You already know that adding inches to your baseline penis size is a process that takes months, even years.

But you’ve known since late grade school that the quickest way to make your penis larger is to get an erection…

… and the bigger and better your boner, the larger that growth becomes.

You can find hundreds of useful pieces of advice on dozens of legitimate websites on how to make your erections bigger, bolder, longer, and stronger.

The field is wide, with lots of ways and means.

But today let’s talk about juicing and penis health and how you can use fresh juice to help your erections grow to their maximum size.

Here are my three favorites. Below I explain what they are, why they work, and some personal notes for how best to make them part of your life.

1. Beet Juice and Penis Health

Athletes have been using beet root juice to boost endurance for decades now. Some of those endurance-boosting properties translate directly to better erectile health, as do some other properties of beets and beet root.

Beet root juice…

  1. Contains nitrates, which your body turns into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the biological gas that makes erections happen (source).
  2. Protects the endothelial cells in your blood vessels, making them better able to dilate and deliver blood flow throughout the body. This includes the vessels in your penis that are crucial for erections.
  3. Has been shown to treat heart disease naturally. As you know, anything that improves general cardiovascular health can also lead to better erections. 

You can take your beet juice by simply juicing beets in your kitchen, or by ordering beet root powder and stirring it into your smoothies. Start with the equivalent of one beet per day, then work yourself up to about a pint split between two or three glasses throughout the day.

For best results, drink the stuff alongside something with olive oil or coconut oil. Both of these oils help you absorb the compounds that make the beets work for you, meaning you get more benefit per unit of juice.

Be warned that too much beet juice too soon can lead to some diarrhea, so start slow and work your way up. Also keep in mind that the energy boost athletes rely on can interfere with your sleep patterns, so no drinking this stuff with or after dinner.

One last note: beet juice can turn your poop blood red. Do not panic if this happens. It’s normal.

2. Pomegranate Juice and Penis Health

Pomegranate juice is a bit of a fad these days, but most fads have a grain of value in the middle of the madness.

Not everything your buddy at the gym claims about this stuff is true, but it has a definite impact on your boner mojo.

Pomegranate juice…

  1. Improves testicular health, including sperm count and quality. Healthy testicles mean better erections for a long (long) list of reasons.
  2. Boosts nitric oxide levels in your blood. Just like with beet root juice, this increase in NO helps fuel the physiological responses that create erections.
  3. Reduces arterial plaque by helping keep your blood vessels clean. Again like with beet root juice, that improved general blood flow means more blood for your penis when it comes time for it to stand at attention.
  4. Contains ellagitannins, which directly reduce how much estrogen your body produces. Estrogen is the enemy of testosterone, and you need lots of testosterone to improve your erectile function.

You can buy pomegranate juice in bottles from most health food stores and upmarket chains like Whole Foods. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can peel and juice the fruits yourself but that’s very labor-intensive.

Most studies have found that 8 ounces daily for an average-sized man is enough to get the health and erection benefit you need.

Be warned that not all of the bottled stuff contains that much pomegranate juice. Some are apple juice with pomegranate flavoring, while others are highly sweetened or otherwise adulterated with other juices.

Get familiar with the labels before choosing your brand.

3. Celery Juice and Penis Health

This one isn’t news. Prostate specialists often recommend celery juice to help with the erection problems experienced by their patients, and have been doing so for years.

They have good reason, too.

Celery juice…

  1. Contains nitrites, which boosts your nitric oxide levels just like beets and pomegranates.
  2. Boosts your testosterone production via a flavonoid called apigenin. More testosterone = better erectile health. (And testosterone has been proven to increase penis size in some cases).
  3. Is loaded with potassium, a key mineral for regulating and improving heart health. Better heart health means better circulation, which means better boners. 

Like with the pomegranate juice, juicing your own celery can be a pain in the butt. The fibers in the stalks make your juice pulpy and stringy unless you have a good juicer.

If you don’t, I recommend buying the stuff from your local fresh juice outlet.

Be warned that celery juice is also rich in the pheromones androstenone and androstenol. Both of these stimulate your body to produce a scent women find sexually attractive. 

You read that right: this both improves your ability to have sex and how much your partner will want to have sex with you.

Juicing and Penis Health – Conclusion:

Erectile health is a complex issue, and sometimes the things you need to fix can’t be repaired with a simple change to your diet.

That said, in some situations, putting one or more of these juices into your daily rotation can help you in this department.

For some men, better erectile health will be all you need to feel happier about the size of your member and how well you wield it.

For those who feel the need to improve that baseline size, healthier erections can make extending, jelqing, edging and pumping all work more efficiently by stretching your unit more than it normally would.

Whatever your reasons, also keep in mind that some men find cycling between these juices (especially pomegranate juice) yields better returns than sticking to just one for the long-term.

With three juices to choose from, this should prove no problem.

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