Ever notice how some of your friends just drop pounds with minimal dieting or get seriously jacked with only a little time at the gym?

While others of us sweat and starve and work our butts off for slow, painful gains or weight loss?

It’s just the way it is. Genetics is a harsh mistress. And…it applies to penis enlargement, too.

Some men’s members respond quickly and rapidly to penis enlargement exercise. Other men’s don’t. 

If you’re one of those “other men”– and I’m guessing so because you’re reading this article — don’t give up hope. We have ways of making your penis grow, whether it wants to or not. 

Check it out… 

Hard Gainer Tips: Realistic Expectations

Read the online ads for penis enlargement scams and you’ll see promises of gaining multiple inches practically overnight. 

If you’re comparing your gain speed to those claims, you might not be a hard gainer. Ditto if you’re comparing the size of your member to the guys in the pornos. They’re in porn because they’re abnormally large. 

Keep in mind:

  • The average penis is 3.5-3.7 in long flaccid, 5.1-5.5 in long erect, and 3.6-3.9 in circumference flaccid, 4.5 -4.75 in erect (source)
  • In clinical studies, gains of 1 inch to 1.5 inches length over the course of 6 to 12 months were the most commonly reported. 

If you “resemble these remarks” then chill out. You’re not gaining as quickly as you want. But you’re gaining as quickly as is reasonable. Don’t worry. You’re doing fine. 

But if you’re gaining much more slowly than the numbers above, keep a few things in mind. 

Hard Gainers Should Never Skip a Warm Up

When you warm up before doing your enlargement exercises, the tissues in your penis are more elastic and stretchable.

It will stretch farther when you do your exercise. Farther stretching means better gains, because the tissue is stretched to a larger total volume. 

If you don’t warm up, the exact opposite happens.

Your tissue doesn’t stretch as far. You spend your exercise time with your penis at a lower volume.

Speed of growth and maximum size are both smaller than if you’d just spent an extra 20-30 minutes getting ready for the workout. 

Hard Gainers Should Measure Less Often

This is a trick lifted straight out of weight loss for people whose bodies don’t respond quickly to exercise. 

If you gain slowly, measuring your girth and length every few days, or even once a week, can be discouraging. 

You’ll see numbers in the ⅛ inch range (or nothing significant at all). More than one person has flat given up with that kind of reporting. 

But if you check yourself every couple of months, the numbers will look better.

You’re not growing faster, but you’re risking discouragement less often. Yes, this is purely a mental game, but for some it makes a difference. 

Warning: only do this once you’re confident you’re doing your exercises correctly, and if you’re consistent with your routine.

Going two weeks without a checkup can otherwise mean spending a fortnight doing things wrong…and falling even farther behind the curve. 

Hard Gainers Should Not “Force It”

If you’re gaining slowly doing a moderate stretching routine, you might be tempted to jump on an aggressive routine. This is a mistake. 

If you go too hard, too soon you’re going to injure your penis. An injured penis doesn’t gain in size.

You’ll have to take time off from your routine, and likely lose what gains you’ve managed so far. 

By contrast, many of the hard gainers on the forums report taking even more breaks, or dropping the intensity of their workouts.

They say their penis wasn’t responding to the the moderate work, but seemed to blossom under a less demanding routine. 

Either way, you wouldn’t switch from walking for 20 minutes a day to running a marathon just because you weren’t losing weight fast enough. Don’t make the equivalent mistake here. 

Hard Gainers Should Switch Routines

Most of the time, solid size gains are a matter of consistency…but this is a possible exception. 

If you’ve tried, say, a penis extender for a good two months and you’re not seeing reasonable gains…try a pump for the next two months. It’s possible your penis just responds better to that kind of exercise. 

If you’re supporting with jelqs, try lazy-ass stretches. If you’re supplementing with one supplement, try another.

I’m not saying you should keep changing things up willy-nilly.  But see if your body is simply more receptive to different penis enlargement strategies. 

Hard Gainers Should Never Give Up

This may feel obvious, but it’s a bit of a hobby horse of mine. 

A lot of men will tell you penis enlargement doesn’t work. 

Nearly all of those men think so because they did it wrong, then gave up early. It didn’t work for them because they didn’t give it a chance. 

If they’d given it a chance, they’d be among the countless men who think PE works because they made it work. 

It bothers me when men lose an opportunity for a happier life and a bigger johnson because they didn’t give themselves a fair shot. 

So pretty please, with sugar on it, don’t give up on your penis enlargement dreams. Every man can grow an inch or more if they stick with it. So stick with it. Be one of those men who made it work. 

Penis Enlargement Hard Gainer Conclusion

Think of your penis enlargement journey like a road trip. 

Some men are going to take that trip in a performance auto, tearing down the highway at 110 and somehow never getting pulled over. 

Other men are riding a moped. 

But remember: even on that moped, you’ll still get there if you follow the map and keep moving forward. 

Stay consistent. Use the tips above. Keep at it, and you’ll reach the gains you’re going for. It won’t happen in weeks. It probably won’t happen in months.

But it will happen. 

Go on the forums and search for “hard gainer” and “slow gainer.”

The men there report their frustration with the pace of their growth. But they also report their growth. You’ll get there, too.

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