall sexual health will often have a positive impact on his enlargement routines.  After all, sexual […]

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Jelq Free Penis Enlargement


Lots of questions coming in recently about jelq free penis enlargement… Which may seem surprising because jelqing is one of the most common methods for enlarging a man’s penis. But what if you don’t love jelqing? The good news is there are plenty of alternatives to jelqing that you can use to get real gains […]

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Increase Flaccid Hang


There are several methods for measuring a man’s meat.  You can measure him fully erect (giving you the best numbers). Scientists often measure flaccid but stretched, which gives the most consistent results but isn’t very useful for knowing how you’ll look in any kind of natural state. Flaccid hang is another method — the length […]

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Penis Injections Vs. Manual Penile Exercises

Penis Enlargement Injections Vs Manual Penile Exercises

Every man has looked down at their penis and wished it was a little bigger or a little wider.  Ok, let’s admit it, we want it a lot bigger like the guys in adult movies. How can we improve on what Mother Nature gave to us? Penis enlargement is possible through several non-surgical means. Don’t […]

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Largest Human Penis


Who has the largest human penis? Good question. No serious discussion of enlarging your penis would be complete without a look at the upper limits of what is possible. I mean, nobody serious about mountain climbing avoids talks about Everest, and everybody who’s into martial arts talks about Bruce Lee. So, what is the most […]

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When Does a Penis Stop Growing?


Oftentimes, men find themselves wondering: when does a penis stop growing? The question of penis growth is one that is often misunderstood or misrepresented in the media and scientific circles.  With that, let’s take the time to explore the topic of penis growth while trying to answer the golden question: When does a mans penis […]

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?


On one hand, natural male enhancement is a thing. You can grow your member without surgery or hormone therapy. On the other hand, the exercises that maximize your member take work, study, effort, focus, and a long-term commitment to the task. It’s kind of like losing weight that way. You can totally shed those pounds, […]

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