How to Fix a Turtling Penis

Wondering how to fix a turtling penis?

We’ll get to that in just a second, but first, lets define what turtling means…

“Turtling” is a slang term for what urologists call a “retracted penis.”

This happens when the penis you’ve worked hard to stretch pulls itself back to its original length, like a turtle pulling its head back inside the shell.

It’s an unavoidable part of the penis enlargement game. But it’s not one you can’t do anything about.

In other words, if you take consistent action, you can prevent turtling.

Here are some of my favorite methods…

1: Traction Wrapping to Fix a Turtling Penis

Traction wrapping means wrapping the shaft of your penis in a bandage or sleeve so it stays extended.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to do it…

Step One: extend your penis as far as you can without pain.

Step Two: wrap your penis with an Ace Bandage, starting just behind the glans and ending at the base

Step Three: get comfortable

Read this article for full details on traction wrapping.

The biggest advantage of traction wrapping is that it’s passive. You don’t have to focus on it once you set up. You can watch TV, read a book, whatever you want and the wrap does the work for you.

Another advantage is that you keep your penis extended for hours at a time. Just unwrap and massage once in a while for circulation and you can go eight or more hours.

The final advantage is you can wear a traction wrapped penis under your clothes. You can do this in public. It even makes your unit look huge to anybody who happens to glance down there while you’re wrapped.

The biggest disadvantage is it requires actual gear. The other exercises I describe here only use your hands and your junk.

Warning: if you traction wrap too long without rubbing for circulation, you can damage your penis.

The damage goes up to tissue death and gangrene. So check in on your penis evey hour or so, and never, ever, ever sleep while traction wrapped. 

2: Piss Pulls to Fix a Turtling Penis

Yeah, I know. It sounds like something a fifth grader would call a kid on the playground.

But they work.

The basic idea is to stretch your penis vigorously for a minute or two every time you use the restroom.

Step One: finish your business

Step Two: grip the penis just beneath the glans with a firm grip.

Step Three: pull to extend as far as you can, stretching the tissue in your member

There’s a lot of different opinions on how long to hold it, and a lot of men add variety like pulling the penis from side to side.

Some men also choose to do a few dozen jelqs as a piss pull routine, but that does add extra time.

What I do myself is, stretch while moving my penis from side to side for about 60 seconds each time I pee.

For my money, the biggest advantage of piss pulls is your body has a built in timer to remind you to do them. Just do a set every time you have to pee, and you’ll have done eight or ten sets a day, every day.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t take a lot of time…just a few pulls each time you pee.

The disadvantage is you’re not doing anything particularly strenuous, so you won’t see the kind of results you will with something more aggressive.

I recommend them as an adjunct to other methods: something that makes everything more effective rather than a core technique.

3: Lazy Ass Stretches to Fix a Turtling Penis

A lazy ass stretch traps your penis between your legs to stretch the tissues and ligaments so they’re less likely to retract.

Step One: position a chair so you’ll be happy sitting in it for a while

Step Two: stand above the chair

Step Three: reach forward between your legs from behind and grip your penis

Step Four: pull your penis back between your legs as far as it can go

Step Five: sit down and use your body weight to hold it in that stretched position

Read this article for the complete low-down on LAS routines.

The advantage fo this exercise is, you can watch TV or read a book while you’re doing them.

Warning: be sure to wash your hands and junk after doing a LAS session. The head of your penis will be close enough to your anus to get some bacteria on it.

Urinary tract infections suck for men just as much as they do for women, so don’t risk it.

Okay, But Why Do These Work?

All penis enlargement exercises work by stretching the tissues in your member until they lose elasticity. This works the same as any other kind of skin and tissue stretching (source).

Imagine a rubber band.

If you just use a rubber band in a rubber band gun, it stretches really far but goes right back to its original size immediately after you shoot it.

It might lose elasticity after 1,000 or so shots, but really it’s more likely to break than lose its stretch.

But if you just leave that same rubber band wrapped around a deck of cards, it stretches out of shape quickly. Even when you take it off the deck, it’s permanently larger and less likely to bounce back.

That’s because you kept the rubber band extended over time.

When you do your traction wrapping, piss pulls, or lazy ass stretches, you’re keeping the tissues in your member extended in a stretch over time.

Eventually, it loses elasticity, and the turtling problem diminishes.

It will take longer, and more effort, than with a rubber band on a deck of cards. But the concept is the same, and it works just as reliably if you stick with it.

How to Fix a Turtling Penis – Conclusion:

Whatever exercise you choose, remember that prevention of turtling should never be an afterthought.

It isn’t this thing you do on the side to help your penis enlargement gains.

It’s an important part of the penis enlargement process.

So give your anti-turtling efforts the same planning, importance, discipline, and focus you do for your core exercises.

That way you’ll get to keep what you worked so hard to gain.