Dry Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique similar to edging or using a vacuum pump.

It works by forcing blood into your penis and keeping it there. The extra blood stretches the tissues throughout your penis.

Over time that stretching causes microtears. When the tears heal, the penile tissue becomes larger and the penis grows.

Most jelqing is done wet (more on that in a minute), but dry jelqing is a legit technique that can produce gains just as effectively if you do it right.

Let’s look at how to do it right.

Dry Jelqing vs. Wet Jelqing

As the names imply, the difference between dry and wet jelqing isn’t in the technique. It’s in a single detail.

Wet jelqing (standard jelqing) works like this:

  • Step One: Lubricate the penis using lotion, oil, Vaseline, “Kentucky Jelly”, or whatever you prefer
  • Step Two: Stroke your penis until it’s about 50-75% erect
  • Step Three: Put your thumb and index finger in an “OK” shape around the base of your penis.
  • Step Four: Maintain light pressure as you stroke up towards the head, stopping just before your glans
  • Step Five: Make the “OK” with your other hand, around the base of your penis
  • Step Six: Release with your first hand, and do Step Four with the other hand

Dry jelqing has the same basic mechanism, but there are a few differences in the steps.

The differences begin with step zero, since you don’t lubricate your penis at all. From there, it goes a little something like this:

  • Step One: Get your penis about 80% erect
  • Step Two: Make that same “OK” grip around the base of your penis
  • Step Three: Maintain pressure stroking toward the head, sliding the skin forward instead of gliding along the shaft
  • Step Four: Release pressure and move your hand back to the base of your shaft
  • Step Five: Repeat steps two through three

Men who masturbate dry will notice that dry jelqing and dry masturbation are very similar.

Advantages of Dry Jelqing

Dry jelqing is all about convenience.

  • You don’t have to lube up before a session.
  • It only uses one hand, making the whole process simpler
  • It’s easier to do with limited privacy
  • There’s nothing to clean up afterward

There’s also a matter of comfort. When you wet jelq, your hand slides over the skin of your shaft. Even with lubrication, there’s friction going on there.

With a dry jelq, your penis skin moves with your hand meaning there’s less friction. Some men report this works better if the skin is getting a little chafed from regular jelqing or sex.

On the other hand, other men have reported more discomfort from a dry jelq, since the lack of lubricant can mean more pressure and stress on the tissues in the shaft. However, with the right technique this is easy to avoid.

We explained this a little bit above – when dry jelqing with proper technique, you actually move your hand with the skin of your penis. That means that as you slide your hand upwards towards the head of your penis, your skin moves too.

When wet jelqing, the technique is different. The point of a wet jelq and all that lubricant is so that you can easily slide your hand along your penis without moving the skin with it. You simply let the lube do its job and slide your hand over your shaft without pulling the skin up and down.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dry Jelqing

Do change hands once in a while. Your hand and forearm will get tired before your penis does, and before you do enough jelqs to see decent results.

Even though being able to do this one-handed is an advantage, you shouldn’t use only the one hand. Alternate every 10 strokes or so for maximum effectiveness.

Don’t try to multitask. Some forum users say they like dry jelqing because it only uses one hand, so you can do other things while you jelq.

Avoid this rookie mistake. Proper jelqing technique requires focused attention. You won’t get the gains you want if you try to read, watch TV, or whatever else while you do this exercise.

Do warm up and cool down just like with wet jelqing. This is an important part of the exercise and vital for cementing gains without injury.

Remember: this is a penis enlargement exercise. Like any other exercise routine, you’ll get the biggest benefits with the least pain and injury if you spend 10 minutes warming up the tissue you’re about to traumatize and another 5-10 cooling down.

Don’t ignore discomfort and pain. Pain can be a sign of impending injury or improper technique. Remember you’re doing this without lubrication, which means you’re running a little more risk of injury than with a wet jelq.

A bit of discomfort is okay, but ease off if you feel actual pain or skin irritation. If you have to stop jelqing because it hurts to touch your unit, you’re not doing yourself any good.

Do use a reverse grip. This means your pinky finger is towards the head of your penis, rather than toward your pubic bone like it would be if you were masturbating.

This is good advice for a wet jelq, too, but especially important when dry jelqing. It lets you get as close as possible to your pubic bone, meaning you get action along the entire length of your member.

Don’t use porn to get the erection. Yes, you’re supposed to get ¾ or more hard as the first step in dry jelqing, but use your imagination and the physical stimulation to get that done.

Porn use can cause hormonal issues that slow or prevent penis enlargement gains, and it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Neither of these are in line with the reasons you want to jelq.

Do consider super-setting. That’s when you alternate between dry jelqing and some other penis extension exercise like pumping. It’s a technique weightlifters have used for decades with powerful results.

With dry jelqing, you don’t need to apply lube then wipe it off. This makes super-setting possible with dry jelqing in ways it just isn’t with the wet method.

Dry Jelqing Tips – Conclusion:

Dry jelqing is like almost every other exercise for making your penis bigger:

•If you do it right, it will work

•If you do it wrong, it won’t work.

If you want to try dry jelqing, do it properly right from the word go. Above all else, make sure you keep up a focused, consistent regimen.

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