If you’re trying to get permanent girth gains from pumping, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, it’s doable.  The bad news is, its going to take some work on your part.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed of your gains, and to lock them down and make them permanent and long lasting

Here’s JD with all the details…

How to Achieve Permanent Girth Gains From Pumping

We already know a penis pump can produce surprising gains in a short period of time, and that those gains are in length as well as girth. 

But do those gains last? 

And what do you have to do to keep those gains, if they can be kept?

There aren’t a whole lot of clinical studies on penis pumps effectiveness, and what exists is mostly about erection quality.

But the men who’ve actually tried them and used them effectively have reported pretty consistent results. 

Let’s look at what they have to say…. 

Girth Gains From Pumping

There are three main equipment-based penis enlargement exercises: penis extenders, penis pumps, and penis hanging.

 Of the three, I personally only use and recommend penis extenders and penis pumps. 

Though mileage will vary, penis extenders are an excellent tool for length gains. 

They pull your penis to stretch it lengthwise, thus that’s the way your gains will go. It can even straighten a bent or otherwise deformed penis using the same methods (source). 

A penis pump stretches your penis from the inside out, filling its tissues with blood like blowing up a water balloon.

The mechanics of this mean the tissues are being stretched in all directions at once: lengthwise and girth-wise.

That’s the reason most men who want faster or better girth gains often opt for a pump, and the reason I’m one of those men. 

Temporary Pumping Gains vs Permanent Gains

You’ve probably heard that penis pumps produce great temporary gains, but that those gains disappear once the erection they caused goes away. 

That’s accurate. Sort of. In part. 

Penis extenders are the most frequently doctor-recommended and tested means for penis enlargement because men wear them for hours every day.

 It’s that extended time that produces the permanent results. 

You just don’t have time (and your penis doesn’t have the stamina) to pump for six to eight hours every day.

So getting permanent gains from pumping is going to take some extra doing. 

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though.

Based on the reports of men who did experience permanent gains from a penis pump, here’s are our Six Commandments of Pumping for Permanent Girth.

Commandment One: Thou Shalt Be Consistent

Although the men in the forums reported different routines for different results, all of the most successful stories pumped twice a day, five or six days each week, for months and even years.

You absolutely have to dedicate yourself to this program if you want permanent gains. 

Commandment Two: Thou Shalt Not Overdo It

If you pump too much (more than 40 minutes to an hour total each day), or at too high a pressure setting, you’re going to…well, you’re going to break your dick.

Overtraining will slow or stop your growth, and force you to take a long break from your routine. 

Commandment Three: Thou Shalt Use Support Exercises

The men who reported strong, lasting gains did not just do penis pumping. The pump was the center of their plan, but they also did things like jelqing, manual stretching, and clamping to cement their gains.

It takes time and attention to do all those exercises, but less time than that one super-jacked buddy of your spends in the gym. 

Commandment Four: Thou Shalt Have Reasonable Expectations

No matter what the Internet ads tell you, this isn’t going to give you a mammoth 11-inch schlong overnight.

And, unless your schlong is already 9 ½ to 10 inches long, it’s not going to give you 11 inches ever.

Penis growth from pumping may give you an inch of length, and up to an inch in girth.

But that will take months or years. Don’t give up early just because you’re not Ron Jeremy by next Tuesday. 

Commandment Five: Thou Shalt Support With Lifestyle

While seeking gains, avoid foods that kill testosterone. Stop jacking off to internet porn.

Get outside, and participate in aggressive sports and other “manly” activities.

Lose some weight. All of these things create physical, hormonal changes in your body that can lead to better gains.

Just like with lifting weights, what you do between routines is as important as what you do while exercised. 

Commandment Six: Thou Shalt Stop if It Hurts

Pumps are faster to use than extenders, but do carry greater risk of injury. When pumping, you want a little discomfort but no actual pain.

Between sessions, watch for discoloration, burst blood vessels, numbness, tingling, aching, and loss of erections.

These are all signs you’re overdoing it, and need to review the Second Commandment.

If you obey these commandments, you will enjoy serious girth gains from your penis pump plan.

If you ignore even one, you’ll be at best disappointed with slower progress and lower gains. At worst, you’ll injure your penis in a way that can sideline you for weeks. 

Permanent Girth Gains From Pumping: Conclusion

Let’s walk through what we know so far. 

Can you do exercises to make your penis larger? YES!

Can you produce penis growth gains from pumping? YES!

Can pumping produce girth gains? YES!

Can pumping produce permanent girth gains? YES!

But now for the NO part of the program. 

No, penis pumping won’t give you multiple inches overnight.

No, you won’t see permanent gains if you don’t stick with it for months and years of consistent, determined effort.

No, this isn’t an easy solution to your penis size problems. 

But if you can commit to regular sessions, and support those sessions with other exercises, you can expect good girth gains that last. 

One more note on penis pumps for girth gains. 

While you’re pumping, you’ll see an almost immediate improvement in the size and quality of your erections. 

Pumps are often prescribed as an ED fix, so you’ll reap that benefit right away and keep it for as long as you keep pumping.

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