Are Extender Gains Permanent? Good question…

You absolutely can make your penis larger with consistent, dedicated exercises you perform consistently over the course of months and even years.

And unlike other enlargement methods, extending has the scientific data to back this claim up.

But what if those gains vanish after only a little while?

There’s nothing worse than doing a lot of work, enduring discomfort, and spending money and losing everything you worked for. If you’ve read on forums men saying PE doesn’t work, it’s this experience that made them say so.

Science has proven penis extenders will increase the size and improve the shape of your penis (source).

Anecdotal evidence reports that extenders don’t provide permanent changes, leading some to wonder what the point of all that work is.

Those anecdotal reports are true. But they’re not the only truth. You can keep your extender gains if you do it right. Here’s how to do it right.

Extender Gains – The Truth Behind the Myth

Losing your extender gains is a real risk of penis enlargement. The risk exists because of the nature of how penis extension works.

As you probably already know, you extend your penis by stretching the elastic tissues in your junk. Like a rubber band, it stretches when you pull on it. Also like a rubber band, if you leave it stretched long enough its resting state is longer than before.

But that’s not the only way your penile tissues work like a rubber band. Elastic tissue by its nature likes to retract into a smaller state. Until you “train” it to stay extended naturally.

Men who report losing extender gains fell victim to that issue. Your penile tissue will retract, or turtle after you stop using an extender, unless you follow a two-step program to keep your gains.

Step One: Cementing Extender Gains

Once you’ve reached your goal length, you get to stop wearing the penis extender. That’s great because, although they are the safest and most comfortable effective  way to enlarge your penis, they’re not as comfortable as…well…not wearing one.

But if you quit “cold turkey” you’ll have to put it back on in a matter of weeks or months.

That’s because elastic substances (including your penis tissues) have an “equilibrium point” to which they retract if stretched beyond that point. Again, think of a rubber band when you pull the trigger on a rubber band gun.

Your extender stretches the tissue like that rubber band. Cementing your gains moves that “equilibrium point” so that when the penis tissues retract, they retract to a larger size than before.

After you’ve reached your goal length with a dedicated extender routing, it’s time to move on to less aggressive, but still effective, means for keeping your penis at the length you want.

Some of the best tools for cementing extender gains include:

  • Jelqing
  • Shorter sessions with your penis extender device
  • Traction wrapping
  • Lazy ASS stretching
  • Edging

Unfortunately, there’s no set formula for how long you need to cement your gains. For every man, mileage will vary according to a lot of factors.

Generally speaking, if you gained size quickly you’ll need to do your cementing routine for longer than people whose gains were slower in coming. But that’s just a general trend, and not a guaranteed guideline.

You’ll need to do your cementing routines and periodically measure your penis. As lost length becomes less common, longer in coming, and in shorter increments, you’ll be nearing the time when you can move on to the maintenance stage.

Step Two: Extender Gains Maintenance Work

There are two reasons for doing maintenance work on your extended penis:

  1. You can lose your gains over the course of months or years even after you’ve cemented them.
  2. Some men need to work to maintain stamina after they’ve stressed the tissue in their penis enough to keep an extended length.

Also, as you age the tissue in your penis gets less elastic, and the quality of your erections can fade through no fault of your own.

Fortunately, the same maintenance exercises address all these issues.

What you’re looking for here is exercises that stretch the tissue of your penis to its fullest, but which don’t put the big stresses on your unit like your original extender workout did.

The best exercises for maintenance work, according to my experience, are:

  • Kegels
  • Super-kegels
  • Towel raises
  • Piss pulls

You can also use exercises reported to help with erectile dysfunction.These include jelqing and edging, along with any routine that tones and stretches the muscles in your lower core and pelvis.

Besides using exercises that are lower-impact, you can also do the exercises much less frequently. I recommend choosing one or two exercises and doing a strong session of each one once or twice per week. That should be enough to maintain your size and erection quality without overtraining.

While you’re at it, exercise that stimulates testosterone production — like sprints, power lifting, and competitive team sports — are also proven to improve penis size and erection quality even though you’re not directly exercising your penis.

Are Extender Gains Permanent – Conclusion:

Extender gains aren’t automatically permanent. That’s a sad truth about using an extender or any other kind of penis enlargement exercise.

But they can be made permanent by using the cementing and maintenance exercises I just told you about. But only if you do them as consistently and conscientiously as you did your extender work.

That’s why I recommend considering cementing and maintenance part of your penis extender program.

If you think of them as some other task you do afterward or in addition to, you can psych yourself out and not give them the time and attention they require.

But if you think of it as part of your program, you’ll give them the focus they require. Your extender gains will come faster and stay longer.

Which is kind of the point.

Finally, keep in mind that this isn’t a one-way street…

Many men find they can move to the maintenance stage, then have to go back to cementing after a few months. This is normal. Just pay attention, track your size, and make adjustments as necessary.

View extender Before and After Pic’s Here  (Warning – PG13 content)

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