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Steroids For Penis Enlargement


If you’re thinking about using steroids for penis enlargement, I have a feeling this article is going to change your mind. Steroids have long been used by athletes and bodybuilders to quickly increase size and muscle mass.  The use of steroids was often done on the black market as they are only legally available via […]

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Largest Human Penis


Who has the largest human penis? Good question. No serious discussion of enlarging your penis would be complete without a look at the upper limits of what is possible. I mean, nobody serious about mountain climbing avoids talks about Everest, and everybody who’s into martial arts talks about Bruce Lee. So, what is the most […]

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Average Penile Size By Country


Average Penis Size: A Global Perspective It’s been the subject of more jokes, raised eyebrows, and innuendos than any other topic in the world: is there a genetic component to penis size?  Moreover, if there is such a component, would it be possible to rank the average penis size based on people who share a […]

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Jelqing Side Effects


Jelqing side effects can and do happen, especially to newbies who jump into it with a little too much enthusiasm. The basic concept of jelqing should be familiar to anyone who has ever attempted to exercise or enhance their penis.  Like Kegels and edging, jelqing is a big part of many men’s penile health and […]

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When Does a Penis Stop Growing?


Oftentimes, men find themselves wondering: when does a penis stop growing? The question of penis growth is one that is often misunderstood or misrepresented in the media and scientific circles.  With that, let’s take the time to explore the topic of penis growth while trying to answer the golden question: When does a mans penis […]

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?


On one hand, natural male enhancement is a thing. You can grow your member without surgery or hormone therapy. On the other hand, the exercises that maximize your member take work, study, effort, focus, and a long-term commitment to the task. It’s kind of like losing weight that way. You can totally shed those pounds, […]

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Penile Glans Enlargement


When it comes to the subject of penis growth and enlargement, there is often a lot of discussion regarding the shaft of the penis.  After all, most men and women tend to think in terms of length, girth, inches, etc.  However, the glans, or head of the penis, can be just as important to male […]

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Edging for Penis Enlargement

Edging for Penis Enlargement

If you’re serious enough about penis enlargement to visit the sites and forums, you’ve encountered a lot of ideas about how to make your member larger. Some are safe and have been proven by science to work. Others are downright goofy, or just unsafe. A lot fall in the middle. They seem like they should […]

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How Many Guys Have 7 Inches?


If you’re a man, you’ve undoubtedly spent time wondering whether or not your penis was adequate when it comes to pleasuring your partner.  In fact, even many well-endowed men have expressed doubts about their size, performance, and whether their penis really “measured up” to the competition.  Unfortunately, few people outside the medical community (urologists in […]

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Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penises? 

If you’re vertically challenged, chances are you’ve always wondered if your taller friends are packing heat proportionate to their height.  In fact, even taller guys can get caught blushing when that 7-foot basketball player ducks his head into the room. After all, it’s just science, right?  The taller the guy, the bigger the…everything.  Actually, what […]

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