For the longest time, Big Medicine gave men with small penises two options:

•Just deal with having a tiny member

•Undergo expensive, invasive surgery

Sure, there were various ads out there for “natural male enhancement pills” which were mostly snake oil, and even those which might have worked had little support from the Pharma people.

Luckily, recent research has shown that it’s possible to extend your penis by inches without going under the knife.

Let’s talk a bit about those, but first let’s look at the reasons you’d want to use natural, non-invasive methods to grow your unit. 

Penile Extension Surgery: The Basics

Penile extension surgery refers to a variety of methods for making the penis larger by making incisions, then adding something to it so it becomes larger.

Penuma Surgery is actually the only penis enlargement surgery available today which has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for commercial use (source). During this procedure, a medical-grade silicon implant called a Penuma (much like a breast implant) is inserted under the penis along the shaft. Every Penuma is custom-made specifically for the patient’s penis.

During the surgery, the patient is put to sleep using general anesthesia. The Penuma is then inserted through a small incision in the groin area just above the base on the penis. The Penuma stretches the penis skin and tissues, making it appear larger. Patients have reported average gains of 1.5 – 2.5 inches when flaccid and erect after having Penuma surgery.

The entire procedure takes just under an hour and patients can typically go home the same day. After the surgery, you can expect a swollen penis for at least a few weeks, and you must abstain from masturbation or other sexual activity for at least six weeks.

Typical side effects of Penuma surgery include pain during erections and loss of sensation in the penis for a few weeks after surgery, but more serious issues can occur. In the worst cases, the implant can break or become infected, stitches can come out, and blood clots can form in the penis. Typically about 3 percent of patients must have the implants removed due to complications.

There are only two doctors in the USA currently certified to perform this surgery, and it isn’t cheap or covered by insurance. That said, it appears to be mostly successful – the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that out of 400 men surveyed who underwent the Penuma procedure, 81 percent said their satisfaction afterwards was “high” or “very high.”

Ligament Cutting slices the ligament that supports the penis. With the ligament cut, your penis hangs longer. Remember when Gene Simmons of KISS got his tongue elongated back in the 70s? That’s what he did, only with the ligament at the base of his tongue.

This adds up to 2 inches to your member if it works, though results vary a lot between patients. It also means your erections are going to be seriously impacted, since that tendon is a major part of the physiology of getting a boner.

Penile Injection takes some fat from your abdomen and injects that fat into your penis. The extra tissue in there stretches out the penis and makes it larger. Collagen injections into a woman’s lips use the same basic concept.

This can end up making your penis look and feel a little weird, since the penis usually has little to no fat. Also, your body absorbs fat over time. That includes fat you inject into your penis, so this is a temporary fix at best.

Inflatable Implants are exactly what they sound like. An inflatable sac gets put in the penis which extends the penis when pumped like a bicycle tire. These are usually used by men with impotence (generally caused by prostate surgery).

It’s a complex arrangement with lots of complications, but it can let you grow your penis on demand.

Many surgeons use combinations of the above to double-down on these techniques and have a better chance at success. Whichever method or combination of methods you and a surgeon decide to go with, the rewards and the risks are real and largely unpredictable.

Penile Extension Surgery: The Risks

Penile extension comes with a laundry list of risks and complications. First, there are the risks associated with any surgery that requires general anesthetics…

  • Harmful drug interactions
  • Possible brain damage and death
  • Anesthesia awareness – where you feel the pain but can’t move or communicate
  • After-effects including nausea, sore throat, sleepiness, and hoarseness
  • Infection risks from the cuts caused by surgery
  • Contamination from bacteria and viruses present at the hospital

Then there are the risks particular to penile enhancement surgery, including but not limited to…

  • Pain in the “nethers” long after the wounds from the surgery have finally healed
  • Needing to do stretching or hanging exercises to cement or keep gains
  • Erectile function problems, both physical and psychological
  • Reduced sensations on the penis, both in the scarred areas and the head

Worst of all, penile extension surgery sometimes doesn’t even work (source).

After healing and recovery by the body, both ligament cutting and penile injections have been shown to have little to no long-term impact on penis size.

I’m not saying your penis definitely won’t get bigger if you undergo surgery, I’m just saying that lifelong largeness isn’t guaranteed.

Personally, I don’t love the idea of paying thousands of dollars and having my junk cut for something that’s not at least 90% effective. I don’t think you would either.

Hormone Therapy

Although it’s not technically surgery, I should spend a minute on testosterone therapy.

It works like this:

Low testosterone has been conclusively linked to hypogonadism – the shrinking of the gonads. Higher testosterone has also been directly linked to larger gonads. Thus, injections of testosterone have been tried as a way to increase penis and testicle size.

This hasn’t been done on its own very often, but is a common adjunct to surgery and other methods. A Moscow study of men with micropenises used testosterone therapy to increase patient penis size until the penises were large enough to fit in a standard penis extender device (source).

Hormone therapy carries its own risks and problems, whether it’s used on its own or as part of a larger training regimen. I’ll talk about the details of that in another article, but overall it’s not much of a better option than surgery.

Alternatives to Penis Extension Surgery

So, you don’t like the size of your penis but you also don’t like the idea of getting cut on or artificially amping up your testosterone levels.

I don’t blame you.

Fortunately, those aren’t your only options. Without the help of (and sometimes with direct interference from) modern “traditional” medicine, four noninvasive, nonsurgical, natural techniques have come into common use.

Penis Extension involves strapping your penis into a device that stretches the penis past its normal length. Just like with the muscles of a yoga teacher, over time this makes the tissues of your penis longer.

Jelqing is a little like masturbating, but you use both hands so the blood you bring into your penis stays there longer. By doing this, you slightly over-inflate the tissues of your penis for several minutes. That overinflation stretches the tissue until it becomes permanently larger.

Hanging sounds like a joke but is both serious and effective. You strap your penis into a (pretty) comfortable rig that lets you hang weights from it. Like with penis extension, this hanging stretches it beyond its normal length and that stretch eventually becomes permanent.

Traction Wrapping is when you stretch your penis manually, then wrap the shaft in tape to keep it stretched. Staying stretched like this keeps the tissue stretched and therefore longer, which can permanently increase the size of your flaccid hang.

Other methods exist, both as primary exercises and as ways to cement gains once the core regimen has developed length and girth.

Penile Extension Surgery – Conclusion:

Penis extension surgery is a thing. It’s as real as boob jobs, and as costly, and with even more potential side effects. It’s not for everybody, and I would say for the most part it’s not for anybody.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with what’s behind door number two: just living with it.

The array of natural, effective penis enlargement methods is wide and deep these days. I recommend trying at least a couple natural methods before committing the time and danger of going under the knife.

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