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Penis Food

They say “happy wife, happy life” and they’re right. But it’s also true that “with a happy penis you…um…something that rhymes with penis.” Bottom line: a man with a happy, healthy penis is a happier man than a man whose penis in unhealthy and unhappy. And a happy penis keeps your woman happy too. Penis […]

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How to Increase Penile Sensitivity

Low penile sensitivity can be either a symptom, or the problem in and of itself, when it comes to some sexual health issues in men. If you can’t feel the stimulation you need to get the job done, you won’t perform for yourself or for her. Whether this issue for you is the chicken, or […]

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Best Beginner’s Penis Pump

Picture of a penis pump

So what’s the best beginners penis pump? I’ve personally tired several different brands and nothing really stuck until I started using the Bathmate. What I mean by this is… It’s easy to buy an enlargement tool, but making the commitment to use it consistently over many months or even years, is easier said than done. My […]

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Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement

Phallic symbol of a mountain shaped like a penis

Men who worry about their junk usually worry about it for one or both of the following reasons: They think their penis is too small They think their erections are too weak The good news is both problems have a number of similar causes. That means fixing one can mean fixing the other. Let’s take […]

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Does Smoking Shrink the Penis?

Man smoking a cigarette

You’ve been told forever that smoking is bad for your heart and lungs, for your teeth, and probably for your skin.  But lately you’ve been hearing alarming things about it being bad for your penis.  Can it be true? Can smoking actually make your penis smaller? The short answer is yes. Kind of. In a […]

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Why Men Fail at Penis Enlargement

Man measuring penis

Why do men fail at Penis Enlargement? If you google penis enlargement  you’ll find two opinions on the topic: #1: Men who are happy with their results from penis enlargement #2: Men who swear up and down that penis enlargement doesn’t work Is one group lying? Is the first group entirely in the pocket of […]

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10 Best Foods for Penis Size

Shellfish for the Penis 

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best foods for penis size. But before we get started, keep in mind… When dieting, results with your weight are about 20% from exercise and 80% from what you eat. The numbers aren’t quite that one-sided for penis enlargement, but your diet can make a significant difference both […]

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How Long Does it Take to Increase Penis Size?


How long does it take to increase penis size? If you’re asking this question, this naturally means you’d like it right now, or at least as quickly as possible, right? Sad truth is, those emails you get promising immediate, permanent gains in the size of your unit are fibbing to you. Real growth gains take real […]

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How to Test Erection Quality


Here’s why you need to test erection quality… Just like any other workout regimen, you can overtrain on your penis enlargement exercises. If you do that, your results will suffer. Some men just see smaller gains. Others stall out and plateau at a certain length. Others even lose size. Bottom line: overtraining your penis is […]

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Penis Enlargement For Older Men


Are you an older man thinking about Penis Enlargement? Good, because the first step to fixing something you’re not happy with is admitting you have a problem. It’s true for addiction, and it’s true for having a small penis. Some men take decades to reach the decision that they even have a small penis… Some […]

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