Is a 6 Inch Penis Too Small?

The answer to this question is Yes and No.

For example, I’ve talked before about how bad porn is for your penis, but here’s another way it can hurt you.

We all know that the boobs on women in porn are larger than the average pair of sweater puppies.

But did you know it’s the same for men?

The penises you see on screen are abnormally large. That’s how those guys got jobs in porn.

This is one of many reasons men start wondering if their penises are too small. Specifically, a lot of men ask if half a foot of rigid dong isn’t long enough.

Let’s look into that right now…

Average Penis Length for Men


The first, most obvious method for figuring out if a 6-inch penis is too small is to see what the average penis size is, then make a few comparisons.

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University performed what is now considered the gold standard of penis size studies. Those numbers give the range of average erect penis length for men at 5 to 6.5 inches (source).

A 6-inch penis is just a bit larger than the center line of that range.

Result: a six-inch penis is definitely an “average” penis.

But, do women want average?

Or do they want something special? We know women want men who are funnier than average, more handsome than average, wealthier than average.

Do they want men who are above-average “down under” as well?

What Women Want in Penis Size


You’ll hear different answers from different women, most of whom aren’t going to be highly motivated to give you a completely honest answer.

Your girlfriend will tell you you’re just fine whatever your size is.

But after you break up, and she’s dishing on you to her friends? Suddenly her answer may be a whole lot different.

Luckily, science has brought us two well-conducted studies to give us something as close to the truth as we can manage.

A team of sexual health researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico got together with 75 women and a 3D printer.

They made 33 different penis models of various sizes. Then they had the woman look at and handle all the models.

Then the women said which they would like better for a long-term partner, and which they would prefer for a one-night stand.

The answers:

  • For a one-night stand, women wanted a penis at 6.4 inches in length, on average.
  • For a long-term relationship, the average dropped to 6.3 inches.

Result: in both cases, women wanted a penis slightly longer than 6 inches. Which is fairly good news for the “is a 6-inch penis long enough” crowd.

Some years earlier, a team at the University of Ottawa showed naughty photographs to 105 women. The photos were life-sized when projected onto a wall, with a variety of characteristics designed to tell which women found more attractive.

Researchers measured how long the women gazed at each photo (source).

Their results are a good news/bad news situation:

  • Women gazed longer at above-average penises, meaning more than 6 inches was intriguing to them visually.
  • The difference in gaze duration for the larger penis was about the same as for broad shoulders, above-average height, and a lean waist. Although having a 6-inch penis mattered, it didn’t matter more than other factors of attractiveness.

Result: sorry, bud. A 6-inch penis is not quite long enough according to this study.

But don’t panic..

The University of Ottawa study was clear that women like things in addition to penis length.

Things like your hair, your physique, your height. Other reports from all over the place tell us women prefer relationships with men who are ambitious, funny, kind, caring, confident.

Confident is the most important aspect on that list, when it comes to your penis. Performance in the bedroom is all about confidence. So from this perspective, a 6-inch penis will probably be just fine if you’re convinced it’s fine.

If you’re worried that it’s too small, this lack of confidence might hurt your bedroom mojo to the point that your 6 inches aren’t enough to do the job.

Is Girth More Important Than Your 6 Inches?


The question “is a 6-inch penis long enough” ignores half of what women need in a penis.

thick penis stimulates the walls of the vagina during sex, meaning you’re rubbing more of her favorite places with more pressure if you have a thick enough member.

So let’s talk about girth.

  • According to the Kinsey Institute, the average circumference for a penis is 4 to 5 inches.
  • That UCLA study with the model found women wanted 5 inches circumference for a one-night stand, and 4.8 inches circumference for a long-term relationship.

What women wanted for a quick fling and for a real relationship are within the upper limits of “average,” meaning a man with a 6-inch penis might be doing fine in the girth department.

Bottom line here: with 6 inches of length, you’re probably all right if you have enough girth. If your girth is similarly on the mid-to-low end of average, it might not be sufficient.

Is a 6 Inch Penis Too Small – Conclusion

Another important piece of information you should consider when wondering whether or not your 6-inch penis is long enough:

80% of women say they are perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s penis.

This is a matter of math. If the average penis is around 6 inches, and 8 out of 10 women are happy with their partner, then very few women are complaining about the six inches their men are packing.

Regardless of what a woman might want in theory, or fantasize about, a 6-inch penis will probably do the job just fine.

If you’re confident enough.

If you’re not confident in what your 6 inches can do for you, and that lack of confidence is hurting you in the bedroom, then you might want to consider a few months’ of using a penis extender.

Clinical trials show that can add 1/2 inch to a full inch to your length.

Which would put you at 6.5 to 7 inches long — right in the “sweet spot” for what science says women want.

One last thing before we wrap up….

Women have a tendency to overestimate their partners length, so if you’re starting out below 5 inches and you can get close to 6, be content with that because she won’t know the difference.

Once you achieve this objective, move on to girth because thickness is what really matters.


A site visitor just sent me this excellent video where 32 women aged 18 – 50 are asked point blank if size really matters.

As you’ll see there’s a mix of answers but definitely a trend in one direction.

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