Is your crotch bulge sexually attractive to women?

Does she like to look at you just as much as you like to look at her?

Read on to find out…

As men, we look at women all day long. 

If you’re lucky, you had a parent, uncle, or older brother who educated you in the fine art of checking out girls without coming off like a creep. 

After all, few things can mess up your game more than making a woman feel uncomfortable, regardless of how attractive you are. 

While learning how to look without getting caught is undoubtedly beneficial to men, it does tend to make us far too preoccupied with what we’re looking at to notice what she’s looking at. 

You see, just like our gaze is often unavoidably drawn to cleavage, yoga pants, short skirts, etc., so too are women’s eyes drawn to the parts of the male body they find attractive. 

While you’ll likely get a slap in the face before you get an honest answer…

There’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that women’s eyes are instinctively attracted to our crotches. 

And as women become more comfortable expressing their sexuality, their appreciation for our bulges has become more and more overt. 

However, is there scientific or social evidence for this behavior? Moreover, as men, what can we do with this information? 

In this article, we’ll attempt to address these questions and more. 

After all, in “The Battle of the Bulge,” it takes more than just a pair of ultra-tight jeans to be victorious. 

Do women Find Crotch Bulge Sexually Attractive?


Despite the surge in modern female sexual expression, women have yet to sit down and detail every single thing they’re attracted to. 

Moreover, as attraction is a highly-individual thing, what works visually for one woman might be a complete turn-off for another. 

However, since the late 1800s, there has been at least one authoritative source for what women in the world are feeling, thinking, and lusting after… 

Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

In this case, we can refer to a specific article published in a 2014 issue of the magazine, which focused on a man wearing an exaggerated bulge in his pants. 

His goal was to test a theory that basically amounts to “reverse objectification.” 

And while the article itself was basically constructed for comedic effect, the frank manner in which bulges are discussed is worth paying attention to. 

Quotes of note include:

“Those guys waking around with their skinny jeans…know exactly what they’re doing…it’s the equivalent of a low-cut top and a push-up bra.” 

“Cosmo loves bulges.” 

These represent a no-holds-barred admission that bulges are indeed being discussed behind closed doors. 

This is made even more intriguing when you consider that the writer is a gay man, many of whom are much more upfront about what they find attractive in a man than women. 

Still, if gay men are looking crotchward, it’s safe to assume that straight women are as well. 

So, while there are no scientific studies on this topic, there have been numerous investigations into the idea of women finding crotch bulges attractive. 

There are even videos online that clearly show women repeatedly gazing at a man who has artificially enhanced himself to collect data on bulge interest. 

As if that weren’t enough, consider these quotes from famous women talking about their well-endowed conquests.

Or this article (one of many) completely devoted to the fervor caused by Mad Men star Jon Hamm’s bulge.  

And while we can’t say anything is entirely conclusive without scientific intervention, at least one woman on the internet is making no bones about her interest in what men are packing downstairs. 

Among her startling admissions is her assertion that she and most other women she knows frequently check out male bulges, just as men check out breasts. 

She also admits to having snuck a peek at some of her male coworkers. 

Lastly, and something that will take us into the next section, she has stated that she finds men with larger bulges to be more masculine than their flat-crotched brethren. 

Crotch Display and Male Dominance

No matter how technologically advanced our society gets, we haven’t been “out of the woods” long enough to have completely shed all of our primitive nature. 

So, while we can wax philosophical about how to seduce a woman all day, the truth is usually something much more animalistic. 

You see, courtship and mating displays aren’t just for the birds, they are and always have been a significant part of our species’ development. 

However, we aren’t just doing these things to get the attention of females, but also to prove we are a better choice of mate than the other men she might consider. 

We’re showing dominance, or at least trying to. 

But rather than striking our horns like rams, we have taken to subtle, often subconscious ways of signaling our dominance. 

One example is attracting attention to our crotches.

What’s particularly interesting about this phenomenon is that it occurs in human males independent of the actual size of their penis. 

So, while it might seem counter-intuitive to attempt to get women to look at a less than impressive bulge, science seems to indicate that you just can’t help it. Consider the following: 

Thumbs in Pockets:

Think of those individuals that seem to embody the image of “classic cool” – the sort of look that never really goes out of style. 

You might be thinking of the James Dean type, the cowboy type, or maybe even a military man. 

You can probably see them right now – thumbs in their belt or pockets – each of them looking casual, confident, and tough. 

But there’s more to this look than meets the eye, even though what “meets the eye” is precisely the point. 

You see, poses like this direct attention to the crotch via the shapes your posture creates. 

Using your fingers and arms as a guide, you’re basically forming a giant arrow straight to your penis. 

It’s a gesture that displays aggression and dominance while also appearing totally in control of your surroundings

Dominant Posture:

When you think of people interested in looking tough, you might note that there is a lot of dominant posturizing going on. 

For instance, they might stand with their legs spread wide, creating an artificial arrow from the ground to their crotch. 

When seated, you might see a man sit back slightly and spread his legs, a movement that puts his penis front and center. 

While his body might appear lazy, his posture is clearly meant to direct attention to his crotch for reasons of intimidation.

Crotch Grabbing: 

This phenomenon is very noticeable in sports like baseball and football. 

As men get ready to take on their opponents, they will often adjust and readjust their crotches. 

Think of the pitcher on his mound or the football players grabbing themselves as they set up for a play. 

And while these movements are usually entirely subconscious, the communication is still clear: I am tough, I am dangerous, and I will dominate you.

How to Display Your Crotch Bulge Tastefully

In the end, we’ve come a long way just to say this: yes, women are looking at your bulge. 

Whether you like it or not, the women you encounter throughout your day are sizing you up out of pure, natural instinct. 

At the same time, your own instincts are telling you to put yourself on display more often, both to prove your worth to curious women and to deal with men who are competing for their affections.  

This means that there are clear benefits to paying more attention to your bulge.

 But how? 

How does one highlight their crotch without being either glaringly obvious or completely changing their mannerisms, clothing, and attitude? 

Luckily, there are a few rather simple solutions:

Cock Rings to Enhance Crotch Bulge:

The last thing you ever want to be found guilty of is “false advertising.” 

This means that whatever solution you come up with for highlighting your crotch should be 100% “all-natural.” 

However, not every man is blessed with a particularly thick or bulky flaccid penis.

For instance, you might be familiar with the phrase “not a shower but a grower.” 

Well, in these cases, you might consider wearing a cock ring or a harness to keep your penis partially hard throughout the day. 

This will give you a much-needed boost in the bulge area and likely draw quite a bit of attention to your crotch. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear these for long periods unless you’ve done a lot of training beforehand.

Suspensory / Penis Harnesses 

There are many different types of penile harnesses and suspensory devices, most of which are designed to be worn under your clothing. 

In many cases, these devices can keep your penis semi-erect, thus enhancing your bulge and giving you the effect you desire. 

Unlike cock rings, most of these devices are safe for extended wear. 

That said, you’ll want to be discreet about removing the device before things get intimate

New Underwear (or None) to Enhance Bulge

Depending on the sort of look you’re going for, you might want to consider investing in shaping underwear. 

Alternatively, you might consider removing underwear from your life altogether. 

With no restrictions at all, you can often achieve a “hanging” bulge down the side of your leg, which is sure to get you noticed.

The other option is to invest in underwear that pushes your penis and testicles outward, which are particularly effective when used with tight pants or jeans. 

There are also special brands that contain pouches for your penis and balls, keeping them separate while enhancing the overall appearance of your crotch.

Change Your Style To Enhance Your Bulge

The vast majority of guys dress for comfort, especially those who feel they have a less-than-ideal body shape. 

However, there’s a lot to be said about putting your bulge “front and center” with some crotch-accenting clothing. 

By wearing tighter pants or materials that better complement your penis, you’ll draw her attention while also giving yourself a more stylish vibe. 

Enhance Your Bulge Naturally and Easily

Perhaps the best news in the “Battle of the Bulge” is the fact that men who might otherwise feel completely left out of this conversation can enhance their bulge naturally, safely, and effectively should they choose to do so. 

And while growing your penis is one way to go about bulge enhancement, growing your testicles may be even more important when seeking to attain that “colossal crotch.” 

Fortunately, growing your testicles doesn’t require a major investment of time or money. Rather, you simply need to treat your testicles with respect! 

Some ways you can do this include:

  • Keeping your testicles from overheating. 
  • Eating a more balanced and vitamin-rich diet
  • Reduce your exposure to chemicals and other toxins
  • Getting plenty of sunlight (Vitamin D)
  • Wear loose fitting clothing

The last bit of advice for healthy testicles is to promote what’s known as your “cremasteric reflex.” 

You see, your testicles have an optimum temperature, and it’s slightly less than that of the rest of your body. 

So, to protect your testicles from overheating, your system employs the cremasteric reflex to force them downward, where they can stay cool. 

But when you wear tight clothing, you end up holding your testicles closer to your body, which prevents the cremasteric reflex from taking place. 

In this case, prolonged exposure to excess body heat will result in decreased semen levels. This is a big reason why your testicles aren’t as large as they should be.

So, remember, do whatever you can to keep your testicles cool, and they’ll reward you by increasing the size of your bulge.

Is Crotch Bulge Sexually Attractive to WomenConclusion:

In the end, you simply need to accept that women, whether they’re aware of it or not, are looking at your crotch. 

What you do with this information, however, is entirely up to you. 

For instance, you might choose to ignore it and go about your business as you always have – confident that women will like what they see. 

At the same time, there is no harm in working to enlarge your penis.

Or making small changes to your lifestyle and wardrobe to subtly or not-so-subtly highlight your crotch. 

After all, while we might not be fighting each other for dominance anymore, sex is still about being better than the next guy. 

And a good bulge is a great place to start.

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