So what’s the best beginners penis pump?

I’ve personally tired several different brands and nothing really stuck until I started using the Bathmate.

What I mean by this is…

It’s easy to buy an enlargement tool, but making the commitment to use it consistently over many months or even years, is easier said than done.

My first Bathmate purchase back in 2014 was the first time that my enlargement routines actually became fun to do and less of a chore.

I credit a lot of this to the fact that I didn’t hide this tool from my girl and eventually I got her involved in my routines, which we do together in the shower several times a month.

Now, I need to mention quickly, these sessions with her are the only times I allow myself to ejaculate during my routines.

During my solo sessions I Never ejaculate because a climax will kill off the sex drive that a good pumping session brings on.

And if you get into pumping, you’ll notice that gains come on much faster when you’re horny, likely due to the shift in hormones that a strong libido brings on.

A good pumping session can also bring on a major confidence boost for the reasons mentioned above, but you will lose out on both of these benefits if you give in and climax.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that your body releases the lactation (man-boob) hormone prolactin after a climax, and prolactin puts downward pressure on testosterone.

So my suggestion to you is, use pumping as a replacement for porn consumption and masturbation and don’t ejaculate during your routines unless she’s in the room with you.

If you follow this plan and stay consistent…

You’ll experience much more sex drive, stronger erections, more self confidence (especially if you drop your porn habit) and growth in the size of your penis.

In my case, most of my gains from pumping have come in girth, although YYMV.


I really hate cheesy product review pages, but I know they provide details that can be hard to nail down otherwise.

You’ve read my take on the product and now I’m going to turn you over to JD for his (hopefully not too cheesy) review of the product.

If you’d like to skip the next section, and take a look at the actual product, start here.

This is the direct link guys who created and manufacture the product and they can typically have it at your front door within 72 hours at the lowest price found on the web.

Details here.

Now here’s JD with more info…

Best Beginners Penis Pump Review

You’re ready to take action about the size of your penis and start using a penis pump. 

Congratulations, sir! There’s no problem in the universe that can be solved without making that kind of decision. 

But now you’re faced with a new decision: which penis pump to get?

At, our mission is to make all the mistakes, do all the research, and have all the negative experiences we can…so you don’t have to. 

Here’s what our experimentation and research have told us about this decision.

Which is the Best Beginners Brand Penis Pump?

What you’re looking at below is a simple comparison grid…

On one axis, you have the three main brands of penis pumps. On the other axis, you have five key features any beginner will want when choosing his first pump.

As you’ll see, there’s a clear winner. 

 Penomate SeriesBathmate SeriesVacurect Line
ComfortAverage: 6/10Good: 8/10Average: 6/10
Ease of UseEasy: 8/10Easy: 8/10Moderate: 6/10
SafetyHigh (with proper use): 7/10High (with proper use): 7/10Moderate: 5/10
ServiceMoney back guarantee: 7/10Money back guarantee and strong support materials: 10/10No guarantee. 3/10
  • Penomate Series: 28/40 at $400 to $600.
  • Bathmate Series: 33/40 at $110 to $399.
  • Vacurect Series: 20/40 at $150-$200.

I try to give as neutral as possible reports in the articles on this site, but in this case that’s not possible.

Bathmate’s Hydromax products score better than other brands, and at a lower or comparable cost than those other contenders. 

So, Which Bathmate Series is the Best Beginners Penis Pump?

Here’s the even better news about Bathmate penis pumps. That one hundred to almost four hundred dollar price tag includes their advanced X-treme series, which ranges from $250 to $400. 

Buying that for a beginner is like spending $500 on Olympics-grade running shoes for your kid’s first season of track. 

Save that for if you’re really into penis pumping and need to up your game. Until then, you’re looking at their two basic series, all models of which cost less than $200. 

The two series left are the Beginner Series and the Hydromax X-Series. To be honest, the Beginner series is using older technologies and being phased out by Bathmate. 

The X-Series is the good stuff, using the best and newest components and materials. It comes in four models:

  • Hydromax 5 (X20) — for penises 4 inches or smaller, costs $139
  • Hydromax 7 (X30) — for penises 6 inches or smaller, costs $159
  • Hydromax 9 (X40) — for penises larger than 6 inches, costs $199
  • Hydromax 11 (X50) — for penises larger than 9 inches, costs $199

Of these, most of you will fall into the Hydromax 7 (X30) catagory. It costs $50 less than the Hydromax 9 and 11, so most of you will save a little money.

Hydromax 7 Pros and Cons

When you buy a penis pump, you’re committing some money and hours of time to using it for your penis enlargement program. You don’t want to do that without understanding exactly what you’re getting. 

According to our research and experience, here’s the best and worst of this particular take on the penis pump concept:


  • Safe Materials – the plastics this is made of are phthalate and BPA free, meaning they won’t mess up your hormones. 
  • Wide Size Range – the Hydromax 7 accommodates most penis sizes, with room to grow. You won’t have to trade out for another model any time soon. 
  • Improved Valve – the high-tech valve was designed by doctors, and reduces your risk of burst blood vessels and other overpressure injuries
  • Visible Size Guide –  right there on the translucent front. You can easily gauge progress while you pump. 
  • 2-Year Warranty like all Hydromax products, and they back it up. 


  • Gators – (the collars to adjust for size, are a little tricky to figure out at first. There’s a learning curve.
  • Possible Damage – it’s powerful enough to hurt you if you don’t read the instructions and follow them. 

Penis pumps in general also have an apparent disadvantage as compared to the growth claims of creams, ointments and pills. They require daily exercise, total commitment, and regular attention if you want them to work. 

This is a disadvantage of the Hydromax 7. If you can’t commit to that, don’t waste your money. On the other hand, it’s a disadvantage of all penis pumps…and a disadvantage of all penis enlargement programs that actually work. 

What Comes With the Hydromax 7?

When you buy the Hydromax 7, it ships in the standard discreet packaging to your door. You’ll open it to find four items:

  • The pump itself, in the color you chose
  • A removable pad for the base, making the pump much more comfortable than models without
  • A solid instruction manual, giving directions to use both in bath and in the shower
  • A flyer with other Hydromax stuff you can buy

One thing we liked about this is they didn’t try to “fluff” the contents. There’s no “Ultimate Platinum Edition” where they charge an extra $100 for a bunch of little add-ons you probably won’t use. 

Just the pump and directions on how to use it. 

Best Beginners Penis Pump: Conclusion

Let’s walk through the numbers step by step.

  1. Penis pumps are one of two techniques recommended by doctors and penis enlargement experts to work for not only penis growth, but to improve erectile quality (1). 
  2. Among penis pumps, the Bathmate brand is consistently reported as the best quality, the easiest to use, and the safest and most comfortable. 
  3. In the Bathmate lineup, the Hydromax line is the best value for money. 
  4. The Hydromax 7 (a/k/a the X30) is the best deal in the Hydromax line. 

IF you’re serious about growing your penis, and willing to commit the energy and focus successful growth in any area requires…

And if you think a penis pump is your vehicle of choice for the job…then the Hydromax 7 is probably the right tool for your, um…for your tool. 



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