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What Flaccid Penis Size is Considered Hung


What flaccid penis size is considered hung?  The way I see it, any penis larger than mine is huge! And I’m going to stick by that definition until the day I die.  But seriously, folks.  What constitutes a large, medium, or small penis has many definitions.  That’s even more true when the penis in question is […]

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A Brief History of Penis Enlargement

Statue of nude and and woman

Just because you see ads for penis enlargement pills in the margins of your favorite adult sites does not mean enlargement is a new thing.  Men have been making their penises larger for thousands of years, using a variety of techniques.  That means two important things for modern men with smaller junk…. Number One: Penis […]

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Does Smoking Shrink the Penis?

Man smoking a cigarette

You’ve been told forever that smoking is bad for your heart and lungs, for your teeth, and probably for your skin.  But lately you’ve been hearing alarming things about it being bad for your penis.  Can it be true? Can smoking actually make your penis smaller? The short answer is yes. Kind of. In a […]

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Penis Size and Sex

woman looking at mans penis

Due to the number of questions that come in regarding penis size and sex… I’m certain that many men are obsessed with the numbers for the numbers’ own sake. They would like a bigger penis because, well, just because it’s bigger. For the rest of us, the only reason to want a big penis is […]

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Why is My Penis Small?


If you are reading this, chances are you feel like your penis is small. Or smaller than you’d like. Or too small to make your partner feel like you’d like her to feel. Whichever it is, you have a problem. The first step in solving any problem is figuring out why a problem exists. Otherwise […]

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