Does heat cause testicular damage?

Well, you’ve probably heard the old wives’ tales/urban legends about how you should avoid hot tubs and wear loose jockeys if you’re trying to get a girl pregnant. 

It sounds like witchcraft, but there’s some truth behind the horse puckey. 

Thing is, old wives were pretty darn smart, and they observed patterns in life that led them to some conclusions modern research methods keep proving right. 

Maybe they guessed wrong on the exact cause, but there were on the right track. 

Let’s look at the relationship between too much heat, your balls, and how they interact with the size of your penis. 

Does Heat Damage the Testicles?

The short answer is yes. 

A number of studies, like this 2016 research performed by teams of researchers in both Spain and Brazil have conclusively linked too much heat to short-and-long-term fertility problems. 

For example, the study I mentioned above had men, um, ejaculate into a petri dish before and after exposure to high heat. 

They found decreased sperm count and motility shortly after the exposure, and similar issues up to 30 days after exposure. 

How Does Heat Cause Testicular Damage?

Remember back about fifteen years ago when everybody was all worried about “oxidative stress” and eating everything that anybody told them contained “antioxidants?” Well, it wasn’t just a fad. 

“Oxidative stress” is really a fancy term for aging.

As your body goes about its daily tasks, many of those tasks run on oxygen. Oxygen is great fuel, but does a little bit of damage along the way. 

It’s kind of like your tissues rusting (oxidation, amirite?). 

The full science behind this is way more complex, but that’s the basics. Oxidative stress breaks down your cells and tissues. That’s why everybody was so into antioxidants for a while there. It was kind of like being into not aging. 

So, anyway. What does this have to do with heat and your balls?

Turns out, heat accelerates oxidative stress. 

That stress damages the tissues responsible for testosterone and sperm production. 

The only good news here is that the same study found the damage went away over time, so stopping the overheating of your testicles can reverse the damage.

Uhhh…How Much Heat is Too Much?

That’s a great question, and the answer isn’t much fun. 

No studies have found a specific temperature “danger zone” for your boys, but they have identified several activities that put you at risk for heat-related testicle damage. 

Hot Tubbing and Saunas Damage the Testicles

The average temperatures for those is in the low-to-mid 100s. That probably comes as no surprise, but look at this list of other activities on the trouble list:

  • Using a laptop computer
  • Keeping a cell phone in your front pocket
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Cooking, especially on a fire or grill

Heck, gents. Even wearing tight-fitting clothing can trigger this problem for some men. So the danger zone temperature is depressingly low. 

Really, the answer isn’t how much heat is too much? It’s how much heat is too often.

Like we saw earlier, your testicles will recover from exposure to heat on their own if you give them a long enough break between overheating them. 

Does Heat Impact My Penis Enlargement Program?

Heat damage to your testicles can have two important interactions with your penis enlargement efforts. 

First, that damage to your testosterone factory can slow your penis’s response to the exercise program you’re using. 

Low testosterone in the short term can lead to weaker erections, so even if your penis’s potential size hasn’t changed it’s not “rising to the occasion” well enough to show off your assets. 

In the long term, low testosterone can lead to hypogonadism, an actual shrinking of the stuff you keep in what your guidance counselor called your  “swimsuit area.”

Second, if you’ve read the instructions for some of your exercise equipment and/or looked around on the penis enlargement forums, you’ll notice that heat comes up a lot. 

You want to warm up your penis before jelqing or stretching, using heated towels. If you pump, you want to run warm water through it for best results. 

Both cases can potentially slow or stop your penis enlargement efforts, so it’s important that you cool your junk in cold water after your sessions. 

Does Heat Cause Testicular Damage Conclusion:

So we know heat is bad for your testicles, and what’s bad for your testicles is bad for your penis size. 

And we know heat is unavoidable. So, what can a guy do?

Well, the first thing you do is cut out any avoidable exposure to excess heat. Stay out of hot tubs and saunas. 

Take a break from riding your hog, and jog instead of taking that spin class. Trade out the spandex for a pair of loose running shorts (which you should have done long ago anyway). 

For the unavoidable exposures like cooking and performing your warm ups before your penis enlargement exercises, the key is limiting the time your testicles stay hot. 

First, do what you can to keep the temperature low, for example using warm water (not hot) in your penis pump or wearing a thick apron while grilling your steaks. 

Second, minimize the time of your exposure. Don’t sit in the tub after you’ve finished pumping. Close the grill and leave it shut. That sort of thing. 

The less heat that goes to your balls, the better off you’ll be. 

Third, make it as easy as is decently possible for your testicles to return swifty to their normal temperature. 

Don’t walk around naked unless you’re home alone (especially near a hot barbecue). 

But do wear loose boxers or go commando under light shorts so the air flow can cool you down and when that fails, use the cool water mentioned above. 

This three-step plan can go a long way towards keeping your testicles at a good temperature as much as possible, so they can recover quickly from heat damage and do their part in your battle for a penis you can be proud of. 


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