Below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best foods for penis size. But before we get started, keep in mind…

When dieting, results with your weight are about 20% from exercise and 80% from what you eat.

The numbers aren’t quite that one-sided for penis enlargement, but your diet can make a significant difference both in your natural size, and the results you get from your penis-enlargement regimen.

So clear a little space on your plate to make room for more of these 10 penis-pumping foods.

1. Beets for Penis Size

Penis Foods - Beets

When your body receives stimuli that sexually excites you, nitric oxide (NO) is one of the substances that helps your body respond to those stimuli.

It’s a link between the hormones released in your brain and the mechanical blood flow that leads to erections (source).

Not having enough NO in your system can mean weaker, smaller erections. Beets — especially raw beet juice — has been proven in clinical trials to spike up NO levels, significantly.

More beet juice = better erections. Better erections = larger penis size in bed.

2. Salmon to Enhance Penis Size

Salmon to Enhance Penis Size

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are one of those “good fats” science has recently admitted exist.

These fats improve your circulatory health, which means you have healthier blood flow (source).

Which means better, longer, bigger, stronger erections.

Really, most fish have omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon’s just the one that’s both commonly available and is simply packed with Omega 3’s.

3. Grass-Fed Beef for Penis Size

Grass-Fed Beef for Penis Size

Beef contains saturated fat and cholesterol in high quantity. Although medical science has frowned on both substances for decades, newer research is finding consuming both in reasonable amounts is very good for sexual health.

It’s especially important to your body’s ability to produce steroid hormones of all kinds (source).

Testosterone and other sex hormones are intimately linked with the health and size of your member.

But definitely opt for grass-fed beef when you nosh on cow meat. Other feeding protocols can lace your beef with estrogenic compounds, toxins, and other substances that are the opposite of good for your junk.

4: Shellfish for the Penis

 Shellfish for the Penis 

First off, you should be eating lots of shellfish just for your general health.

Eating 100 grams of oysters, mussels, and the like gives you over 50% of the RDA for vitamin D, vitamin B12, copper, zinc, and selenium. And it gives you all that for under 100 calories.

That’s all good, but the zinc is especially penis-friendly.

Oysters give you over 600% the RDA for zinc. Zinc is one of the basic building blocks for your body’s production of testosterone (source).

That’s why oysters are a go-to aphrodisiac, and why they support your penis enlargement efforts.

5. Pomegranate & Penis Enlargement

Pomegranate & Penis Enlargement

If you could only choose one food from this list to help grow your penis, this is the one I’d recommend.


  • Boost testosterone
  • Improve sperm count
  • Improve sperm health
  • Naturally boost NO levels
  • Improve circulation

There’s no such thing as a “silver bullet” for growing your penis, but if there were, they would be shaped like pomegranates.

Now, pomegranates are tricky to eat in enough quantity to give you the benefits listed above. Those little pips are a pain.

That’s why you want to drink them as a juice, which you can buy in multiple varieties from most grocery stores.

6. Beef Gelatin to Boost Penis Size

Beef gelatin doesn’t help your body make more testosterone like oysters or pomegranates. Instead, it protects your body’s testosterone production in two distinct ways.

First, its high glycine content helps activate the neurotransmitters in your brain that are responsible for you getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can make your body underproduce testosterone.

Second, glycine reduces your body’s production of cortisol. Extra cortisol in your system puts downward pressure on testosterone production, while less cortisol causes it to go up.

This protection of your testosterone translates directly into better erections and potentially more general “thunder in your down under.”

7. Eggs & Penile Health

Eggs for the Penis

The cholesterol in eggs does exactly what the cholesterol in the aforementioned beef does. It helps your body produce the hormones that make all the pieces and parts of your sexuality function.

They also deliver a payload of the fat-soluble vitamins that contribute directly to penis growth (source).

Just to be clear: the good stuff is in the yolks. So eat egg whites and egg beaters all you want, but get some yolk on your plate if you’re looking to improve your gains.

8. White Button Mushrooms & Estrogen

White Button Mushrooms

Estrogen is the enemy of testosterone, and a lot of your sexual health depends on keeping those two hormones in balance with one another.

Too much estrogen can lead directly to lower-quality erections (which means a smaller penis when it matters most) and in the long term to shrinkage of your gonads. (which means smaller junk all the time).

Strange as it may seem, white button mushrooms have been found in several studies to have potent anti-aromatase / estrogen reducing activity in humans.

Most of the research has been on women (too much estrogen is a contributor to breast cancer), but they have the same effect in men.

9. Onions for the Penis

Onions for the Penis

We’re not really clear on how and why onions are so good at helping your body produce testosterone, but we are very certain that they do.

Research found that testosterone increased by 300% in subjects who ate onion juice daily for 20 days.

A similar study found that when male Wistar rats were given onion juice their sperm counts, sperm motility and testicular weight all went up (source).

Put it all together: eating onions can grow your junk both directly with a size increase, and indirectly by boosting your testosterone.

10. Spinach and Penis Health

Spinach and Penis Health

Although not as rich in zinc as shellfish, a batch of spinach is a decent source of this testosterone-friendly mineral, as well as a host of others including vitamin K2, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, choline and B6.

It won’t make your penis swell up like Popeye’s biceps, but due to it’s excellent nutritional profile it will help improve your penis enlargement results.

It’s also one of the few “side dishes” on this list, meaning you can eat it every day while still maintaining variety in your diet.

Foods for Penis Size – Conclusion:

You don’t have to load up on any one of these foods every day, but if you cycle them into your meal plan on a regular basis you’ll get a lot of nutritional support for your penis and your enlargement gains.

And while we’re on the subject of eating and meals … these health foods will have the side benefit of helping you lose weight when eaten in reasonable amounts.

And remember…

Even five or ten pounds off your belly can make your penis look significantly bigger due to less foreshadowing caused by the fat pad sitting on top of your pubic bone.

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