Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders

Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders

When it comes to enlarging a smaller penis, you might be surprised at the array of options available.

  • You have your pills, your supplements, your creams and ointments (not all of which work, and none of which have much science to support them).
  • You have your surgeries and implants (which usually work, but come with all the risk and expense of major surgery).
  • You have your exercises like jelqing and edging (which sometimes work, and are cheap and easy).

But by far the most effective and proven ways to start packing a larger penis is to use some of the specialized equipment that’s been designed for that purpose over the last few decades. Two of the most commonly acknowledged pieces of equipment available are penis extenders and penis pumps.

Let’s look at the two side by side and see what’s what.

Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders – The Basics

Both water pumps and penis extenders can enlarge your penis by stretching the tissues in your member. It’s how they do it that makes the difference.

Water Pumps go around your penis, then use the combination of water pressure and vacuum pressure to draw blood into your penis and expand the tissues. You use it for sessions of several minutes at once.

  • Pros: works instantly, great for girth, easy to use, short and quick sessions, also helps with erectile dysfunction, comfortable
  • Cons: long-term gains are more difficult; no clinical backing proves it works

Penis Extenders are devices you strap your unit into to create a stretch using traction and pulling. You leave your penis in it passively for sessions that last several hours.

  • Pros: less active attention needed during use, proven to work in multiple trials (source)
  • Cons: weak girth gains,  slower immediate gains

As you see, there are general pros and cons for both and it’s mostly a matter of what you want and how you want to get it. But let’s get deeper into some of the details to help you make the best possible decision.

Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders – Point by Point Comparison

None of these particular points is a deal-breaker or deal-maker on its own, but some might be less or more important to you and help you make a decision.

Cost: Water pumps run from $50 to $200, with a good quality number in the $185 range. A decent penis extender costs $200 to $275 and you can spend much more. Winner: water pumps.

Gains: Long-term penis extender use has been proven to add an average of an inch to the length of a man’s penis. What evidence exists suggests water pump use adds about half an inch. Winner: penis extenders.

Speed: That half inch from a water pump happens just a few minutes after a session. A penis extender takes months before you see any gains. Winner: water pumps.

Permanence: Gains from a penis extender often last for years and can be permanent. Most users report a water pump requires additional exercises to cement permanent gains. Winner: penis extenders.

Time to Use: A session with a water pump only takes a few minutes, and you can use it in the bath. Penis extenders need hours of use on a daily basis to get the gains you want. Winner: water pumps.

Ease of Use: Neither device is exactly simple to use, but water pumps have less of a learning curve and once you’ve figured them out you’re golden. A penis extender has lots of fiddly bits, and needs adjusting as your penis changes in size. Winner: water pumps.

Active vs. Passive: A penis extender requires no effort once you have it in place. You can use it while watching TV or reading. Water pumps require you to focus on them for the length of the entire session. Winner: penis extenders.

Comfort: Lots of users report penis extenders aren’t very comfortable at first and it can take a week or two to become adjusted to it. Water pumps are typically comfortable to use right away. Winner: water pumps.

Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders – Which is Safest?

Both types of devices are very safe unless you ignore the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions.

Using a penis extender wrong has the potential to cause damage, however this is unlikely to happen unless you attempt to sleep with it on, which is definitely not recommended.

Using a water pump wrong is easier and you can cause injury in just one overzealous session. This includes bruising, blood vessels damage, temporary erectile dysfunction, or worse case, your testicles can even get sucked into the pump (ouch).

In terms of risk this is a matter of which type you prefer to take. Would you rather have a very low chance of serious damage, or slightly higher risk injury?

Water Pumps vs Penis Extenders – Conclusion:

If you counted up the point-by-point tally you’ll notice water pumps slightly in the lead if you count each point as worth the same as other points.

However, things even up quickly if you count how much you gain and the amount of scientific backing.

Mostly, it’s a matter of personal taste. If a penis extender appeals to you more than a penis pump, use an extender. If a pump is more in line with your lifestyle or preferences, pump away.  

I prefer penis extenders because they’re more reliable and have more scientific research backing their claims. But in the end, the one you’re going to use will be the most effective for you.

One last thought on this: both devices take time and consistent use to work. You won’t see gains in a few weeks.

You have to commit.

Without serious commitment and consistent use, water pump vs. penis extender doesn’t matter.