Maybe you’ve read our post about the best beginner’s penis pump, or perhaps you’re doing more in-depth research into the Bathmate penis pump series and stumbled across this page. 

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you uncover the facts on Bathmate side effects, because the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be.

Before we dive into potential water pump side effects, I’d like to cover a few penis pump basics: the 101 on penis pump usage, choosing a pump, and how to know if it’s a good investment for you. 

What Is A Penis Pump? 

A penis pump can help the user get and maintain an erection. 

The Mayo Clinic classifies the penis pump as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (source). 

They describe it as having three main components: 

  • A plastic tube (to fit over the penis)
  • A pump, attached to the tube, powered by either hand or a battery
  • A band called a constriction ring that fits around the base of the erect penis

Penis pumps are an effective treatment and are generally more affordable and safer than other treatments. 

Plus, they are shown to be effective in preserving natural erectile function after certain surgeries and procedures, including radiation therapy and prostate surgery. 

The steps required to use a penis pump effectively are simple and deliver consistent results when used correctly. 

Simple Steps For Using A Penis Pump

Using a penis pump requires just four simple actions:

  • Put the plastic tube over your penis.
  • Use the pump attached to the tube to create a vacuum and increase blood flow to your penis.
  • Once you have an erection, slip a constriction/tension ring around the base of your penis. 
  • Remove the vacuum device. 

Always read the manual and recommendations that come with your penis pump to ensure you get maximum results without side effects. 

Considerations For Choosing A Penis Pump

Like with most purchases, there are a few things to consider when choosing which penis pump is right for you. 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Any illnesses you have or have had in the past
  • Pharmaceutical and herbal medications/supplements you take
  • Previous injuries or surgeries, especially in regards to your penis or prostate.
  • If you’ve tried other treatments

If you seek professional medical advice about choosing a penis pump, your doctor will likely want to know the answers to the above bullet points. 

Although you don’t need a prescription for a penis pump, your doctor can help determine whether a penis pump is an effective treatment option for you, and if so, which ones are a good fit, so to speak. 

Are Penis Pumps Safe? 

Penis pumps are safe for most men and pose less of a risk than other treatments. 

That being said, not all pumps are created equal, and there are plenty of unsafe products on the market. 

These are often called unclassified pumps or adult novelties. 

Because there is no regulation around creating these pumps, they can be made out of harmful materials and cause damage through unsafe levels of pressure. 

The Bathmate brand produces medical-grade pumps that keep the maximum pumping pressure within a safe zone. 

Risks Of Using a Penis Pump

Again, penis pumps are generally safe for most men, but a pump may not be safe for those who have blood disorders like sickle cell anemia or those who take blood-thinning medications. 

These issues may lead to blood clots or bleeding.

Possible Side Effects When Using A Penis Pump

Whether you’re using the Bathmate water pump or a different penis pump, it’s important to use it safely and carefully. 

Bathmate advises against over-pumping, pumping for more than 15 minutes a day, and combining pumping exercises with hanging or wrapping techniques.

Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed, so even if you use the pump properly, you may experience some minor side effects, including:

  • Temporary small red dots due to bleeding under the surface
  • Numbness or blue-colored skin due to constriction band usage
  • Pain or bruising due to uneven vacuum levels and pressure
  • Awkward-feeling erections due to a lack of firmness at the base of the penis
  • Feeling like semen is trapped or painful ejaculation 
  • Injuries due to leaving a tension ring on for more than 30 minutes

Possible Bathmate Side Effects

Unlike air-based pumps, Bathmate penis pumps are designed to be used in warm water, which is shown to deliver better results, is safer, and more comfortable. 

Even so, when not used properly or when overused (more than 15 minutes per day), Bathmate side effects may include temporary discomfort or cosmetic issues like petechiae (pinpoint red dots), bruising, and fluid retention (a.k.a. donutting). 

If you experience any of these issues or prolonged discomfort, consider taking a break from your pumping exercise routine for a few days. 

When you resume your pumping routine, Bathmat recommends using less pressure during your sessions. 

For more severe problems or if your symptoms do not lessen or fade over time, seek medical attention from a healthcare professional. 


Personal experience and outside research have shown that the Bathmate penis pump is safer to use than other pumps and is more consistent and comfortable to use due to the water-based design and function. 

Nothing is guaranteed, of course, which is why I wanted to present these potential Bathmate side effects to you. 

These are general risks that can be applied to most penis pumps. 

Now that you’ve read about penis pump basics, how to choose one, and the risks and side effects, you can take your newfound knowledge into the wild and make an informed buying decision.

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